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Watch Veronica Mars…Pretty Please?!

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Veronica Mars Cast

Why should you watch Veronica Mars at 9pm EST on The CW? Because I said so. Hey, it worked for my parents so I thought I might try it out here. Veronica Mars has been holding her own since the big move to The CW, but we need more eyeballs in front of those TV sets if it means she’s going to stay around for the full 22 eps. The CW recently asked for a few more scripts, but a full season pick-up has not been ordered.

I’ve actually heard for a bunch of you that gave Veronica Mars a shot after my constant nagging, and I must say, the reviews have been positively astounding.
So please give it a looksy tonight…here’s what’s going down:

(9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“President Evil”

A HALLOWEEN TO REMEMBER — It’s Halloween at Hearst and while Veronica (Kristen Bell) is looking for Logan (Jason Dohring) at the underground campus casino, the place is robbed and the thieves take Veronica’s necklace, given to her by Lilly Kane. Meanwhile, Dean O’Dell and his wife Mindy seek Keith’s help in tracking down Steve, the biological father of Mindy’s son, who is deathly ill. Wallace, distracted by a new group of friends, struggles to pass his Mechanical Engineering class.

And just remember, last time the kids of Neptune played dress up we were priviledged to see Jason Dohring in his undies and Kristen Bell in fishnets, so you never know what we’ll get this time around.

Veronica & Logan in Costume

Heroes Recap: Better Halves

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Heroes Recaps

Title: “Better Halves”
Original Airdate: 10/30/2006

Peter and Hiro play telephone. What message did Peter have for Hiro? “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” Hiro’s intrigued, but confused. Join the club, buddy. When Peter mentions he spoke to Future-Hiro, who had a sword, current-Hiro is sold. He’ll come to New York, and Peter will explain the rest.

Back in NYC, Isaac and Peter piece together the canvases into comic book form, trying to understand the thread of the story. It seems there’s one panel missing, and Simone the hussy has it.

Claire and her mom are making cupcakes for the bake sale when her father comes in, saying he’s made contact with her biological parents. Is she ready to meet them tomorrow? “I’m ready.”

Niki wakes up with a gasp in the middle of the night. The house is dark, the police are outside. As she peers out the window, a voice behind her rumbles: “You look beautiful, Nik.” I’m all for surprising your woman, but more the “rooftop dinner escape from London” rather than the “dead of night escape from prison.” DL embraces Niki from behind, but she says he needs to leave. Still, when the police come a knockin’, she doesn’t give him up. She waits to hear him say that he was set up and someone else killed his crew – a woman.

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Prison Break Recap: Unearthed

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Prison Break Recap

Give some love to Michelle for pinch hitting on the Prison Break recap this week. I appreciate you taking this one for me this week since I wasn’t able to even watch the ep until this morning. And what an ep it was!!!

Title: “Unearthed”
Original Airdate: 10/30/2006

Pre-“Prison Break” prayer: Dear TV Gods: Please let Sara figure out Michael’s code so they can rendezvous at the hot. Please let Lincoln and LJ get to Panama so they can lead normal lives and argue about curfews and haircuts, like all normal teenagers and their parents do. Please let T-Bag meet a grisly and justified fate. But please don’t let all of this happen in the same episode, or else the series would probably be done. In Michael Scofield’s name we pray. Amen.

Michael is at a botanical garden, where he quickly dons his requisite baseball hat “disguise” (I used to hate it when men wore baseball hats, but this show has really forced me to reconsider my position on the issue). He quickly blends in as a new volunteer, consults his tattoo for some post-escape advice, and immediately heads for the Apache Desert Ghost (a flower, for the botanically challenged – and I include myself in that group).

Alas, whatever he was going to retrieve will have to be left behind, because he’s spotted by undercover agents scoping out the gardens. {Note: I’ve made up my own little system of tracking the over-the-top, unbelievable instances in each episode; I like to call it the Implausibility Quotient, or IQ (of course, it’s all done out of love. They could tell me that Michael Scofield is an alien and I’d just go, “Yup. Makes sense.” And it really would make sense, because he is beautiful in an other-worldly sense. But I digress). The IQ for this scene is roughly a 5. Michael recognizes the men as agents when he notices that one has left a pile of cigarette butts during his “stakeout” – ding ding! A nature lover using the gardens as a big ashtray? Please.) Michael runs and escapes. (More IQ: why are the agents, who are on duty here ONLY to catch Michael, unsure if it’s really him? They can figure out that complex tattoo and figure out his every move based on it, but they’re having difficulty recognizing the man? IQ: 6).
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Exciting News for “Office” Fans

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The Office LogoYou know I try to wait until our “Office Thursdays” to share all the Office love. But this news was just so good, I couldn’t sit on it for two more days.

In addition to the fabulous Harold Ramis directing an episode this season, JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias, MI:III) will also be coming on board to direct an episode is February (sweeps anyone) . JJ Abrams directing The Office? It’s like my comedy and drama worlds are coming together in the most beautiful way..ha ha!

And get this…that wasn’t even the REALLY good news!! Nope. By now you all heard that on November 16th there will be a supersized ep of The Office, right? Well, it was just announced that this year’s Christmas episode will be…wait for it…wait for it…ONE HOUR LONG!!! Seriously? Seriously. One hour of The Office? It’s almost too mush good Office news for me to take in right now. (Source: How iTunes Saved The Office)

Since it’s Halloween, I had to share this hysterical picture from David Denman (Roy’s) MySpace page. I guess Roy is going to extremes trying to win Pam back.

Give Me My Remote Celebrates One Year!!!

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Give Me My Remote One Year Anniversary

Well today is the day. Believe it or not, GiveMeMyRemote.com has been around for a full year. I don’t know how one properly celebrates one year in the blogging world, so I thought I would take this opportunity to thank those who helped me make it to Day 365.

First off, a special thanks to YOU. Yes, you…every one of you that takes time out of your day to stop by GMMR to check out what I have to say. Every email I receive, and every comment made on the site makes the time I spend on GMMR so worth it. From what I understand, this internet thing has really caught on, and there a LOT of different places you can hang, so the fact that you stop by here is pretty damn cool.

A special shout out to all the GMMR contributors who spend their free time writing recaps, and sharing ideas in an effort to make Give Me My Remote a bigger and better TV blog. As I’ve said before, the only compensation these recappers receive is your comments, so essentially they do it for the love of writing and for the love of TV. So thanks to Michelle, Whirl, Jim Mosby, Brian, and Jo. You guys rock!!

To Julie, the very first GMMR recapper. Thanks for all that you do for GMMR, and for all that you do to keep me sane. We may joke about it, but I think we really do share a brain – you obviously got the smart side as you are a crazy talented writer. TV and Sympathy is going to blow up, and I’m going to say I knew you when.

To TV with MeeVee – you’ve been a great partner this year, and I look foward to taking on the red carpet with you in the future. Even if we have to stay away from MH. Thanks for the great opportunities you send my way.

I’ve made a lot of great friends since starting GMMR one year ago. I mean, I spend more time IMing with Tanster from OfficeTally.com than I do talking to my own family. So Tanster, thanks for being perhaps the only one that fully understands my obsession with all things Dunder Mifflin. You’re the best!

And then of course there is Ducky. My Duckster!! We live 15 minutes away from each other but we had to fly all the way to the set of Veronica Mars in San Diego to meet and realize we were BFFs 🙂 Ducky makes me laugh like no other, and I secretly live for his midday phone calls to cheer up my otherwise dreary day. The GMMR/DuckyxDale podcasts will soon take over the world, and we will finally be able to release the blooper reel, because honestly, it’s the best part.

A VERY special thanks to my boy Fatback for not only introducing me to this crazy world of blogging, but for helping me to build this site into what it is today. Whether it’s responding at 7am on a Saturday when I’ve manage to completely crash the site, or sharing his tips and ideas on how I can bring more people to GMMR, he’s always there to help out. So if you like hanging out at GMMR, you have Fatback to thank for getting this whole crazy world started.

To the cast of The Office – thank you for being the BEST cast in the history of TV. The way you connect with your fans is unparalleled, and its the reason we are so insanely dedicated to your show (and perhaps why the court says I must remain 800 ft from John Krasinski at all times…awkward). But seriously,thanks for all your support of GiveMeMyRemote.com this past year – the interviews, the MySpace messages – even after all this time, it’s still a bit surreal.

Ok, ok, I can go on and on all day, so let me wrap it up. If you have ever ONCE come by GMMR then know that I thank you. And if I haven’t mentioned you by name, I am sorry, but you know I love ya…especially the WWK Row 1 peeps, Kristin V., Korbi, Angegirlla, Wendy, James (Northern Attack), Sonny (Silly Pipe Dreams), Rene,Winson, Erica (aka TNK), Just Jared, Pink is the New Blog, I’m Not Obsessed, the cast of Veronica Mars, the TWoP ‘hussies’, GMMR MySpace friends, Sienna, Scooter, and my real life friends and family – for being so supportive of this little hobby of mine, and for dealing with my addiction to my computer (and my TV).

Thanks…see you back here to celebrate again next year.

Battlestar Galactica Recap: Collaborators

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BSG Recaps

Title: Collaborators
Original Airdate: 10/27/2006

Previously, Leoben gets a kiss and a knife from Starbuck. Jammer regretfully joins the New Caprica Police. No one seems to realize that Gaeta is the mole. Resistance mole Ellen Tigh takes the big sleep. Baltar left with the Cylons.

Galactica. The Circle, also known as the Resistance leaders, drag a trembling Jammer into a viper launch tube. His charges of treason and murder stack up fast. He pleads his case to the Chief, telling him that he saved Cally. But it’s not enough. They walk away and vent Jammer into space. The Chief confirms Jammer’s version of the story with Cally and feels remorse.

41,435. I’m so excited the number is back. It changes every week.

Baltar sits on Colonial One in front of Roslin, Adama and Tigh. They decide to pardon Baltar for his actions. Figment Six yells at them, pointing out his traitorous ways. Baltar grunts for his Figment to hush since they can’t hear her…until Adama responds to what Six says. Roslin starts to put a move on Baltar when he realizes he’s just dreaming. He wakes in a blurry, metallic room. The glowing red light in the back is a nice throwback to the original series. He stumbles around his room and puts on a robe. A Centurion guards the door. Baltar is on a baseship with the Cylons.

Galactica. Anders awakes and tries to kiss his wife, but she blows him off. Whoa, Kara, if you’re not kissing Anders, send him this way. Yeah Starbuck is going to be messed up for a long time. On Colonial One, Roslin addresses Tom Zarek as “Mr. President.” That’s right, he was Baltar’s VP. He offers to make Roslin his VP, then resign so Roslin can legally take President again without an election. For his goodwill gesture, Roslin offers him her VP position with googly eyes. Run, Laura, run.

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Ugly Betty Recap: The Lyin’, The Watch, and The Wardrobe

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Ugly Betty Recap

Title: The Lyin’, The Watch, and The Wardrobe
Original Airdate: October 26, 2006

It’s Halloween, official “come as you aren’t” day, and the spirit of pretending to be something you’re not is in the air.

Marc is pretending to be Betty, with a cruelly accurate costume, complete with poncho and braces. He doesn’t get to do much in this episode, other than wear big fake eyebrows and attack a TV.

Wilhelmina is pretending to be a size 2, when age and restrictive style standards have finally caught up with her. She spends most of the episode trying to squeeze into a hot red dress for a Halloween ball, failing, shrieking, and eating a sandwich. Plus, we find out she has a daughter (!!!) named Nico (better known to VM fans as Yolanda Hamilton) who shows up at the end of the episode.

Ignacio is pretending to be bleeding, blood-sucking, and various other bone-chilling things in the heavily decorated Suarez household, not seeming to care that kids come “for candy, not for trauma.” Despite his Halloween enthusiasm, he finally can’t pretend to be something he’s not anymore. He admits to Betty that his Social Security Number is fake because he’s in the U.S. illegally.

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Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts (IV)

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Well hopefully we’ve been able to provide you with some great TV-inspired Halloween costumes this week. A special thanks to Erica for her great ideas. If you missed any of the other GMMR Halloween costumes, they will be available up until Halloween – just click on the button on the right of the page.

Marissa Cooper - Halloween Costume

Arrested Development - Halloween Costume

TV Blog Talk

Stay out of the country…
Ivan Koumaev, So You Think You Can DanceNo longer Jailbait Ivan was BANNED from Canada! Yes, my little hip hopper wasn’t allowed across the border and missed this week’s So You Think You Can Dance performance in Toronto. Can you imagine if he had missed Boston? I would have stormed the stage. Ducky’s got the scoop. (DuckyxDale)

Meeting Jason Dohring…
Logan and VeronicaGMMR recapper (and friend) Julie was lucky enough to meet the one and only Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls, Veronica Mars) last weekend. Just as expected, he was sweet, adorable and had eyes that burned through her soul (ok, I made the last part up, but I’m sure that’s what happened). Oh, and she was sweet enough to mention GMMR and Jason sent along his undying love (again, a bit of hyperbole never hurt anyone). (TV & Sympathy). If you don’t already have TV & Sympathy bookmarked as one of your faves, you should.

I miss Bright but as least we have Che…
pratt.pngChris Pratt has moved from Everwood to The OC…or rather to Rhode Island where he is hanging with Summer at Brown. His character Che is a welcome addition to the cast, and I hope he sticks around for the whole season (did you hear me Josh Schwartz – I said the whole season)!. Anyway, for a sneak peek of Chris in action, click here to check out this video (courtesy of The TV Addict)

Watch The OC NOW…
If you have a PC and live in this country then you can check out the first episode of The OC Season 4 on MySpace. And in case you missed it, here’s my review of Season 4 of The OC.

Top Chef? I Burn Toast…
cole_bravo.jpg Bravo’s Top Chef has returned for a new season. This is one of those reality shows that has never made my list of appointment TV, but I really love the weekend marathons. TV with MeeVee has all the latest news on who’s cooking up the controversy this season. (TV with MeeVee)

How about The Office Friday?…

The Office Thursdays on GiveMeMyRemote.comI’ve caught a lot of grief for not posting our weekly “Office Thursday on GMMR”. Sorry, I was sooooo busy yesterday, and since it was a repeat I thought I would sneak it by you. Yeah, not so much. I hope this helps make it up to you a little.

  • Angela Kinsey will be on The Megan Mullay Show TODAY. So make sure you find it in your local listings and check it out
  • Speaking of Angela, she and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) were on Loveline this week. Funny stuff. NSFW (aka adults only), but pretty funny all the same. (Listen to Loveline)
  • Kate Flannery updated her TV Guide blog and she included a little Office trvia for us. (Kate’s TV Guide Blog)
  • SPOILER ALERT! Next week’s episode (“Diwali”) showcases the vocal stylings of yet another Dunder Mifflinite – Michael Scott. Listen to this hilarous Diwali song. So far we’ve had some crooning from Pam, Jim and Michael. Who’s next? I vote for Creed! (Thanks to OfficeTally for the link)

And since I feel bad about missing Office Thursday, I offer up this Jim and Pam video as my penance:

[gv data=”E2hX5Vl2BdY”][/gv]

Weekend Watchlist

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5It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown—40th Anniversary
The 40th anniversary of the “Peanuts” Halloween treat. Included: a bonus cartoon about Linus running for class president.

Xffhgxghvbattlestar20galactica2004 Battlestar GalacticaCollaborators
The Circle, a secret tribunal on Galactica, decides the fate of Jammer (Dominic Zamprogna) and other Colonials who aided the Cylons during the occupation of New Caprica.

BartskeletonSimpsonsTreehouse of Horror XVII
The 17th annual Halloween trilogy. Included: “Married to the Blob,” in which a meteor turns Homer into a monster; “You Gotta Know When to Golem,” about a monster from Jewish folklore; and “The Day the Earth Looked Stupid,” about an alien invasion.

The Office Promo for “Diwali”

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Since so many of you asked, I wanted to post the promo for next week’s episode of The Office.  Um, Roy…damn.
[gv data=”m2Is6_li3Yk “][/gv]

BuddyTV Chat for “The Office” TONIGHT

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The Office Chat LIVEI’ve had a few emails asking me about our weekly Office chat over at BuddyTV.com.  I figured there wouldn’t be a big crowd since it’s a reairing of Gay Witch Hunt, but I’m getting some emails asking about it.  So yeah, I’m going to be over at BuddyTV.com tonight at 8pm.  So swing by if you’d like to join us and chat.

Click here to join us as BuddyTV.com at 8pm EST

30 Rock Recap: Blind Date

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30 Rock Recap

I’m not sure I’m in love with 30 Rock yet.  But I’m not giving up on it.  It’s a freshman comedy still trying to figure out who they are.   GMMR 30 Rocker Brian seems to be enjoying it.  Here’s what he was to say about tonight’s episode.
For two weeks I sang Tracey Morgan’s praises but worried that he might crowd out the brilliant Tina Fey. I also lamented the summer-switch of Jane Krakowski for Rachel Dratch. Well apparently neither Krakowski nor Dratch showed up for work this week, and Morgan takes a back seat to Fey in episode three of a consistently improving 30 Rock.

On the set, Liz is in a snit. Frank has too many bears in his bears-and-robots sketch, someone did Liz’s Sudoku puzzle, and now Donaghy wants to see her in his office where he employs his usual managerial charm. It seems he thinks companionship just might be the cure for her moodiness.

Donaghy:Your mood affects the quality of your work, which in turn affects me. I would like to become a resource to you for improving your personal life. Do you agree that you need someone in your life, Lemon?
Liz:No, I have bigger things to worry about than my personal life.
Donaghy:I would think that a single woman’s biggest worry would be choking to death alone in her apartment.

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Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts (III)

Looking to be the funniest guy/gal at the party, then check out these NBC-comedy inspried costume ideas.


Pam Beesly - Halloween Costume

My Name is Earl - Halloween

Studio 60 and 30 Rock - Halloween

See GMMR’s previous “Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts”:

Betty Suarez (Ugly Betty)

Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)

Dr. Gregory House (House, MD)

The Lostaways (Lost)

The Others (Lost)

A special thanks toe GMMR special contributor Erica (aka The Next Kristin) for these fab costume ideas.

Welcome Back to The OC….Bitch

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The OC Season 4

The show that brought Chrismukkah into the lexicon and introduced us to the fabulosity of Julie Cooper Nichol is back next Thursday to kick off its fourth season. Now I know what you are thinking, and yes I agree. The OC has had it shares of bumps and bruises over the last two seasons, but this is a new season and a new OC.

I was lucky enough to get my grubby little hands on the first four episodes of the new season, and once I started watching, I was quickly sucked back into the beautiful world of Newport Beach. I’ve watched the show since day one and stuck with it through the ups (Summer/Seth/Anna) and the downs (Oliver and later Johnny). And despite a rather painful third season, The OC is back and ready to recapture the glory of yesteryear.

What we’ve always known and loved about The OC is still present. Seth is still adorkable and witty. Ryan is still brooding. Sandy & Kirsten are still the coolest parents on the planet. And Julie is still damaged and slutty. But our favorite characters are living in a new Newport Beach – one that doesn’t include Marissa Cooper.

So what is the world of The OC like without our fair Marissa Cooper? For those who loved her, Marissa’s death proved to shake up their sunny and martini filled worlds. The death of Marissa is not mentioned in passing and then shoved away in a drawer. It’s dealt with and respected. Fans who were sad to see the departure of Mischa Barton and Marissa (of which I was not one), should feel fully compensated by how the writers handled this delicate story.

Marissa’s passing has had a profound effect on those who loved her. Julie and Ryan are cemented down by their loss, not able to move forward. They live in a dark place where anger and vengeance prevail – it’s not a happy place to visit.

Summer is off saving the world at Brown, one tree at a time. Yes, little Miss Vixen has ditched her Jimmy Choo’s for Birkenstocks and hairy legs. She’s got a new best friend in a hippy named Che (aptly played by the amazing Chris Pratt who many of you will recognize as Bright Abbott from the sadly departed Everwood). With saving chickens and Che keeping her busy, Summer isn’t really finding (or making) the time for Seth.

And Seth. My Seth. He’s just trying to figure out his new life without his best friend and his girlfriend. At least Coop’s death hasn’t affected Seth’s ability to pull out the snappiest one liners at completely inappropriate times.

I want to be careful to not give too much away, because I really, really want you all to check it out. But here’s a few things you should know…

Kaitlin Cooper is sticking around The OC, and I’m happy to report that despite my fears Josh Schwartz and crew aren’t making this season all about Kaitlin and her HS friends. Kaitlin is going to prove to be a good ally to Julie. And if more Kaitlin means more Julie, then bring it on.

Taylor Townsend is back, and as hyper as ever. I wasn’t an immediate fan of Ms. T last season. But over the first few episodes, you see her develop from the wacky neighbor (so to speak) into an interesting addition to the crew. Autumn Reeser, who plays Taylor, is a force to be reckoned and she’s got a really incredible storyline which begins to play around Ep 4. I can’t wait until you all get caught up so we can chat.

The writers seem to realize that we like Sandy and Kirsten Cohen happy and solid as a rock. Sandy is back as a public defender and Kirsten is back trying to cook and loving her boys. Here’s to hoping they don’t mess with Mama and Papa Cohen anymore, because they bring stability to a crazy world.

And finally Julie Cooper Nichol. One of the best characters every to hit the small screen. I always think the sign of a great actor is when you can’t imagine that there is another living soul that could play this role. Melinda Clarke infuses such life into Julie – a character that in the hands of a lesser actor could easily come off as cartoonish. Season four brings us more Julie and her struggle between being the mother she knows she should be and the Riverside-raised bad girl we know she is.

Ok, ok, by now I think you get my point. I am LOVING what I’ve seen so far of The OC. If you’ve given up and moved on then come back. It’s worth the spot on your TiVo. You won’t be disappointed…trust me.

And speaking on TiVos, The OC’s biggest challege this season will be to found among the ridiculously crowded Thursday night lineup. Fox has scheduled the show up against the #1 and #2 shows on TV – Grey’s Anatomy and CSI, and NBC’s just yesterday announced that Scrubs and 30 Rock will also be vying for those same viewers. It’s nights like this that I am happy to be a TV addict with multiple TiVos. Because I am NOT giving up The OC, and neither should you.

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