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About Last Night…The FBIs, AMERICAN AUTO, THE VOICE, and More

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“Imminent Threat – Part Three” – In the third and final hour of the FBIs global crossover event, the clock ticks as the FBI and FBI: MOST WANTED teams join forces to hunt down the fugitive terrorists as they get closer to carrying out a plot to destroy a major New York City landmark and cause devastating civilian casualties, on the CBS Original series FBI: MOST WANTED, Tuesday, April 4 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. FBI: INTERNATIONAL star Luke Kleintank and FBI stars Missy Peregrym, Zeeko Zaki, Jeremy Sisto, Alana De La Garza, John Boyd, Katherine Renee Kane and recurring star Shantel VanSanten guest star in the episode. Pictured (L-R): Dylan McDermott as Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott and John Boyd as Special Agent Stuart Scola. Photo: Mark Schäfer/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Let’s talk about Tuesday night’s TV!

The FBIs Crossover: I was cautiously optimistic about this, because a midseason crossover between these shows could have been very, very standalone. And as soon as I was told Nina was going to be playing a key role in it, I was worried about her and the baby. But I think this was probably my favorite full-franchise crossover since the ONE CHICAGO “Infection” block.

First of all, I’m glad Nina and the baby survived the shooting. The last FBI crossover did lead to us saying goodbye to a character, and I was worried for a sizable portion of the episode that we were leading to the same place—in a much more tragic way.

But my God, it allowed for some great acting from Shantel VanSanten and John Boyd. I’m still reeling from the dark places we saw Scola go during this crossover, because this poor man was not himself. His grief, rage, and anger were all justified, but he also had to bury some of it down (at least as much as possible) when trying to stop this attack. My heart breaks a little for what this means for Scola’s relationship with Isobel and Jubal…yes, their deception was part of the job, but it’s not like Nina got in a minor car accident; she and their unborn kid could have died. It’ll make sense if there’s tension for a bit. (And I wrote this on Twitter, but this was truly one of the best performances of Boyd’s career.)

I really loved all the pairings, though. Scott and Jubal in Rome, Remy and Scola in the US, and the general mixing of the teams deeply worked for me. And what I kept thinking while watching this was how the tension between the agents also worked/was earned. We know them. We care about them. We can have split loyalties and understand where people are coming from, even if they’re in the wrong, because we’ve spent time with them. I love that we’re at this place with this franchise, and can’t wait to see where they take the next franchise-wide crossover.

And the locations! It looked gorgeous. Rome, of course, was stunning, but they did a great job of letting New York shine, too.

Also, Remy killing the guard was a dark twist. It clearly wasn’t intentional, and his hand was forced when the man wouldn’t let them enter the area to deactivate the bomb, but I gasped at the reveal of the guy’s death.

(I’m also very thankful the target was an airport, not the actual US president, because I think if they had taken that step, it might have crossed the line to a little too ridiculous/complex.)

[For more on the episode, here’s what FBI boss Rick Eid and Boyd shared.]

AMERICAN AUTO: Okay, the callback to Wesley’s locked crypto was so unexpected and funny. And he got the password?? Austin Powers?! I laughed out loud. (And, yes, sorry to Wesley, but I’m worried about him being the technical boss of the company, too.)

THE VOICE: A weird end to the Battles—though it also feels like the Battles just zoomed by. Neil Salsich is good, but it’s insane that he de facto moved forward because his planned partner dropped out? You’d think they’d have a backup plan. But Noivas being on Team Blake feels like it could be fun; kind of crazy Chance didn’t pick him, after he blocked Blake to make sure he’d get him in the first place.

THAT’S MY JAM: Keke Palmer is just so freaking talented.

I don’t know how the show should handle non-singers on this show. On one hand, it makes sense to stick someone like Joel McHale in an episode with three people who clearly have a lot of musical talent. On the other hand, I almost wish they did a couple of episodes with people focused less on singing games. But then you risk the episode dragging. It feels like a lose-lose situation.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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