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Q&A with BJ Novak from The Office – Coming Soon

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On the heels of our exclusive interview with John Krasinski & Jenna Fischer, I am thrilled to announce that GiveMeMyRemote.com will be chatting it up with another star of The Office very soon.

BJ Novak, who plays Ryan Howard (aka the Temp & the Fire Guy), has kindly agreed to a little Q&A , GMMR style. For those of you who don’t know, in addition to playing Ryan, BJ is also one of the head writers for the show. He has penned instant classics such as “Diversity Day” and “The Fire”. This is going to be a great opportunity to get more of a behind-the-scenes glimpse into one of the best shows on TV today.

If you have a question you want me to ask BJ, head over to the GMMR forums and ask away.

This is all happening pretty soon, so get in your questions before it’s too late.

The Return of The Amazing Race

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The Amazing Race is my favorite of all the reality shows. That’s why I was so disappointed this past year when the did the The Amazing Race: Family Edition of the show. It just didn’t have to drama and suspense that makes the show worth watching. But I am so excited to report that The Amazing Race is back in February for it’s 9th season.

If you haven’t caught the show, believe me, it’s worth it. Yes, it’s reality, but it’s reality at its best. The season premiere is Tuesday, February 28th at 9pm (est). Check out the TAR Season 9 Racers here. Who will be the first team of racers to be PHILliminated?

SAG Awards Tonight: Winners Announced Live Here

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I feel like there is an awards show every weekend. But I’m not complaining. I’ll be posting the winners here as they are announced. So check back once the show starts.

And of course I’ll be sharing my two cents in the GMMR forums. So if you are online and watching the show, stop by and say hi.

TV Awards
Outstanding Lead Actress (Drama): Sandra Oh, Grey’s Anatomy
Outstanding Lead Actor (Drama): Keifer Sutherland, 24
Oustanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series: Lost
Oustanding Lead Actress (Comedy): Felicity Huffman, Desperate Housewives
Outstanding Lead Actor (Comedy): Sean Hayes, Will & Grace
Oustanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series: Desperate Housewives
Outstanding Lead Actress (Mini-Series/Made for TV Movie): S. Epatha Merkerson, Lackawanna Blues
Oustanding Lead Actor (Mini-Series/Made for TV Movie): Paul Newman, Empire Falls

Movie Awards
Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role: Rachel Weisz, The Constant Gardner
Oustanding Actor in a Supporting Role: Paul Giamatti, Cinderella Story
Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture: Reese Witherspoon, Walk the Line
Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Capote
Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Motion Picture: Crash

Dancing with the Stars Weekly Recap

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The ousting of Master P, the legs of Lisa Rinna, and the kick ass dancing of Drew Lachey. It was all a part of this week’s Dancing with the Stars. If you missed the ep, fear not, Give Me My Remote has a recap of this ep, below.

And if you missed Drew’s dance, check out the video below. It’s not the best quality, but hey, if you cared that much you would have just watched the show live, right?

Thanks to our friends over at Tabloid Whore for sharing their weekly recaps with us…you rock!
Well, the results show has also aired, so by now you all know that Master P is over and done with. I have to say that as much as I gave him props for stepping up his game, it was time for to say goodbye. He did a nice job this week, but in my opinion, the best part was not his dancing, but the video from his visit to Ashley’s home town. Best PP quote from the clip: “”You are real Mormon? Nice to meet you my brother!” So long P, you done your peeps in the hood proud.”

OK, everyone else on the show was really good, there were no real stinkers of the evening. The couples had to chose between the Pasa Doble or the Fox Trot. Lisa Rinna was on crazy fire doing the Pasa Doble, that girl is fierce! Once again, she tries the more challenging dance of the two and kicks ass (and I swear I’m not just saying that to try and get a discount at her boutique).

Tia Carrare did a lovely, elegant job at the Fox Trot, but ended up in the bottom two.

George Hamilton did a hilarious rendition of the Pasa Doble, but did more a flashback to his days from “Zorro The Gay Blade,” than actual dancing.

Stacey Kiebler was great as usual, I loved her purple dress, not to mention, that bitch still has the best abs on the planet.

Oh, and my dear Jerry Rice was smooth as chocolate milk with his Fox Trot and I loved watching the clips of him taking ballet classes. Also, Jerry knows how to rock the suit. Delightful.

Alright, so you knew it was coming. How SPECTACULAR was Drew Lachey this week? I mean really, I’m trying not to sound like a 13 year old girl every recap, but c’mon. The guy is Just. So. Good!!! Drew did the Pasa Doble to the music of MJ’s “Thriller” and I gasped when the song started and he did that wild cape spin. The choreography for the dance was the best I have ever seen in both seasons of the show…hello? Who would think to throw in moves from the Thriller video in the middle of the dance? That man is simply, electrifying!!! Just when I thought it couldn’t get more exciting, they showed hunkalicious brother Nick Lachey in the audience again with Drew’’s wife Lea. Nick always looks so proud of Drew and his performance every week and I love that he keeps coming to watch his brother. So yes, once again I’’m crowning Drew Lachey with the best performance of the week.

I’m hoping for a Lachey/Rinna finale, but that Kiebler woman might mess up my plans. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

ABC Anchor Bob Woodruff Injured in Iraq

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ABC World News Tonight co-anchor Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt, were seriously injured Sunday in an attack and explosion while reporting from Iraq. The two journalists were traveling with U.S. and Iraqi troops near Taji, about 12 miles north of Baghdad, when an improvised explosive device went off, ABC News President David Westin said. Both suffered serious injuries and were taken into surgery at a U.S. military hospital in the area, the network said.

CNN has full coverage of this story here.

Tom Brady on The Family Guy

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Since my Patriots didn’t make the Super Bowl this year, it’s going to be quite a few Sundays until we get to see that Pats again. At least we don’t have to wait that long to see QB Tom Brady on the small screen…well kinda. An animated version of the hottest QB in the NFL will appear in this Sunday’s episode of The Family Guy.

In the ep, Peter Griffin attends a high school reunion during which he meets Tom Brady. Tom sees something in Peter and gets him assigned to an NFL team. Peter’s NFL run gets the Griffin’s some media attention and money. Hilarity ensues.

Tom Brady is becoming the MVP of animation (ouch). You might remember that last year, Brady appeared on an episode of The Simpsons.

Is it wrong that I even find Tom Brady hot when he’s a cartoon?

Matthew Perry Back on TV in SNL Inspired Drama

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Chandler is coming back to TV. And no, he’s not guesting on Joey (thank god). Friends star Matthew Perry has just signed on to star in a new drama from Aaron Sorkin, the creator of The West Wing. Perry will join D.L. Hughley and Steven Weber in the show which is set behind the scenes at a fictional long-running sketch-comedy show (hmm, what could that be?).

Getting Perry wasn’t all that easy. The negotiations took some time, and reports had surfaced not too long ago that Perry was out, and that former Wings star, Steven Weber, was set to play the lead.

The project, previously known as Studio 7 reunites Perry with Sorkin after the actor’s guest stint on The West Wing earned him Emmy nominations in 2003 and 2004. Sorkin has said that he wrote the lead part on this new project with Perry in mind.

One of my favorite people on Earth, Bill Simmons (ESPN) had this to say about the show formerly known as Studio 7:

“I received a copy of Aaron Sorkin’s spec script, “Studio 7” — his secret project that caused near-chaos in Hollywood when he suddenly started shopping it a few weeks ago. Everyone loved it, everyone said great things, and after reading it … I couldn’t agree more. It’s already my new favorite show even though they haven’t started casting it yet — like “Larry Sanders,” only if it was about “SNL.” In a viciously clever way, Sorkin’s pilot script pretty much obliterates SNL and everything that happened to the show over the past few years, as well as TV networks and the post-Janet Jackson/FCC Era in general. It’s a masterpiece. It’s perfect. I can’t say enough about it. When this show debuts next year (or whenever), it will be impossible to take SNL seriously anymore. I’m telling you.”

You gotta love that Matthew Perry is giving TV another shot. After seeing his friends Matt LeBlanc (Joey) and Lisa Kudrow (The Comeback) get beat down on their first post-Friends projects, he could have easily said no. Welcome back Matthew!! Could I BE more excited?

Someone at UPN is in Trouble with Me

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If you’ve been here before then you know how I LURVE Veronica Mars. Wednesday was the first new episode in a long time. I’ve been counting down to the event for a long time. Well wouldn’t you know it, but the Boston UPN afflilate decided to show a college basketball game rather than Veronica Mars. Supposedly they are going to replay the ep on Saturday, but I don’t know for sure.

Can you believe this?! I wish VM was available for download on iTunes. Rob Thomas, can you get on that? Thanks. I was just wondering how I am to avoid all talk of Wednesday’s ep until Saturday. No message boards? No talking to friends? This is horrible.

And to Rob, I am very bitter against your stupid BC Eagles right now.

The Wit of Veronica Mars

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A loyal Give Me My Remote reader sent me this fun Veronica Mars video this morning. It’s a montage of some of the greatest quotes from the show. If you’re a true fan it’s worth checking out. Also, just to be clear, I didn’t create the video nor did the person that sent it to me.

Veronica Mars Day at Give Me My Remote

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It’s Veronica Mars day here at Give Me My Remote. In honor of the show’s return TONIGHT, we’ll be talking Veronica Mars throughout the day, both on the site and in the forums. So keep coming back today to see what new Veronica Mars treats we have for you.

A long time ago, there use to be a show called Veronica Mars. Well it’s back tonight people with an all new episode. Veronica Mars is definitely one of the best shows on TV right now. If you haven’t caught it yet, be sure to check it out tonight. You won’t be disappointed. Well you may be, but that’s only because the show it like crack and you will be instantly hooked, and then you will get all pissy with me for getting you to watch yet another show. I’ll take that chance.

To wet your appetite, here are some promo pics from our friends over at UPN. Check out special guest Xena The Warrior Princess (Lucy Lawless).

And as many of you have heard, GiveMeMyRemote.com has landed a sweet interview with Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls). Click here for all the deets including how you can Jason to answer your question.

And don’t forget to check out the Veronica Mars stuff over at the Give Me My Remote Online Store. Show the world that you LoVe Veronica Mars!!!

Tuesday=American Idol

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Time to see the crazies try to sing. Just wanted to remind everyone that American Idol is on tonight. Don’t feel like watching it alone? Then head over to Idol Chatter and join Jamie for her live blogging. Because Idol is more fun when you can make fun of people with friends.

And after the show, join your GMMR.com friends here to dish about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Coming Soon: An Interview with Jason Dohring

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I am not sure I could be more excited…but on the heels of my interview with John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, Give Me My Remote has scored another HOT HOT HOT interview. This time we will be talking with Jason Dohring, who stars as Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars.

I’ve got to run, so I will post more details later tonight. What you need to know NOW is that I’m taking your questions. Tell me what you want to know about Jason, Logan, and Veronica Mars!!!

So if you have any ideas, head over to the forums and post your question (click here).

The WB & UPN to Become One Network

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Starting next fall some of our favorite shows will be living on the same network. It was announced today that The WB and UPN will come together into a new network dubbed CW. Dawn Ostroff, currently president of UPN, will become president of entertainment, and John Maatta, currently chief operating officer of the WB, will become chief operating officer of the CW. Let’s just hope that Mr. Maatta loves Veronica Mars as much as Ostroff.

For the full story click here.

No Truth to Friends Reunion

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There were rumors circulating all over the web today about a possible Friends reunion. Sites such as Hollywood.com reported that Jennifer Aniston and the rest of the Friends cast recently inked multi-million dollar deals to reprise their roles in 4 specials that were to air next year. But a spokesperson for Warner Bros told Give Me My Remote that there is not truth to that rumor at all.

I’m sure we will see a Friends reunion someday. But the show just ended.. I haven’t had time to really miss it. And I’m still getting over the garbage that is was Joey.

The Office to End Season Early..John Krasinski, it’s Time to Drink

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I’m sad. I just got confirmation that The Office will be ending their season in March. The show is ending earlier than most network shows to accommodate the shooting schedule of Steve Carrell’s upcoming movie Evan Almighty. I’m excited for Steve but sad to have to go so long without seeing my new favorite show. But at least we know the show is coming back. It’s been picked up for a full 22 episodes next season.

The silver lining? Since the cast will break early, there’s a chance that John Krasinski will be home to visit his family, and maybe we can finally grab that beer.

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