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Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

NEXT LEVEL CHEF: Okay, it feels super unfair to have an alcohol-based challenge when one person is underage and another person’s religion prohibits them from drinking. But major props to Preston for pulling out a well-deserved (kind of miraculous) win.

GREY’S ANATOMY: Writers, please let this be the end of the Teddy and Owen drama. I mean, I get it’s a nighttime soap and it’s hard for couples to be happy or solid for long, but give them a few months after the absolute mess that their relationship devolved into. And if we should care about them—and they were a couple I once loved—we need to be reminded why they work together, at least for a little bit of time.

Blue passing out during the penis surgery…yep, that seems about right.

DAISY JONES & THE SIX: “She’s Gone” is an episode that grew on me on my second viewing. (And I think it hurt the flow of the story because I watched it right after I watched episode 6 in my screeners; I think it pairs better to have that break between 6 and 7, and then watch 7/8 as a paired group.) I always appreciated the Simone element of it (and more on that in a second), but I was iffy on the Daisy (and Nicky) of it all.

I will say in some ways it feels like this is an episode that would have played better in the planned 13-episode season of the show or at a different portion of the season. But given where Daisy’s marriage fell in the book, the writers were kind of handcuffed in the timing. But I’m glad I was able to watch it for a second time so I could at least appreciate it more.

As weird as it sounds, “She’s Gone” and “Looks Like We Made It” felt like juxtaposed slo-mo trainwrecks for Daisy. In “She’s Gone,” Daisy is clearly spiraling, but it’s couched in denial and joy, as she’s trying to outrun Billy and what he’s put out there in the press. In “LLWMI,” Daisy’s on tour, essentially chained to Billy, but she’s trying to drown her feelings in numbness or artificial highs.

Much like Billy does not deserve Camila, Daisy does not deserve Simone. Daisy asking—after being prompted by Nicky—if Simone is in love with her? Horrifying. Selfish. A moment that has gutted me both times I watched the episode. Sigh.

But it was lovely to see Simone and her career outside of Daisy. It was delightful to see her partnership with Bernie, and how Bernie just simply supported her. I love their relationship.

Also, in case this is not clear: NICKY. IS. THE. WORST. And that’s even before you take into account he was busy PACKING A BAG WHILE HIS WIFE WAS NOT BREATHING AFTER AN OVERDOSE.

And holy acting, Sam Claflin. The final scene of “Looks Like We Made It,” when Billy is desperately trying to revive a not-breathing Daisy is such a sucker punch because Claflin is just on another level. He and Riley Keough had a number of really great moments in episode 7 (notably also the fight where Billy tells Daisy he knows what she looks like when she’s in love and she—correctly—smacks him), but that scene in the shower is absolutely haunting.

On a lighter note, Timothy Olyphant’s reaction shots in this show need to be made into all of the GIFs, please.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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