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The End of The Office Thursday

The Office Cast in People Magazine

Thanks to all who participated in tonight’s Office TVj session.  It was a blast to talk with all of you about our favorite show.  Next week it’s football so The Office won’t be on. Check back in with GMMR next week and I’ll let you know if we will be chatting anyway.

So I have little tiny bit of fun news to share.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to post it or not, because I didn’t want to be cocky (hence why I keep my Dundies hidden), but I was SO excited I had to share it with my GMMR friends.   I found out this morning, that was given a shout out by none other than Rainn Wilson during the Office S2 DVD commentaries.  How cool is that?  Love it!!!  My friends over at and were also mentioned.  I can’t wait for the DVDs to come out….2 weeks baby!!!

Ok, ok truth be told…I just wanted an excuse to post this awesome pic of the cast post-Emmys from People Magazine.  May this not be the only time we see Jim on bended knee. Thanks to theofficetemp for the pic.

“House” Blooper Reel…Funny Stuff

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I love bloopers, so I was super excited when I stumbled upon this gag real from Fox’s hit medical drama (and one of the best shows on TV) House. Hope you enjoy it!!

[gv data=”wz3eI3ZM0X8″][/gv]

Lauren Graham to Host Studio 60

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Lauren Graham, Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls own Lauren Graham will appear as herself on a two-episode arc of NBC’s fall show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Graham will be a guest host for the fictional SNL-inspired show which is the backdrop of Studio 60.

It’s nice to see Lauren Graham get this level of recognition and respect. She’s a fantastic actress and I’m sure she will fit right in with the cast. Or if you are one to believe the rumors floating around, Lauren already fits right in, nice and cozy, with Studio 60 star Matthew Perry. But rumors are just rumors sometimes.


Office Thursday Update – John Krasinski on E!

There’s a new red carpet interview for all you John Krasinski fans (and I know there are a few of you out there). Click on the image below and be transported over to E! online and Guiliana’s red carpet interview with our little Jimmy Halpert, looking all kinds of dapper.

And for those you who have asked, YES, I will be doing a phone interview with Mr. Krasinski in the near future. I don’t have ANY details yet, but I will be sure to pass them along once I do. His publicist was very sweet in helping to make this happen.

John Krasinski, Red Carpet Interview

And just a reminder….

The Office Thursday on Give Me My Remote

I suppose this whole week has been like ong giant Office Thursday here at GMMR, hasn’t it? But there’s always more to share about the EMMY AWARD WINNING show, so here we go.

The Webisodes…

The newest webisode is live over at Are Angela, Oscar & Kevin any closer to finding who stole the $3,000? Maybe.

The Office Webisodes

From the desk of…

Jenna Fischer (Pam), Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Kate Flannery (Meredith) have all recently updated their MySpace blogs. Check out their thoughts on the big win, as well as some exclusive pics of the night.

The Office Season 2 DVDs…

The Office Season 2 on DVDWe here at GMMR are hearing nothing but good things from those lucky enough to already have their hands on the Season 2 DVDs. Check out the review to see what you can expect on September 12th when the DVDs are released. If you haven’t yet done so click here to buy The Office Season 2 DVD, get on it!!! (Thanks to for the link)

Next time on The Office…

We’ve got an Office marathon tonight. Well most of us do. I’m hearing that in some cities, The Office is being pre-empted for various sporting events. You guys should just move…honestly. Make sure you click here to check your local listings. So what are we watching tonight?

Jim & Pam, The Office8:30pm: The Dundies
On employee awards night, Michael writes and emcees the show and picks the winners—but doesn’t pick up the tab.

9:00pm: Take Your Daugter to Work Day
It’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day, and Michael becomes a surprise hit with staffers’ kids. He tries to impress them with video of him as a child on a local kids’ show. Meanwhile, Pam just wants one child to like her.

9:30pm: Conflict Resolution
Michael’s highfalutin attempts to resolve conflicts in the office only serve to stir up petty differences and forgotten arguments among his employees, causing bedlam and tumult at Dunder Mifflin. Also, the workers get their ID photos taken.

The Office TVj Sessions at…
I really hope you guys will join me tonight starting at 8pm EST for a live “Office” chat over at For those of you who are new to The Office TVj sessions, bascially, it’s a place for Officianados to gather and watch the show together. The more, the merrier. Just click on the link below and set up a reminder. I’d love to see you guys there tonight so we can watch The Office together and bask about the Emmy win.


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