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So Say We All: Gossip Girl, Dirty Sexy Money, & Private Practice

October 11, 2007 by  

I’m a selfish girl.  Although some of you may be dying to talk about last night’s TV, I refused to post today’s “So Saw We All” until I got all caught up with last night’s TV shows.  I know myself and I would be too tempted to read your comments and be all kinds of spoiled.  So I waited until my lunch break and got caught up on the shows I didn’t get to finish last night.

I’m done, and now it’s YOUR turn to tell me all about what YOU watched on Wednesday night.

First up…

Private Practice

I’m glad this show is something different than it was in the pilot.  Each week’s episodes seem to be getting a little bit better.  Addison and her new friends still seem a bit bizarre to me and I’m not sure I would want them as my doctors but I can deal, for now.  I really like Cooper (Paul Adelstein) when he’s doing something besides talking about bedding women.  The scene with him in a tutu and crown with pink lip gloss was too cute for words – but he was doing what he needed to for those kids.  Addison needs not to be so self-absorbed, but I love her all the same.  What I don’t buy at all is Dell’s infatuation with Naomi.  There is no chemistry there.  Get Dell a girl his own age – there’s more that can be done with him. Still not finding a use for Amy Brennanman’s character who I’m guessing is the worst shrink on the planet.  Overall I’d say that I’m in a relationship with Private Practice now and I don’t think we’re going to be breaking up any time soon despite our differences.

Dirty, Sexy, Money

My twin-tuition is telling me that you all should at least give this show a shot.  Ducky and I were podcasting last night and neither of us could figure out why this show isn’t a smash hit.  I find The Darlings darling in their own sick and twisted way.  The storylines are limitless when you are dealing with these freak shows. The things Nick George has to deal with! You gotta love that there was a sex tape featuring one of the Darlings and no one knows which one it could be since any one of them (well except for Juliette, the virgin?  What?!) My favorite scene had to be the throw down between Juliette and Nicole which landed them both showing their undies during a red carpet brawl.  Why are the girls fighting?  Well, one of the got bangs and the other followed…the horror!!

Gossip Girl

XOXO Gossip Girl…yes hugs and kissed all around for this fabulous show.  The minute I hear Kristen Bell’s campy voice over I know I’m in for a good 40 minutes of fun TV.  Last night’s episode was no exception.  S and B were BFFs and then mortal enemies and then BFFs again within the course of one episode…so high school. The photo shoot was s o much fun.  I mean you gotta love the direction Serena was giving to Blair: “be Britney with the umbrella” CLASSIC!!  Dan Humphrey is still all kinds of adorable, and if he wasn’t playing a HS boy he’s probably make it to the TV boyfriend list.  Maybe I should start a list of Inappropriate TV crushes…hmmm.

That’s all I got to last night, but tell me what you thought of these show and anything else you watched last night.  Time to dish.



6 Responses to “So Say We All: Gossip Girl, Dirty Sexy Money, & Private Practice”

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  2. Patty on October 11th, 2007 3:23 pm

    I have both Private Practice and DSM on the DVR. The phone kept ringing and then that Variety interview with Jensen Ackles got posted and well…I got a little distracted. But the only thing I watch on Thursday is Supernatural. So it’s a catchup day for me! (Can’t wait for the new podcast!)

  3. Liz on October 11th, 2007 5:14 pm

    I finally cemented my Wednesday live choices: Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, and Life. I too am liking Private Practice more each week as the characters become a little more complex. I wish they would give Dell more to do even though he’s a minor character, but that’s just my bias for Piz showing. I’ve got DSM taped and will probably watch it this weekend at some point, but so far I am enjoying Life more because of Damian Lewis’s hilarious depiction of Charlie Crews.

  4. Kilynn on October 12th, 2007 9:50 am

    I didn’t really like Private Practice for the first few episodes, but I stuck it out for Piz. And I’m glad I did! It gets better each week, and I actually found myself out and out enjoying Wednesday’s epi. I loved the part with Naomi eating that cake the whole time. I do the same thing…when I’m sad, it’s time to pile on the chocolate!

    Oh, and Patty–Supernatural!!! Holla! How cute was Jensen in that interview? Pudgy Midway! *snickers*

  5. clare on October 12th, 2007 11:46 am

    i couldn’t agree with you more. why are there not more people going dirty sexy crazy over “dirty sexy money”? peter krause does so much with just a twitch of the eyebrows! i’m so loving this show and so terrified it might get cancelled.

    p.s. i’ve been coming to gmmr for a while now but only started posting comments. just wanted to say, albeit belatedly, thanks for gmmr!

  6. Mary on January 13th, 2008 1:20 am

    Private Practice..horrible (gave it 3 different chances…CANT STAND IT)
    Dirty sexy money…I can see why ppl like it…but it just makes me fall asleep
    Gossip girl….wow. I never thought I would be this excited to see a show!!! I’m loving all the fun, scandal, drama…and they can actually act too (Ed westwick and Leighton Meester are definitely going places in hollywood!! and their chemistry…I’ve never been this excited for a couple…EVER)