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SOMEBODY FEED PHIL: Phil Rosenthal on Going Outside of His Comfort Zone

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Somebody Feed Phil

SOMEBODY FEED PHIL (The Second Course) Credit: Netflix

Phil Rosenthal made a mark on television with his comedy EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, but over the past three years, he’s established himself (in front of the camera) in a new way: as a food-loving traveler in the 2015 PBS documentary series I’LL HAVE WHAT PHIL’S HAVING, and Netflix’s ongoing SOMEBODY FEED PHIL. (The “second course” of SOMEBODY FEED PHIL is now streaming, and includes installments in Venice, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Cape Town, and New York City.)

Rosenthal is unabashedly giddy about food, relishing the opportunity to try new things—and interact with new friends (chefs, restaurant owners, and locals) along the way. But, occasionally, the non-eating adventures give him pause. “There are times I’ve said no to stuff, because I’m afraid, and then I’ve changed my mind once I’m there because I realized that’s the job,” he notes. “I should do it because I’m afraid of it.”

SOMEBODY FEED PHIL is also unexpectedly moving, due partially to the timing of the Netflix release date. “I never meant to make a political show, but suddenly, because of the climate we’re in, embracing other people and other cultures is somehow a political statement,” Rosenthal admits.

(If you haven’t watched the show yet, you should. SOMEBODY FEED PHIL works well both as a love letter to food/travel and an antidote to the insanity of the world.)

But how did Rosenthal get all the right pieces together? He breaks down how he got the right tone for the show, the process of scouting each city, and more… Read more