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CHICAGO P.D. Post-Mortem: Benjamin Levy Aguilar on the Torres Reveal and ‘Thousand Pounds Off’ His Shoulders

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Chicago PD Torres backstory

CHICAGO P.D. — “New Life” Episode 1021 — Pictured: Benjamin Levy Aguilar as Dante Torres — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Wednesday, May 17 episode of CHICAGO P.D., “New Life.”]

CHICAGO P.D.’s Torres (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) got a tip that led him to a nearly-dead body on the Wednesday, May 17 episode, “New Life”…and it led to an unraveling of his life pre-Intelligence.

Initially, Torres tried to distance himself from the victim, but the truth quickly came out: Torres used to be an enforcer for the man, and it was rumored he did vicious things in his pre-cop days…including waterboarding people.

For Aguilar, he learned about Torres’ past “literally two, three days before filming,” he explains to Give Me My Remote in the video below. “It was not something that I knew. I loved that as an actor. I loved learning and experiencing that through Torres. I feel like these intense episodes of these moments that I had to actually live, because I have lived them with my body. I have suffered them with my heart. They give me more absolute understanding of who he is for the next episodes. So it’s a great gift from the writers.”

Though it wasn’t all true—Torres acknowledged he did things he was ashamed of, but he never waterboarded anyone; in fact, it was done to him—the still-new cop worried the reveal would mean the end of his time in Intelligence.

As some of the subject matter hit close to home for Aguilar, he depended on the cast and crew to help him get through some of the more difficult moments. “I couldn’t have done it without a director that…my God, he cares so much,” he says. “Carl [Seaton] cares so much. And even in moments where I was too emotional, he would just seek understanding…[he] brought out the best of me, with no ego. He had no ego. He just knew he knew a little bit about my past, as a person. And he honored that, through my finding this pain onscreen. And I’m so grateful for him. [CHICAGO P.D. producer Brian] Luce, who’s like our consultant of everything, he was there and I have moments that I will never forget.”

The actor grows emotional as he continues, “I have moments that I will never forget, where I hugged Luce, and I cried with him. He was incredible. He was my safe place during this episode. Jason [Beghe, who plays Voight] was also there for me. Those three people were really, really supportive.”

With the truth now out there, Aguilar hopes Torres “takes time to allow these feelings to happen,” he says. “And I think he does at least in the sense of how he speaks to Voight at the end [when Voight confirms he still has a job]. And you can tell he’s allowing his vulnerability and I hope he does more of that.”

Going forward, “I think there’s a thousand pounds off his shoulder,” Aguilar notes. “And maybe there’s more secrets, but at least a big secret is out. So like, there’s no hiding what I did and why I did it… I think this makes for a lot of growth. And I think it just makes for a lot of freedom for him to just feel more of himself and be more authentic…I think there will be some different authenticity after this.”

While how this plays out is still TBD, Aguilar is grateful for this experience. “This has been one of the most beautiful episodes or experiences I’ve ever had as an actor, this specific one. So I’m really excited for people to see it.”

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