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About Last Night…9-1-1, GREY’S ANATOMY, LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME, and More

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LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “Semper FI” Episode 409 — Pictured: Michael Trotter as Joseph Stabler, Jr. — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

NEXT LEVEL CHEF: I get why the judges decided to put three people in jeopardy based on the bento boxes they made, but then only eliminating one person kind of feels like a cheat? (I’m glad we didn’t lose two contestants, to be clear.) But you’ve gone from a one-in-two shot of going home to one-in-three…in theory, your odds are better you’d stick around?

9-1-1: Oh my God, the Mara subplot absolutely broke my heart. Like, yes, I would have been freaked out by her staring at me while I slept, but to discover the why of it? Good lord. I hope she can heal with Hen and Karen.

The entire Eddie and Marisol subplot was bizarre. You can’t just casually move in with someone like that and then unmove in with them?! And she moved in without telling him about that pretty important element of her past? That’s weird. (That being said, maybe worth it for Bobby’s, “I wouldn’t want to piss off her ex, the lord” joke?)

I’m kind of surprised, but also glad, they had Buck come out to so many important people so fast, but it felt like they handled it really, really well. His panic while out on a date with Tommy made sense, and I’m glad the show didn’t just pretend this would all be magical and perfect. (Though I’m also very glad Maddie and Eddie were supportive and he didn’t have to deal with the people he loves giving him a hard time.)

GHOSTS: I kind of wish we had gotten more time with Lamorne Morris’ Saul before he vanished, but it was a fun idea to have Alberta be enamored with a poltergeist who was way, way, way too clingy.

This was quasi-glossed over, but, man, Jay is correct: He should be the priority. I love the ghosts. We all love the ghosts. And it sucks they’re in limbo (well, I don’t want that to change, because I don’t want them to leave us), but Jay is just trying to live his life and is already wildly left out of almost everything in the house. It wasn’t exactly fair Saul got attached to him or that Alberta wanted him to shake up his entire life so she could get more time with her flame.

But, oh my God, I laughed at the stripper who was a dinosaur nerd. (And I’m dying to see if we actually get the dinosaur elements incorporated into the wedding.)

GREY’S ANATOMY: While I’m not looking for Meredith to be distressed, it absolutely makes sense she’d be freaking out over one of her kids being hospitalized while she was away. And her acknowledging (to Richard!) her lingering trauma over how Derek died? Perfect. (As was the use of the MerDer theme.) I also love that Richard came with her on the trip, because she would not have handled being alone the entire time well.

(That being said, Nick was also right: He was taking care of Meredith’s kids. He should have called her, but he was juggling a lot, solo, and she has trusted him to be there for them all.)

I know I’ve said this a hundred times, but I really wish I cared about Jo and Link the way the show wants me to.

The intern subplot reminded me of the John Cho episode in season 2 (“Damage Case”)…when young doctors/doctors-to-be are the patients, it hits everyone differently.

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME: You know what always goes well? A Stabler family intervention!

There are differences between the two we’ve seen so far, of course*, and it makes all the sense in the world Elliot wouldn’t tell his brothers about the one that was done for him. But while Elliot’s intervention was done softly, the one for Joe was basically the exact opposite…the brothers fought fire with fire, and it spiraled fast.

Everything about the scene was perfect—the writing, the acting, the direction. It was tense, it was uncomfortable, and you could feel Joe crawling out of his skin as he realized he was backed into a corner, at least temporarily. It was viscerally unnerving and like watching a slow-motion trainwreck.

And then that wasn’t even the worst of things, because Joe then took his tornado of angst to Bernie. TO BERNIE!! Poor, confused, traumatized Bernie, who didn’t really understand what was going on, but knew enough to know it was bad. The scene between Joe and Bernie just broke my heart for both of them, and makes me really, really worried about where they go from here. Too much to hope everything shakes out okay?!

*We just need one more to make it an official trend. Let’s pencil another intervention in for season 6, okay? (And, NBC, pick up the show so we can actually get to season 6.)

  • Generally speaking, I’m extremely done with Elliot being undercover in any kind of long-term capacity, both because it’s not plausible given how very, very high-profile his cases have been, and also because I think it was used as a crutch, at times, for him to not deal with the reality of his life. That being said, this specifically works for me because of the Joe of it all. But given this man was just undercover for eight freaking months, I truly hope this time as Hank is his last UC job for a while.
  • Wait, was Joe born in 1989?!?!?! He is YOUNGER than Maureen?! This actually makes a lot of sense given Elliot’s stories about growing up, but I also have questions…
  • (Including, uh, is there a chance that means he’s not Bernie’s biological kid?)
  • I knew it was too much to expect the (clearly fantastically researched) writers knew about a certain deleted scene from SVU, but…I still held a little bit of hope.
  • Once again, Bell and Elliot remain perfect. I love that she instantly clocked he knew more about what was going on than he was telling the group, but waited until they were one-on-one to ask for details.
  • And the continuity of Bell not being able to run?! Excellent. And plausible. Yay show for not forgetting what just happened.
  • I died when Jet and Reyes went undercover again. I laughed so hard the first time we saw it this season and this reprisal brought such joy to my heart. (I’m also so glad we have Reyes back.)
  • The look on Elliot’s face at the very end when he realized how much trouble he had found himself in…
  • Okay, I’ll admit I did a double-take when they started talking about M-A-R.
  • Hank? A BREAKING BAD-inspired LOL.
  • BEES? An X-FILES-inspired LOL. (I see you, John Shiban.)
  • I don’t know who decided and/or approved all those “goddamn”s, but hats off to you. They were excellently executed.
  • Maurice P. Kerry, who guest starred in the episode, had a lovely thread about his experience and its importance.

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ELSBETH: Oh, now here we go. I loved the final moment when Wagner put together that Elsbeth was investigating him, because, yeah, he seems to be smart and good at his job…I’m glad he figured it out (albeit with some help from his wife) versus being blindsided later. I’m excited to see where this takes the show from here, because now, well, Elsbeth doesn’t know that he knows that she knows. (Come on, I had to make a quasi-FRIENDS reference.)

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Which shows did you watch last night?

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