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FRINGE: Joshua Jackson Teases ‘Liberty’ and ‘An Enemy of Fate’

January 18, 2013 by  
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We’re just hours away from the FRINGE series finale, and while we have a good idea of what Walter’s arc could be in the final hours (and the trailers have teased what is in store for Olivia), Peter’s journey — outside of the general group plan — is a bit more of a mystery.

Luckily, FRINGE star Joshua Jackson (Peter) participated in a conference call with reporters earlier this morning, so I was able to ask him what he could tease about Peter’s arc in the final two episodes of the series.

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FRINGE: Seth Gabel Talks About His Time on the Series, What He’d Like to See From 2036 Lincoln, and More

January 16, 2013 by  
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Seth Gabel (Lincoln) has had quite the journey on FRINGE.

He first appeared as Linc in the season 2 finale when the alt-universe Fringe team was introduced, and then recurred in season 3 as the series switched back and forth between universes. After our side’s Lincoln was introduced — and Peter was erased from the timeline — Gabel was made a series regular in season 4. Unfortunately, that status only lasted a season as Linc was killed off and Lincoln decided to stay Over There when the bridge was closed off.

But just because he’s been MIA in season 5 doesn’t mean Gabel’s impact on the show should be forgotten.

I spoke with Gabel on the carpet for FRINGE’s 100th episode/series finale event and discussed some of his memorable moments with the show, plus what he would like to see if Lincoln were to pop up in 2036…

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