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Watch PUSHING DAISIES with The Pie Maker

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If you’re watching PUSHING DAISIES tonight, join us over at ThePieMaker.com. All of those who leave a comment tonight are automatically entered to win a Pushing Daisies comic book from Comic Con. Click here to talk Daisies and enter!

Amy Poehler & Will Arnett in New Gap Ads

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Will Arnett & Amy Poehler Gap AdJust yesterday we saw John Krasinski’s new Gap ad, and today we have another to share. Check out Krasinski’s good friends, SNL’s Amy Poehler and her husband, Arrested Development/30 Rock star Will Arnett in this adorable Gap holiday ad.

Thanks to JJ for the pic.

Prison Break Star Sentenced to Jail

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Former PRISON BREAK star, Lane Garrison, has been sentenced to 40 months in jail after pleading guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and DUI for a crash that killed a high school student and injured two others late last year.

In a statement prior to sentencing, Garrison said: “I just want to say how sorry I am to the Setian family. I am sickened by my behavior on that night. My thoughts keep coming back to that night,” he said. “I want to show that my walk with sobriety will be very easy. I want to help other kids not make the same mistake I did.”

The judge in the case told Garrison, “I think you are ultimately a decent human being who made a very bad mistake…[and] that crime resulted in the devastation to at least three different families.”

Garrison’s legal team says that the sentence was fair and they have no plans for appeal saying that Garrison accepts full responsibility for his actions and is ready to face the punishment handed down to him.

Writer’s Strike Deadline is Midnight Tonight

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wga.jpgIf the proposed writer’s strike does go in effect at midnight tonight expect to see an immediate impact on television. While some of our favorite scripted shows have a few eps in the queue they won’t last long and the it’s repeat city! Viewers will feel the impact of the WGA strike the most in the late night circuit. Leno, Letterman and the like are all funny guys but they have a team of writer’s writing their opening monologues and all those jokes. Without writers will we really see the true colors of these comedians? And what about shows like “The Daily Show” whose show doesn’t exist without a team of writers scouring world events? It’s all going to be very interesting…if it happens (and lets face it, it’s going to).

I’m not an expert in what’s going on, and I don’t want to pretend to be. I’ve been reading more and more about the strike and the impact it will have on TV. I found the following article from Variety to be most interesting, so I thought I would repost it here for all you to read. It’s lengthy, but it’s an interesting assessment of what the WGA strike means to me, you, the networks and our most beloved shows.

Variety | by Josef Adalian
“Writers Strike Reality Sets In”

While the networks have been repeating the mantra that “screens will not go black,” it won’t take long for TV viewers to see the impact of a Writers Guild of America strike.

The canaries in TV’s creative coal mine are latenight hosts such as David Letterman and Jay Leno, whose monologues and sketches are dependent on union writers. If history is any guide, both shows will almost instantly go dark, as would “Saturday Night Live.Comedy Central‘s latenight stalwarts “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” would also likely switch to repeats in the immediate aftermath of a strike.

“Boom — our show just shuts down,” said “SNL” vet Amy Poehler. “It’s just done. There is no backlog of scripts.” (For more on latenight and the strike, log on to Variety.com)

Primetime comedy and drama series will feel the pinch immediately, though the on-air effect will be delayed at least a few weeks for most shows as they air completed segs. Cruelest blows will hit the frosh crop of shows that are just starting to get a toehold with viewers, including ABC’s “Private Practice,” “Pushing Daisies” and “Samantha Who” and CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory.”

The repercussions of scribes going out will surely be felt at Hollywood’s major talent agencies. It’s widely expected that a prolonged strike would result in serious layoffs; some agencies have already sketched out strike contingency plans involving salary deferments and other cost-cutting moves.

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HOUSE Recap: Mirror Mirror

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I’m sure it’s pretty difficult for writer’s on medical-based dramas to keep coming up with new and interesting cases.  I often wonder if there is some sort of Wiki out there that lists all the diseases and ailments used on medical shows throughout the years so others can avoid duplication.  You know, like ‘cancer of the toe leads to patient’s deafness’ was used on St. Elsewhere in ’86.  Or ‘pole impales man but he lives’ was done on Grey’s Anatomy so don’t go there.  Or ‘patient sells farm equipment which turns his blood bad and he starts mirroring people’ – House, 2007.

Last night we saw House and his team try to cure a man whose blood was turning to sludge, and they didn’t know why. But the most interesting part of the case was that the man’s ailment caused his to forget everything about himself and mirror the inner most thoughts of those around him.  Don’t understand? Yeah, it was a bit confusing to me as well but I went with it.

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What to Watch…Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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Happy Halloween

Wednesdays…my favorite TV night of the week? Perhaps! So much TV on tonight. Pushing Daisies is the highlight of the night and I’m counting down the minutes until I can see a little Ned & Chuck. A heads up for all of you who never got on the Gossip Girl train, The CW is re-airing the pilot tonight, so check it out if you haven’t had the chance.

Pushing Daisies| 8pm on ABC
Pushing Daisies “Girth”
When jockeys start turning up trampled to death, supposedly by the ghost of a long dead rider (guest star Hamish Linklater, “The New Adventures of Old Christine”) and his spooky horse. Olive — a jockey in her life before the Pie Hole — hires Ned and the team to investigate. Meanwhile, Ned finds himself haunted by the ghosts of his own past as Halloween nears. (Promo #1 | Episode pictures)

Swing on over to ThePieMaker.com tonight at 8pm and watch Pushing Daisies with me!!

Private Practice | 9pm on ABC
“In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole”
Charlotte asks Pete to treat her insomnia; Naomi goes on her first date since college; Cooper suspects that his patient’s injuries aren’t accidental; and a patient asks Addison and Naomi to conceal her fertility from her husband.

Life | 10pm on NBC
Life (NBC)“Powerless”
Reese thinks she hears a man confess to rape at her AA meeting and makes it her mission to get the truth on record. Elsewhere, Crews uncovers a lie from Stark’s past during a stakeout with Lt. Davis.

Dirty Sexy Money | 10pm on ABC
Dirty Sexy Money“The Game”
Tripp and Simon Elder face off in a high-stakes poker game, and Karen learns she can’t get married until she finalizes her divorce. Meanwhile, Juliet spends time with Brian Jr., and photos of Patrick and Carmelita are used for blackmail.

Also playing…

  • America’s Next Top Model | 8pm on The CW
  • Gossip Girl | 9pm on The CW (Pilot)
  • Kid Nation | 8pm on CBS
  • Criminal Minds | 9pm on CBS
  • CSI: NY | 10pm on CBS

…what will make it’s way on to your TiVo tonight?

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John Krasinski’s Gap Ad

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John Krasinski, Gap AdJohn Krasinski is featured in the new holiday ads for The Gap. Check out the scan (I’ll be on the look out for a hi-res version). His hair…hmm, did he get it colored. At least it’s not a wig, right?

More pictures are being released. Click here for the 2nd John Krasinski Gap Ad!
Thanks to Lauren for the scan

An OFFICE Spin-off??

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I heard rumblings about this coming out of the OFFICE Convention, and now TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello is lending credence to the idea. Will NBC possibly create a spin-off of THE OFFICE?

Check out what Ausiello has to say…

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, NBC may be about to pay a major compliment to Grey’s Anatomy. Multiple sources confirm to me exclusively that the Peacock is developing an episode of The Office that would introduce several new characters who would then be spun off into a new series à la Private Practice.

However, unlike Practice, which stole Grey’s regular Kate Walsh to anchor the new series, the proposed Office 2 is not expected to include any of the mother ship’s core cast. In fact, producers are already casting about for a “name” to headline the potential show.

So, your thoughts on whom the star should be? A downsized Jim Carrey? The underrated Ed “Al Bundy” O’Neill, past due for a comeback? Mike Myers, set loose weekly in a blue-collar playground? And should NBC really go through with this plan, or is one Office a week enough? Sound off below!

Let’s open up the floodgates…what do you think about an OFFICE spin-off with new characters?

Thanks to MG for the tip.

CHUCK Recap: Chuck vs. The Sandworm

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Episode: “Chuck vs. The Sandworm”
Original Airdate: 10.29.07
GMMR Recapper: SB

Yay! (And HoYay!*) I loved this episode. We had the glorious return of Captain Awesome, a good Buy More subplot, proper usage of Morgan, and geek references galore. Way to go, people!

Before I get too far into this recap, I have a shout out that has to happen. My former roommate and all-around awesome friend Amity (who taught me how to put the sparkle into my life) had a great catch last night with the Ronald Reagan picture in Casey’s house and made a point of texting me to see if I noticed. Well, let me just tell you that when Adam Baldwin and Ronald Reagan are both on my TV screen, Ronald Reagan has about as much chance of being noticed as an ant on my leg in the middle of a nuclear explosion. Nonetheless, that is a hilarious little detail and if this show is going to keep throwing in background jokes like that, I am going to have to pay better attention. And get DVR. (Seriously, why am I so slow to join the year 2007?)

I was way more into the Buy More story this week than the spy plot, which was that Chuck saw a guy in a video arcade who was a government-owned weapons designer and who convinced Chuck that he just wanted his freedom and a normal life, but of course he actually wanted revenge and was going to blow up the pier where he was discovered playing video games. He wired a bomb into a Nerd Herd car, which he commandeered from Chuck before ejecting him, and blah blah James Bondcakes, Chuck dismantles it.

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DEXTER Season One DVD Giveaway

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DEXTER Season One DVD Giveaway

Were you like me and missed the boat on Showtime’s hit show DEXTER? Or maybe you’re just a fan that wants to relive season one over and over again. Either way, you may be in luck. Showtime have just given me FOUR copies of Season One of Dexter on DVD to giveaway to four lucky GMMR readers. They also were kind enough to give me a copy and I can’t wait to start watching it.

To enter: Leave a comment below telling me why you love DEXTER or why you’re interested in checking it out. And don’t forget to watch Season 2 of Dexter, Sundays @ 9/8c on Showtime.

Four winners will be chosen at random from all valid comments on Friday, November 10th.

What to Watch…Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Tuesday TV is totally terrific (it’s early, I’m trying). I’ve got the DVR all fired up for tonight’s shows.  I’m going to see the musical ‘Wicked’ with friends, but I’ll be sure to be all caught up on Tuesday night TV by the morning.

Night Cap – TV Stars on the Late Night Talk Shows… 

  • Steve Carell (The Office) on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
  • Rebecca Romijn (Ugly Betty) on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Reaper | 9pm on The CW
Reaper (CW)“Leon”
Sam tries to return a soul at the DMV and discovers that Gladys the demon is on vacation for Halloween, an action the Devil disapproves of, so Old Scratch gives Sam an extra-tough assignment in order to make himself feel better.

House | 9pm on Fox
“Mirror Mirror”
A mugging victim with amnesia apes people around him. He also has a protein abnormality that’s turning his blood to “sludge.” Meanwhile, Cuddy assigns her latest hire to be her “eyes and ears” on House’s team, displeasing House considerably.

The Office | 10 & 10:30pm on TBS
“Performance Review” and “Christmas Party”
– Michael convenes with his employees for their performance reviews, but he’s much more concerned about his own boss’s review of him. Meanwhile, the gang plays along when Dwight thinks it’s Friday instead of Thursday.

– There aren’t a lot of ha-ha-has with the ho-ho-hos at the office Christmas party after Michael suggests swapping secret Santa gifts. Michael then tries to lift spirits by introducing spirits—namely, vodka shots..

Also playing…

  • Cavemen | 8pm on ABC
  • Carpoolers | 8:30pm on FOX
  • The Singing Bee | 8pm on NBC
  • Beauty & the Geek | 8pm on The CW
  • Bones | 8pm on FOX
  • NCIS | 8pm on CBS
  • The Biggest Loser| 8:30pm on NBC
  • The Unit | 9pm on CBS
  • Dancing with the Stars | 9pm on ABC
  • Boston Legal | 10pm on ABC
  • Cane | 10pm on CBS

Share, share, share…what will YOU be watching tonight?

Blogger Said What?

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It’s Monday morning and while I’m prepping myself for the TV extravaganza that starts at 8pm I thought I’d send you in the direction of some of my TV blogging buds.

GiveMeMyRemote.com NIP/TUCK premieres tomorrow night at 10pm on FX. The scalpels are no longer in Miami but cutting it up in L.A. Put this one on the list of shows I wished I watched. (TV with MeeVee). And while you’re over there win an iPod Nano courtesy of the CMAs. (Click here to enter)

GiveMeMyRemote.com Do you think HEROES needs to be fixed? Check out these suggestions on how to makes HEROES better and see if you agree. (The TV Addict)

GiveMeMyRemote.com Did you all catch the Pushing Daisies version of They Might Be Giants “Birdcage in My Soul” on last week’s episode. (The Pie Maker)

GiveMeMyRemote.com I refuse to believe that the writer’s strike may happen, but Maureen Ryan is willing to go there and discuss what it would mean to us. (The Watcher)

GiveMeMyRemote.com MY SO CALLED ME LIFE so takes me back. Remember when Jordan Catalano was the dreamiest? Take the quiz and find out just how well you remember the classic show that was canceled before its time. (Buzz Sugar)

GiveMeMyRemote.com I hate Halloween – always have, always will. But if you’re into the scary and spooky then check out TVSquad’s breakdown of all the Halloween TV treats. (TV Squad)

GiveMeMyRemote.com What TV star was a little out of character in this scary get-up? (Find out here)


The Office Convention

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THe Office Convention

As you all know (since I’ve been whining about it for a few months) I was not able to attend the first even THE OFFICE Convention in Scranton, PA this weekend. But many, many OFFICE fans did, and they have some great stories, pictures and videos to share. It sounds like a fantastic time was had by all.

If you were at the Convention and have tales to tells please feel free to leave a comment and fill us in about it.

If you are like me and missed it all I think you should check out The Office Convention at OfficeTally.com and catch up on all the convention goodies for the best Office fansite out there. Speaking of, I hear that Tanster of Office Tally got the biggest round of applause at the Blogger’s Breakfast event…how awesome it that?! Go Tanster!!!

I can’t seem to get enough of the news from the event. Here’s to hoping there’s another convention next year!

What to Watch…Monday, October 29, 2007

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Ah, looking forward to getting back to my Monday night routine.  There’s something about kicking off the TV week with some of the best shows that just feels right.  For you PRISON BREAK fans out there, the show isn’t on tonight but here’s your chance to check out CHUCK if you haven’t done so yet.  It’s one of my favorite new shows of the season and I hope you’ll give it a shot.

How I Met Your Mother | 8pm on CBS
“I’m Not that Guy”
Marshall’s courted by a big law firm and is persuaded to join by a slick lawyer (John Cho), thereby giving up his dream of saving the Earth.

Chuck | 8pm on NBC
Chuck (NBC)“Chuck Versus the Sandworm”
Chuck contemplates helping an agent escape his handlers after realizing the man’s life seems to run parallel to his own. Elsewhere, Morgan feels jilted by Chuck as Halloween approaches.Heroes | 9pm on NBC
“The Line”
West encourages Claire to teach the snobby head cheerleader a lesson; Alejandro is wary of Sylar’s intentions toward Maya; H.R.G. hunts for the last of Isaac’s paintings with help from his Russian mentor

Samantha Who? | 9:30pm on ABC
Samantha Who? (ABC)“The Wedding”
Samantha goes to a friend’s wedding, only to learn she’s been uninvited by the bride. Valerie: Jessica St. Clair. Bridesmaid: Kara Taitz.

Journeyman | 10pm on NBC
Journeyman (NBC)“Keepers”
Dan comes to the aid of two brothers traumatized by their father’s abuse. Elsewhere, Dan and Livia eavesdrop on an intimate chat between Jack and Katie; and Jack suspects Dan has started gambling again.

Also playing…

Mondays…they aren’t for TV amateurs! What will you be watching tonight?

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Red Sox…2007 World Series Champions

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Red Sox World Series 2007

One last time to celebrate (at least until next year hopefully).  Congrats to the Boston Red Sox for taking home another World Series trophy!!!

Thanks to all my GMMR readers for being patient with me over the past two weeks and allowing me to take a break from the network shows to enjoy my Red Sox during this home stretch.  But tomorrow (or actually today) is Monday and we all know Monday is a pretty busy TV day around here, so I’m happy to report that we are BACK to our regularly scheduled programming!!

P.S. Don’t even try to kill my buzz with the Red Sox hate…it’s just going to be deleted (I’ve got the control and I’m not afraid to use it)

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