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“Eye for an Eye” – The team is put into harm’s way when McCall’s former CIA colleague (Ilfenesh Hadera) is found alive and sets her sights on revenge by attempting to abduct Dante, Harry and Mel. Also, Aunt Vi and Delilah must act quickly to de-escalate a hostage situation of their own when a robber targets a bodega, on the third season finale of the CBS Original series THE EQUALIZER, Sunday, May 21 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Pictured (L-R): Liza Lapira as Melody “Mel” Bayani and Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall. Photo: Michael Greenberg/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Let’s talk about Sunday night’s TV!

AMERICAN IDOL: While it wasn’t my ideal finalist group, I think it’s wildly clear the right person won. Iam has been incredible from his first audition, and hasn’t faltered at all.

While I get networks are minimizing the results shows as a whole for reality competitions, it remains a double-edged sword. On one hand, a two-hour filler episode is a lot, where you only need the last few minutes of the show if you care about the winner. But if you’re combining it like this, and you’re showcasing other contestants who didn’t make the finals…it’s really hard to not compare.

Again, it’s quasi-moot, because Iam should have been the winner no matter what and I’m glad that came to pass. But if feels like if there’s going to be a hybrid finale show, maybe there’s a way to better format it.

THE SIMPSONS: Oh, I loved this. First of all, the couch gag with 750 characters? Incredible. I paused my DVR multiple times, and know I only caught a small portion of them.

In some ways, this was a spiritual sequel to last season’s “Poorhouse Rock,” which explained that the way the family lived wasn’t ideal anymore. The notion that Marge is getting an extra thousand dollars per month would explain a lot about how they’ve been able to afford the family’s frequent hospital/injury-related bills. (Which, look, I’ve never put a whole lot of thought into.) But this was a fun way to tell the story, and a great use of Lizzo.

(Ralph’s warning to Homer that he knew about him going to hell made me laugh out loud. Oh my GOD.)

THE EQUALIZER: Look, logically I know they’re all going to be okay. But it’s still not fun to worry about Mel, Harry, and Dante in that burning room for God knows how many months until the show is back.

Despite the stress, I loved this episode. Obviously I’d prefer seeing Delilah and Aunt Vi happy and safe, but if they’re going to be thrown into a crisis, seeing these two woman control the situation and be literally life-saving? Chef’s kiss.

And Dante under the influence of truth serum? HAHAHA. It was funny before he even started waxing poetic about Robyn, and then he told her entire team he loved her?! (Imagine if he had done that when she was with Aunt Vi.) I can’t wait to see how that impacts their dynamic next season, because this wasn’t just a “I want to kiss her”-type of confession. Love is big and real and hard to avoid…especially in any kind of healthy, adult dynamic.

But, yeah, they have to survive their tiny little kidnapping/attempted death-by-fire first. I’m so sad for Robyn that a former friend betrayed her like this—Michelle is hurt, but Robyn thought she was dead; Robyn didn’t do anything wrong, even though Michelle is clearly traumatized and not thinking clearly—but I can’t wait to see how she gets herself and her friends out of this mess.

[For more on the episode, here’s what Tory Kittles and Laya DeLeon Hayes shared.]

THE GREAT NORTH: If it wasn’t putting the kids at risk, I’d be impressed with how many secret layers of rooms the school has. But oh my God, I kept cringing (in a funny way) over how bad that entire area must smell.

I did laugh out loud when Beef tried to to quietly warn how dangerous things were…not realizing he was on speaker phone. Always check, buddy.

BOB’S BURGERS: Poor Louise didn’t know about Amelia Earhart?!? Oh, yeah, that’s…not a good thing to discover after you’ve committed to a project about her. But I love how she (eventually) was able to quasi-pivot, with some help from the family. And the presentation did look great.

Relatedly, how tense is poor Linda?!

Which shows did you watch last night?

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