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BOSCH: Titus Welliver Teases Season 4

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Bosch Season 4

Credit: Amazon

BOSCH is back—all ten episodes of the fourth season are streaming now on Amazon Prime–and the drama is taking on Michael Connelly’s 1999 novel, “Angels Flight.” (“Flight” is the sixth book in Connelly’s Harry Bosch series; the Amazon series has also already been renewed for a fifth season.)

When season 3 wrapped up, Bosch (Titus Welliver) was convinced that he had finally found his mother’s killer: Walker (John Getz), the head of the police commission. But when season 4 kicks off, Bosch will have other pressing issues on his plate.

“[We open with] Howard Elias, who is this civil rights attorney who is representing a man who’s been tortured in police custody, who is going to settle with the city,” Welliver told reporters. “At the 11th hour, he reneges on that, and decides it’s going to go to trial. Obviously it’s not good news—he must have some sort of smoking gun or some kind of evidence that will get a larger settlement if not, destroy many people’s careers. He is shot to death on [the downtown Los Angeles trolley] Angels Flight.”

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