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GREY’S ANATOMY Redux: Crash Into Me

November 23, 2007 by  

Grey’s Anatomy

So I have only 10 minutes to writer up my thoughts on last night’s GREY’S ANATOMY.  See I have to do that day after Thanksgiving shopping thing today and I have less than an hour to write this up, take a shower and get to my parents house to meet up with my sister and my dad.  Do you care?  No. You just want to read about GREY’S ANATOMY.  I get it.  Here’s my incoherent blabber on last night’s episode.  Enjoy.

Let me be the first to say ‘Welcome Back Grey’s Anatomy’. Please tell me you all caught last night’s episode? I thought it fanfabutastic!!! It reminded me of Grey’s Anatomy of yore. It focused on some fantastic patients, the doctors actually got to practice medicine (rather than just having sex), and the personal drama was grounded in something real rather than just the soap opera-esque plots we are so often given.

Unlike last season’s ferry crash “event”, last night’s ambulance crash evoked real emotion as the two EMTs fought for their lives. I mean, Stan asking his best friend Ray to talk to him to keep him alive until his wife got there – ugh, just ugh. I was bawling like a baby. Meredith climbing in over Stan’s dead body to try to help Ray was a little much (why couldn’t she just go in the other window), but I bought it because I was so caught up in the emotion of the situation. And wasn’t it nice to see Meredith focus on the patients for once and not make it all about herself? Well yeah, that’s what I was thinking too until of course she found a way to make it all about her by telling the Chief the prominent role SHE would play in the retelling of this story. Oh Meredith. I try to love you but you make it so difficult.

The other patients were just as interesting tonight. It was great to see QUEER AS FOLK star Gale Harold back on TV, even if he was a white supremacist paramedic. Yup, with a full on swastika tat to prove it and all. After refusing to be treated by Bailey because he wanted a male doctor, things came to light when he also refused to be treated by Richard. Bailey, being awesome, summoned Yang to attend to the guy. Hey white supremacist, how about you have an Asian woman treat you. I was kind of hoping that she would find out that Christina was raised Jewish, but no such luck. Bailey put her marriage on the line to prove to herself that she was strong enough to do the surgery herself. But sadly, after the WGA strike, I think we are all going to see the implications of Bailey’s decision to put the hospital before her family. This is not a male or a female thing, but there is no way you can be a good parent and husband/wife if you are only home between midnight and 6am. I think Bailey needs to figure out a better balance and fast!

A quick shout out to Seth Green for being pretty awesome in his role last night. Just another guy hitting on a Grey girl…get in line my friend. Sadly, the writer’s told us just enough about his medical issue that you knew his artery was going to gruesomely explode at the end. I actually watch his entire last scene with Lexie with my hands over my eyes just waiting for it. I can’t imagine he’ll survive, but it would be nice to see Seth around the hospital more – they need the funny.

Oh and I’ve decided that I’m pissed at the GREY’S writers for squandering what could have been an amazing storyline with Alex and Ava by making Ava this needy little puppet and showing that no even love can change Alex.  I really thought Ava was going to be the one to help show the world (and Alex) that underneath all that bluster and inappropriate sex that he’s really this incredible guy.  Boo. I was once rooting for this couple, now I just want her to go back to her husband and her baby.  She’s been ruined.

So that was me babbling.  I gotta run or I’m in big trouble.  PLEASE talk to me about what you thought.  I hate shopping and reading your comments on my cell phone will delight me to no end!!


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  2. Rebecca Kogan on November 24th, 2007 7:59 pm

    I agree that this episode was totally incredible, and reminiscent of the Grey’s Anatomy of our forefathers. I have a bone to pick with you about Alex though…I think that his love for Izzie has already shown that love can change him, and underneath he is a good guy. (After he learned from the unfortunate Olivia incident, that is.) Anyway, I think that Lexie and Seth Greene’s charecter were ADORABLE and I hope he lives so they can date. Did that remind anyone of Izzie/Denny, btw? Thanks for writing about the best Grey’s episode in a v. long time!