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BIG BROTHER 9 Recap: Gossip Girls (and Boys)

February 21, 2008 by  

Big Brother Recap

Not sure of the meds that Britney has been taking over the past two weeks to calm herself down but if she could spare a few for some of the BIG BROTHER houseguests it would be awfully sweet of her. For reals, these people are off the charts crazy. Well, maybe not crazy but they sure as hell are drama queens.

You call that a fight?…
Last night the Chenbot showed us a few moments from what she was calling one of the biggest fights in BIG BROTHER history. I call foul. The screaming match that started with Chelsia and Amanda and quickly switched to Amanda and Josh really wasn’t all that great. We’ve seen worse (and by worse I mean better and more vicious).

The spat stemmed from the lethal combination of Amanda’s gossip and her annoying voice. She could be saying the Hail Mary over and over again and I’d still want to kill her based on her voice alone. Ugh. Josh almost emerged the victor in the fight by telling Amanda that everyone hated her in addition to calling her a few choice names (what we saw didn’t really scratch the surface of what he said to her – if you look you can find the whole escapade on YouTube). But any points Josh earned by ripping Amanda a new one were completely lost when he mocked her father’s suicide. Way to cross the line and look like a complete DB Josh.

Dump her, love me!…
The thankfully ousted Jen caused the other big drama in the house this week when in an effort to keep herself in the game she told Sheila that her boyfriend Ryan was a racist. Can you believe that? She went out of her way to say that…about her boyfriend!! What scum! And then when she’s called out on it she denies ever saying it. Honey, there are camera and mics everywhere. Nothing like being revealed as a liar on national TV. So glad she’s gone.

You’re outta here…
So yeah, by now you know that Jen and Parker were the ones evicted from the house. YAY!! My boy Ryan stays around for another week. Am I blinded by his cuteness or is he one of the only normal ones in the house? The Chenbot had a little post-ousting chat with Jen and Parker during which smoke was coming out of Parker’s nose. He hates that he was paired with Jen and holds her 100% responsible for his ousting. I’d say she’s about 90% responsible. She was the reason they were on the block, but Parker played a big role in people voting them out. So there it is…week 2 and one of the biggest twists in the game is no longer a factor. So much for that.

On to HOH….
This week the houseguests had to play a little guessing game based on how well they knew the people in the house. The end result not only anointed James and Chelsia as the new HOH’s, but left the houseguests with a few repercussions including no hot water for 72 hours, no washing machines for 2 weeks, no drinking cups, the ladies having to sport their bathing suits for 24 hours as well as cook all the dinner in the house for 2 weeks (I think)…but they also were awarded a Margarita party, which should be very interesting with no cups to drink from.

Still no single couple has emerged that I feel is worthy for me rooting for. Let’s hope this week I find my twosome.

Thoughts on last night’s BIG BROTHER? Are you still watching?


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  2. okay on February 21st, 2008 5:40 pm

    [sorry, we should keep this to Big Brother talk. Thanks for sharing though.]–GMMR

  3. Beesly on February 21st, 2008 6:15 pm

    I’m watching right now in fact 🙂

    I’m completely disgusted – I saw the Chels and James kissy face time – and then got a disturbing email about “Crazy James”. Dont think I can look at him the same!! ahhhh. And I was thinking they would make a cute couple. Very confusing.

    The comment about the suicide was SO SAD. I almost cried! How horrible – and HOW are they not talking about it still…. ?

  4. Beesly on February 21st, 2008 6:28 pm


    Do you think Ryan will want to still stay with Jen after he sees that? Funny how being so evil can turn right back around on you. She’s a beast 🙂

    I almost hope nothing too crazy happens so that can be remembered and brought up again and again and again – she cant feel good about it. What a HORRIBLE person to do that!