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The Amazing Race is Moving to Wednesdays

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tar6_phil.jpgI’m sorry but I’m going to have to hire a personal assistant to help me keep track of all my shows since they seem to keep moving on me.  CBS annouced today that The Amazing Race is moving from its Tuesday, 10pm time slot to Wednesday nights @ 8pm.  Ironically enough, I don’t think I watch anything at 8pm on Wednesday so this is going to work out just fine for me.  And the move allows me to get to bed a tad earlier on Tuesday nights.

Can someone tell me if The Amazing Race rules have changed?  Will all the last place teams to Philiminated? Phil keep saying “the last team to arrive may be eliminated”, but so far none have been saved.

Oh and on that note, I HATE HATE HATE Lake & Michelle.  They are so freakin’ annoying.  I thought I was going to loathe the hippies, but they are kind of fun.  I kinda love them.

John Krasinski & Mandy Moore to Wed?

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Mandy Moore & John Krasinski

Ok don’t panic.  John Krasinski is still a single man, and Mandy Moore & Zach Braff are still very much in love, but John & Mandy may play an engaged couple in the upcoming movie License to Wed.  Mandy Moore and Robin Williams have signed on, and Krasinski is in talks…but hopefully he will be signed on soon.

The story revolves around a young couple (Moore & Krasinski) whose wedding plans are interrupted when the pushy minister (Williams) of the bride’s family church orders the pair to complete a two-week prenup course. They must pass the class if they want to marry in his church. The groom fails the course and loses the girl but fights to win her back.

The film is being directed by Ken Kwapis, who Office-ianados know has directed many episodes of The Office inlcuding “Booze Cruise”, “Diversity Day” & “The Fire”

Source: Coming Soon

NBC’s The Office: The More You Know Videos and More

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Yeah, today might have been Michael Scott’s birthday, but I’m thinking that the all new video section of The Office website was really in honor of my birthday.  Thank you NBC.  That was so sweet of you. 10 days late, but still sweet.

Seriously, you hace to check out this new section of the site.  It’s packed..I mean packed with videos.  Deleted scenes, cast interviews, episode outtakes, just tons of stuff for an Office-ianado.  And make sure you check out the hysterical April Fool’s Day “The More You Know” PSAs.  My favorites are the one they showed tonight during the show (Relationship), and BJ’s “The Worst Thing You Could Ever Do”…OMG!!! 

So head over to the The Office – Videos and start watching!!!

P.S.  The could have picked a better image of J. Kras for that first shot.  Not the best face…ah, he’s still adorable!!

Checking in at The Office

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Cast of The OfficeSorry I’ve been a bit quiet today.  Super busy at work!  I just wanted to remind everyone that tonight is a brand spanking new episode of The Office.  It’s Michael’s birthday, and we know how much attention he needs on a normal day, so I can only imagine how obnoxious he will be on his birthday.  But Kevin has some news too, and it might just distract the rest of the Dunder Mifflinites from Michael.  Uh oh.

In other Office news, Jenna Fischer (Pam Bessley) will be on The TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno tonight.  Go Jenna!!!  I’m sure she will be cute and bubbly per usual.

And for those of you who keep asking, I’m sorry to report that I have NO IDEA when my Q&A with BJ Novak will be posted.  BJ emailed me 3 weeks ago and promised he would have it done that week.  The guy is busy, and I’m just a little TV blog, so I’m not sure I can bug him anymore than I have, but yeah…I’m bummed too.

Still no official word from NBC on whether or not they are Supersizing The Office.  The site is still live, and every comment helps, so make sure you leave you two cents if you haven’t already.

Update: Thanks for the heads up coverstock.  I NEVER watch Jay Leno or Letterman (unless of course the cast of The Office is on)

New Pic of Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck’s Baby Violet

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Someone just sent me this ADORABLE picture of Alias’s Jennifer Garner with her daughter, Violet. Sean Preston move aside, Violet is one cutie patootie!!! Daddy Ben Affleck is actually in Boston scoping out locations for a movie he will be shooting here this spring/summer.

Jen Garner and Baby

Give Me My Remote! I Want to Watch…

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Lots of FANTASTIC shows to choose from tonight. You know, if it were legal, I might considering marrying my TiVo. So what’s a girl to watch on a Wednesday night…

American Idol – Who is going to get booted tonight? There are a few for which I would not shed a tear. Yeah I am talking about you Ace “the Scar” Young, Lisa “Simba” Tucker, and Bucky“Please let me win American Idol so I can afford some braces” Covington

Veronica Mars – All new ep! The Rapes of Graff – which just happens to be the favorite episode title of Rob Thomas. Speaking of, I have a ton of great stuff from last night’s online press conference, but I’ve been so busy with my real job I haven’t had a chance to get to it yet. Sorry…I suck!!

Lost – Looks like I will be catching up with the Losties, the Tailies, and the Others late night. I haven’t watched last week’s episode yet. I know, I know, but I just haven’t found the time. You know how many shows I missed during my 5 days away?

One Tree Hill(?) – Ah, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve caught up with the kids of OTH. The Sophia Bush/Chad Michael Murray debacle just sent me running to an opposing network. Oh yeah, that and the horrendous writing. But after seeing Nathan in LA, I am reminded that OTH does have some eye candy. This show is on my maybe list.

What do people without TiVo’s watch on Wednesday nights? Well, I suppose it’s Lost and American Idol, right? Skip Idol, tape Lost and watch Veronica. Done and done!!!

UPDATE: John Krasinski IS the Voice of

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John Krasinski as Jim Halpert on NBC's The Office I should have known better than to go against my gut instinct when it comes to John Krasinski.  So after all the hullabaloo yesterday, just sent me an email letting me know that it IS in fact John Krasinski’s voice we hear in their commercials.

Check out the email I just got.

We contacted you recently regarding John Krasinski’s role in the advertisements. At this time, we are running several ads in both the UK and the US and John Krasinski does provide the voice in our US advertisement. We regret any confusion and hope that you enjoy our TV ads.

 Yes,, I do enjoy your ads. Click here to watch one of John’s Ask ads.

Posted by GMMR on March 28th 

If you’ve seen any of the latest ads for, ya know, the ones with the monkeys doing searches, then you probably noticed that guy doing the voice over sounds EXACTLY like John Krasinski of The Office.  I’m probably John’s biggest fan and I was convinced it was him. As were countless other Office-ianados.  So in the name of journalism (ha) I went directly to the source to ask.  I emailed directly.

As it turns out, John Krasinski is not the voice behind  Here’s the response I got today:

We appreciate you taking the time to write to regarding our advertisement. We have been told that John Krasinski did not do the voice of the commercial. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

I still think J. Kras is the man behind the commercials.  Until he denies it himself, I refuse to believe those silly folks over at What do they know…they only make the commercials?  Maybe they were confused by which commercial I was inquiring about.  It just has to be him.  I know someone emailed Jenna Fischer and asked her to ask John, so until then, I’m going to keep watching and re-watching the commercials on my Tivo over and over again.  Ah, kidding…well kind of…no I am…really.

It’s Time for You to Watch The Loop

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Cast of The Loop

Have you checked out Fox’s new show The Loop yet?  It’s pretty damn funny.  I saw the first episode and found myself laughing out loud, and I just caught up on the eps that aired while I was away.  It’s good stuff and worth checking out….NOW!!  Why does it seem like all the shows I like are always in the path of cancelation?  Fox…give The Loop a shot – you need another good comedy since you axed Arrested Development…moment of silence.

I’m going to do my part to help out The Loop.  Tomorrow I’m going to post my exclusive interview with the star of The Loop, Bret Harrison.  Between work and vacation I haven’t found the time to recap my conversation with Bret, but I will do it tomorrow in preparation for another episode of The Loop on Thursday at 8pm on Fox. 

It’s Katharine McPhee’s Night on American Idol

AI_logo.jpgI’m watching American Idol on TiVo tonight, so I know I’m a bit behind the game, but dude this stuff is PAINFUL so far. I’m going to be updating this post until I’m done watching. Here are my thoughts so far…

Lisa Tucker – She seriously tried to pull off Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You”. Tsk Tsk. It was completely out of tune and I thought my ears were going to bleed. I think Ms. Lion King is gone this week.

Kellie Pickler – I know this is catty but did she gain 10 lbs since last week? Her face looked really full. I mean the girl is still a twig, but she looked different to me tonight. Anyway, she sang a country song (surprise). She wasn’t horrible but the song kind of sucked.

Ace YoungDrops of Jupiter by Train is a great song, but not when Ace sings it. He was really really out of tune from the first note on. I seriously could hear my old choral director screaming at him from CT. It was that bad. What’s up with everyone tonight? I hope it gets better.

Taylor Hicks – Thank you Taylor. Your renedition of Trouble was amazing. I didn’t even mind wathcing you tonight as you kept your epilleptic fits to a minimum (no offense Dad). And I also love his new haircut. The stylists are keep the grey, but moving more towards to Clooney-cut. I guess the judges didn’t love it, but I did.

Mandisa – I love your energy and your voice, but I didn’t love the arrangement of the song. I felt that she was a little bit behind during the whole song and playing catch up the whole time. No denying this girl has a powerhouse voice, but I wasn’t loving it.

Chris Daughtry – You know you are my favorite, but fair is fair, and if I call out Kellie Pickles for always singing the same type fo songs, then it’s only fair that I call you on ALWAYS sing the same type of rock songs. If you are going to win this thing you need to start mixing it up brother!!! I think What If by Creed is just a little bit too tough from American Idol, and the camera work didn’t help you tonight, as you looked a little scary. Hot, but scary. Oh, um, yeah…just what Simon said.

Katherine McPhee – Katherine took on Christina Aguilera and she pulled it off. Not as well as I thought she would, but it seeing that the rest of the contestants kind of sucked tonight, I’m giving the early lead to Katherine. Everyone has seemed a bit off key tonight. What’s going on? Paris Bennett…it’s up to you to save the night girl!!!

Bucky Covington – Oh no, I totally forgot that Bucky was still on this show. That’s not a good sign. Tonight, he’s gone back to his country roots and hitting us with a little Tim McGraw. I was bored. God, I am as pissy and hard to please as the judges tonight. I just want to be blown away my each performance this far into the show.

Paris Bennett – Is this the first time Beyonce has come to American Idol? Paris was definitely the best performer of the night, and she sounded good, but I think the arrangement killed her. The band did nothing to help the performance. I did like her moves though. She had a few jerky Taylor Hicks moves which I chuckled out.

Oops…you would think that I never watched this show. I was just about to start casting my vote when I realized that we had yet to hear Elliott sing.

Elliot Yamin – I Don’t Want To Be by Gavin McGraw – great song. I’m wondering how Elliott can mess up the words to one of the most popular pop songs of the past year. I personally LOVED his arrangement, but I wasn’t overally impressed by the performance. Maybe I have a stick up my ass or something tonight!! The judges seemed to love it. And on a sidenote, Paula is back on the crack tonight. Paula had to be handled again by Simon. Someone send her to the looney bin already.

Ok, so here’ where my votes are going tonight…

Katherine McPhee: 1-866-IDOLS-07

Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks: 1-866-IDOLS-04

Taylor Hicks

Chris Daughtry: 1-866-IDOLS-06

Chris Daughtry

My predictions for the bottom three: Bucky Covington, Lisa Tucker and Ace Young. I think tonight was the swan song for Little lisa.

Attn: VM Fans…Rob Thomas Wants YOUR Help

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Veronica Mars: Rob ThomasSo I just finished up with a Veronica Mars Online Press Conference with Rob Thomas (creator) and Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls).  While talking about a possible season 3, Rob threw out an interesting concept that he’d love YOUR feedback on.

As a Veronica Mars fan you know that in addition to Veronica’s weekly sleuthings, there are usually two big mysteries that roll out over the course of the season. In Season One we dealt with the storyline of Veronica’s rape and the murder of Lilly Kane.  This season we are trying to figure out who was responsible for the bus crash as well as who really killed Felix.

Rob is thinking about perhaps switching it up in Season 3 and possibly having three big mysteries that are solved within the course of the season, but solved throughout the 22 episodes.  For instance, the first mystery is played out and resolved during the first 7 or so eps, then the second mystery is introduced for the middle part of the season, and the third mystery is solved by the season finale.  And before you rush to judgement, you know that this is Veronica Mars so it won’t be cut and dry, like oh mystery #1 is solved, on to mystery #2.   I can assume that they will have some overlapping storylines throughout the season.

So what do you think?  Would you be open to a few mysteries being played out over the course of the season? Rob has asked that we gather your feedback as it will help him plan for Season 3.
I’ve opened a thread within the Give Me My Remote Forums to get your thoughts on this subject.  Please make sure you stop in and let me know what you think.  I’ll be sure that Rob Thomas gets the consensus from Give Me My Remote fans.

Leave your feedback for Rob Thomas here. 

What I’ll Be Watching Tonight…

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Still trying to catch up on all the shows I missed while I was on vacation in California.  With the Veronica Mars Press Conference at 8pm, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to catch up tonight or not, but I will do my best.  Here’s what I am hoping to watch tonight before my head hits the pillow.

Lost (from last Wednesday)- I’ve been doing my best to avoid spoilers from this past week’s show, although I wasn’t able to avoid the Sun/Jin news.

American Idol – This one is best to watch on Tivo.  That way I can fast forward right through Bucky, Lisa, Kellie, and mostly likely Ace.

Scrubs – Since the 8pm ep is a repeat, I’m just going to watch the new ep at 9pm.  I still have last week’s Scrubs to catch up on, but that might have to be saved for later in the week.

The Amazing Race – My favorite of ALL the reality shows.  I have a feeling no one is going to be Philiminated tonight, but it should still be fun to watch.

Veronica Mars – Yeah, I know it’s a repeat of last week’s show, but it was THAT good.  Watch it again!!

What are you watching tonight? 

Biggest Loser’s Matt & Suzy are Engaged

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Matt Hoover & Suzy PrestonWinner of last season’s The Biggest Loser, Matt Hoover, and runner-up Suzy Preston, certaintly aren’t losers when it comes to love.  The romance which started quietly during the show was made very public when Hoover proposed to Preston live on The Today Show.  While on one knee, Matt said to Suzy:

“I have gone through a lot of changes in the past year. You have seen me at  my worst. … I want to keep changing, but I want you to be by my side.”

And of course Matt was crying, well…because Matt always cries.  But he’s happy and she’s happy so I’m happy.  Congrats to Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston~~~


Cast of NBC’s The Office Featured in New Puma Ads

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PUMA_FullCast21.jpgThe cast of The Office is featured in a the latest issue of Details Magazine (with Vin Diesel on the cover) sporting the latest apparel from Puma. I just found out about this minutes ago, and the pictures are so damn cute that I just had to pass them along.  A few people are responsible for putting me in contact with these pics, so a shout out to Joolie, PeopleAreShapes, and Turnberry from the TWOP boards.Click on the pics below to see the full shot it all its glory.

Puma_full cast.jpg PUMA_BJ.jpg PUMA_Jenna_John.jpg Puma_JK_JF_BJ.jpg PUMA_Rainn.jpg 

American Idol’s Kellie Pickler Isn’t So Innocent

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American Idol’s Kelli Pickler tries really hard to push her aw shucks, stupid hick, innocent persona on every show, but I’ve thought it was an act since day one. Someone is telling her to play it up for all it’s worth, and she’s doing a damn good job. But we all know that you can’t escape your past, and Kellie’s past includes dressing like a sexified-gypsy-dancer-hooker at her senior prom. I mean this dress makes Britney Spears wardrobe look classy. I can say for sure that Kellie’s prom dress would not have been allowed at my HS prom, and I went a public high school…in the hood.

Kellie Pickler Prom Dress

Thanks to the stud over at Fatback and Collards for this picture of Kellie. Read up on the dirrty south’s take on Kellie’s prom dress.

Tuesday Night Girl Power: Gilmore Girls & Veronica Mars

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Gilmore GirlsVeronica Mars

Since the annoucement of the merge of The WB and UPN there has been a buzz in the air about the potential genius match up of the WB’s powerhouse show Gilmore Girls, and UPN’s brilliant underdog, Veronica Mars.  Both are critically acclaimed dramadies with strong central female characters.  Pairing these two shows together on one night would be brilliant.

Veronica Mars has been lauded by critics since its premiere but has never lived up to the ratings expectations.  Then again, I would venture to say that America’s Next Top Model might have not been the best match as a lead-in to VM.  But Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars share a very similar demographic and could prove to be a contender if paired together on the all new CW.

I think this theory is going to be tested somewhat next month when Veronica moves to its new timeslot, Tuesday’s at 9pm.  Granted the two shows are on different networks, but it will be interesting to see how things go with Gilmore Girls on at 8pm on The WB, followed by Veronica Mars at 9pm on UPN.  Of course you know what my Tuesday nights are going to look like now.

I have to give credit where credit is due, and UPN deserves major kudos for sticking with Veronica Mars.  Too often networks abandoned brilliant TV shows *cough* Arrested Development *cough* when ratings are down.  By moving Veronica Mars out of the path of Lost, and essentially behind Gilmore Girls, I personally think UPN is giving our little Nancy Drew another strong chance of survival.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether or not Veronica Mars stays on the air.  I’ve done all I can to get you to watch this show.  Have I begged yet?  Probably. Just give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

So do you think the UPN and the WB are giving us a little test with Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars on Tuesday nights? Will you be watching both shows? I’d love to hear your thoughts!  And of course I will be grilling VM creator Rob Thomas when I talk with him later tonight.

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