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CHICAGO P.D. — “New Life” Episode 1021 — Pictured: Benjamin Levy Aguilar as Dante Torres — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

CHICAGO MED: Crockett even thinking he made a mistake was a twist I didn’t see coming—I assumed he would immediately blame the machine. But the reveal the machine missed a key thing in its scan and that Jack intentionally kept the data offline? Yikes. And why the hell is Jack risking himself to prove its stability? What hubris.

The Abrams story was unexpectedly moving; I was worried he was going to accuse his wife of cheating on him and I’m very glad the show didn’t go that route. But also of course he accidentally ruined the gender reveal for his wife via a onesie. (Dude, you could have faked it and said you just didn’t want to call the baby “it.”)

Maggie’s quest for a new job is bittersweet, because I deeply want to believe she isn’t going to leave us, but this is also a lot of show real estate to devote to her staying put. I’m concerned.

Cautiously happy for Dean that his son is a match, but worried about Sean going MIA. And concerned it may be because he saw Dean and Hannah making quasi-heart eyes at each other. (While seemingly also not realizing that they were doing that.) This feels like it’s going to get a lot messier before it gets better.

Also, love that Will is still keeping in touch with Natalie and Owen…

THE MASKED SINGER: Bishop Briggs?? With all due respect to her (and I do know “River”; it’s an excellent song), I never would have guessed that in a billion years. I did, however, guess David Archuleta, and was delighted to see him do so well. And the story Ken Jeong told about how much David’s run on AMERICAN IDOL meant to him? My heart, man.

CHICAGO FIRE: ABSOLUTELY NOT to the child getting a fish hook in her eye. (Full disclosure: I literally said “absolutely not” to the screen.) Nope, nope, no thank you.

I appreciated that Brett was able to clarify she didn’t just want a baby—she wanted this specific girl she bonded with. She knew. (Maybe not the best idea to go talk to the girl’s biological mother late at night, but that’s a whole other thing.) I assume this will move forward, but it’ll be interesting to see if/how this plays out onscreen.

It really feels like Carver has solidified himself as part of the squad at this point. I hope he sticks around.

Oh boy to this Severide twist, though. Look, the show is absolutely in a tough spot with Taylor Kinney’s continued absence, because the training isn’t wildly believable, especially long-term, with Kidd still in Chicago. Maybe there will be a good reason for Severide leaving Alabama without telling his wife and friends/colleagues, but…it feels like the most delicate of lines to walk across to make it justifiable.

(I would pay money to read that Firehouse 51 text chain, though.)

CHICAGO P.D.: First of all, Benjamin Levy Aguilar was incredible in this episode. Even in the moments that were hard to watch—because, yeah, I was worried Torres might waterboard that suspect—Aguilar was next-level.

Torres has been a fascinating character to watch this season because we have such deep backstories and histories with everyone else. He’s still new to world, and while we know how far these people will go for each other, it makes a lot of sense he’d be wary. And given what we learned last night, yeah, of course he’d only trust himself.

I know Aguilar didn’t know about this portion of Torres’ backstory until right before filming this episode, but I’m really curious to see what he’ll be like in the aftermath of this. Knowing Torres was holding this in…it had to be eating him alive. The notion that his entire career could collapse around him because of the secrets he was keeping? That burden must have been overwhelming.

And with Torres now knowing that Voight—and the team—knows his secret? Maybe the next time he has trouble, he will be more comfortable looping them in.

[For more on the episode, here’s what Aguilar shared.]

Which shows did you watch last night?

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