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SUPERNATURAL – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

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Happy Halloween GMMR readers!! Like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin and millions of children who’ve waited up to see Santa Claus, Sam Winchester had his childlike hopes dashed when he finally had the chance to meet a couple of angels face to face (his version of the GP/SC). As a person with a lot of faith (and certainly way more than Dean) he was dismayed to learn that two of the beings (Castiel and new buddy Uriel, aka Good Angel/Bad Angel) he was hero-worshiping all of his life are kind of dicks…or at least appear to be…for now. Nothing ever stays the same on this show and I don’t want to be eating those words in a few weeks. Unlike Linus however, he wasn’t left waiting all night in a pumpkin patch for a being that never shows up. Nope, instead he used his magic abilities to destroy the demon of the week, against the wishes of the angels and his brother. The dynamic between Sam and Dean has also once again shifted thanks to the angel-hunter foursome interacting, and Sam and Dean now both have new questions to ponder.

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BONES Scoopage Straight from Creator Hart Hanson

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Hey, Bones lovers. It’s Seeleybaby here. Isn’t life interesting? One day I decide to watch an episode of Bones, and less than a year later, I’m participating in a conference call with the show creator, Hart Hanson. Yeah…I’m not complaining.

Well, there is a very, VERY exciting month of Bones episodes headed our way November 4th, 12th, 19th and 26th. Good, interesting cases, love triangles, sibling rivalry, and…gross disgusting dead bodies. Alrighty, then!

But the hardest part about being in the phone conference was that I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about what I was hearing. So I need to hear your thoughts!

So much to discuss (after the bump):

1. Possible return of Zack AND Gordon Gordon Wyatt!

2. Angela’s new love interest

3. Booth’s past and family

4. The revolving ‘grad students’

5. The “Moonlighting Curse” and more!

Here’s the transcript of the full call so you can enjoy the updates straight from the “Hanson’s” mouth.
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IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADEPHIA: “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack”

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Another week, another half hour of the ridiculous antics of the “It’s Always Sunny” gang. Last week, Dennis wrote an erotic memoir (some of the chapters can be found on Paddy’s Pub, if you’d like to take a gander) and Charlie and Dee walked a mile in each other’s shoes. It was also the gallant return of dear Frank! Oh, how we missed thee. Also, one of “It’s Always Sunny’s” writers Patrick Walsh, who you will read hear more from in the next few days, made his acting debut, playing the fabulous MC of the comedy club Dee frequents on a daily basis.

This week, Sweet Dee has a minor heart attack, Dee and Dennis discover that Frank canceled their health insurance when they were young, Frank experienced the “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” world and both Mac and Charlie took a crappy, entry-level job as mailroom assistants. Like in every episode, a lot of stuff happened but those were the important nuggets you should take away should you become inundated with useless information and factoids.

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30 ROCK: Do-Over

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30 Rock Cast

Last night was the season premiere of 30 ROCK on NBC, but it was also the season premiere of our new 30 ROCK correspondent, Kari.  Applause all around please.

Ok, over to your Kari!

It’s back! It’s back! The joy of 30 ROCK’s return after five months and seven Emmys and a handful of Tina Fey appearances on SNL was sweetly encapsulated in the third season opener, with Liz’s gleeful cry of “Jack!” as she welcomed “The Jacker” back to New York.

And how much fun was it to see her live out her very own “Sex and the City” scene on the street, looking all cocky and bouncy and floral when Jack’s limo pulled up to the curb? (Of course her response to his “Hello, pussycat,” was less flattered and more “Aw, really? Lotta ladies get right in the car after that line, you creepy piece of…”) And the way she greeted him so awkwardly, first considering a hug and then a handshake and finally settling on a punch on the arm? Two thumbs up, Liz Lemon!

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THE OFFICE: Employee Transfer

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The Office, Halloween

Hey OFFICE writers…don’t think for a minute that you pulled one over on us.  A whole episode revolving around the romantic entanglements of Dunder Mifflin?  Yeah, we saw right through you…and I couldn’t care less.  Tonight may have had an underlying theme of fighting for the one you love, but it certainly used the funny to get us there, so I’m all for it.

Before we go any further, please stand up…yes, get on your feet…and applaud last night’s awesome cold open.  Creed (and Kevin and Dwight) as the Joker was brills!!  If I were working at Dunder Mifflin (dare to dream) and Creed was walking around looking like that, I’m not sure I would have been able to stay.  I think everyone is lucky he didn’t go all method and kill everyone at their desks. And Pam as Charlie Chaplin/Hilter?  As someone who hates Halloween with a passion, I think Pam’s scenario of being the only one to show up in a costume is perhaps my worst nightmare.  I can’t imagine the horror.  Funny stuff all the same.  Too bad we didn’t get to see more of it.  I’m sure the makeup and costume people were bummed to know all their hard work was up on the screen for less than five minutes. Job well done.

Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long (that’s what she said).

Both Jim and Michael took to the highways tonight in the name of love. But while one relationship is perhaps stronger for the road trip, one landed in the breakdown breakup lane.

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Jon Hamm to Ham in up on 30 ROCK

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Jon Hamm (Mad Men) to Guest on 30 ROCK with Tina Fey

For someone as perpetually single as Liz Lemon, when she does find a man she sure lands ’em good.  Of course we’ll never forget Floyd played by the uber sexy Jason Sudekis (sue me I have a type) and now there is a new man in Liz’s future…and this one is one suave cat.

Ausiello has just confirmed that MAD MEN star, Jon Hamm, is in talks to be courting Liz Lemon in a multiepisode arc of 30 ROCK later this season.  Please let this happen.  Please.

Coming off its brilliant second season finale, MAD MEN is all the rage right now.  And there’s been a little tiny bit of buzz around Tina Fey as of late. Let’s see what happens when two of TV’s underdogs come together.

Oh, when worlds collide, we are very, VERY happy.

Don’t forget to check out the season premiere of 30 ROCK tonight at 9:30pm on NBC.

A special thanks to Team GMMR’s 30 ROCK correspondent, Kari, for this sharing this news.  Check back in later tonight for Kari’s take on tonight’s season premiere.

The TV Talk Podcast with GMMR & Ducky: Episode #30

Ducky Does TV and Give Me My Remote TV Podcast Logo

TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky is back and this time we did a podcast in record time from an interesting location! While we know some of you love us talking forever and a day about your (and our) favorite shows, this week we’re on speed because in less than 30 minutes we cover a week’s worth of television.

We start off talking about the So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 Tour (which we saw about 10 minutes before recording this podcast) – but don’t worry, we only talk about SYTYCD for a minute or two but the show was fantastic!

Then we move onto How I Met Your Mother’s wedding debacle, our feelings about Stella and a possible baby on the way. Gossip Girl is next and seriously, you know you love it as much as we do – xoxo! What about Chuck and Nicole Richie kicking some ass? We’ll cover it, don’t worry!

Kath and I chat about what could possibly be one of the last Pushing Daisies episodes to ever air before moving onto the night we all know you’re waiting for…

Thursday is the night we know you love most so first up is The Office then SNL Thursday night specials and we finish up the night with Supernatural.

We end this week’s podcast talking about the phenomenal Mad Men Season 2 finale.

*Don’t forget to leave us questions for our next podcast where we’ll spend the entire time answering your listener questions about anything TV related.

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    No time to talk…or blog for that matter, but I did have to quickly tell you that Jen, Ducky and I went to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE tour here in Boston last night and it was Ah-Mah-Zing!!  We had a blast and it was so fun to see the kids up close and personal.  How up close?  How about just a few rows back from the stage!!  Thank you Fox and Snuggle for hooking us up!!

    I’ve got a lot to say about the tour, but that’s going to have to come a little bit later.  For now check out one of my favorite routines of the night and of SYTYCD Season 4 – “Bollywood”, performed by Katee Shean and Joshua Allen. (For give the quality. There was a spotlight shining directly into the camera the whole time which made it difficult to see.)

    More pics and videos later tonight, so come on back.

    Oh before I forget I need to give a GMMR holla to Sam whom I met at the show last night.  Hey Sam…and Josh!!

    DIRTY SEXY MONEY: The Silence

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    Get Your Vote On

    Despite the tumultuous state of his personal life, Patrick Darling is elected Senator in this week’s appropriately timed election-centric episode. Unfortunately for Tripp, he’s not able to celebrate Patrick’s success because he suffers a heart attack shortly before the results are announced (which you probably had already guessed if you saw any of the promos for this episode). Patrick’s heart is suffering too, since he wins the election just as he loses at love.

    Mum’s the Word

    This episode is entitled “The Silence”. It most obviously refers to the silence that is bought by the Darling family when Ellen’s brother, Chase Alexander, rolls angrily into town. Chase is threatening to go to the press with his suspicions that Patrick murdered Ellen because she knew of his affair with Carmelita and was going to take the kids and leave him. Tripp sends Nick to offer Chase a deal that he just can’t resist and the crisis is averted. Likewise, silence and secrecy plays a role in most of the other subplots of the episode:

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    HOUSE: Joy…and Pain

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    HOUSE Recap

    In 1989, NBC’s blockbuster hit drama, “L.A. Law”, put the issue of adoption front and center in America’s living rooms. The program’s most committed couple, Stuart Markowitz and Ann Kelsey, welcomed a baby girl into their family after a disappointing effort to conceive naturally. Over a seven episode arc, we watched the new parents meet their daughter for the first time, adjust to the rigors of maintaining two careers while raising a newborn, and tragically lose custody of the baby to a teenage birth mother having second thoughts. Though I was just twelve when those episodes aired, I remember weeping aloud as the family court judge destroyed Stuart and Ann’s dream of an extended family. Perhaps it was fitting that a real life couple, Michael Tucker and Jill Eikenberry, was tasked with helping the viewing audience understand the crippling blow that it dealt to their fictional marriage. The combination of their formidable acting skills and a first class writing team produced a re-invention of how television could deal with a relatively new kind of family drama.

    After watching the final scene of last week’s House, as Cuddy revealed her intention to adopt, I was concerned that the producers may have bit off more than they could chew. In particular, I worried that the characters of House and Cuddy would fall victim to writing that could easily become melodramatic and insincere. Would Gregory House tear up if he saw Cuddy holding her newborn? Would Cuddy herself be thrown into the pile of TV actresses of yesteryear who became irrelevant once the baby train left the station? Those questions were not resolved entirely this week, but the early signs were encouraging.

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    Angel vs. Booth: The Great Boreanaz Debate Results Show

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    Wow, wow, wow. First of all, you are all the shiz. You really are. But you know, you’re also kind of easy. Who knew that a couple of pics of DB shirtless would get you all warmed up enough to post your heartfelt emotions?

    But, you’re here for the results of “Angel vs. Booth: The Great Boreanaz Debate“, posted just about two weeks ago on GMMR . I want to say that I was so happy with everyone’s answers. And I laughed a lot as I tallied them up for you. I also told myself I would allow myself one ‘over rule’. If I thought you all were wrong, I was going to trump you, but only once. Keep reading to see if I needed to use it.

    If you remember, we asked you to choose between two of David Boreanaz’s most memorable characters, Angel (from BUFFY and ANGEL) or Booth (from BONES), in each of the categories below.  The response was great and we especially loved those of you who backed up your votes with examples.

    We’re breaking it down Dr. Jack style. Here are your results.

    1. Is more able to rally a team together:

    Over two-thirds of you said Booth, and I’m cool with that. Angel was a loner, and he was lucky that his team wouldn’t let him shake them. With Booth, he cuts through the rationalities of the squint squad and forces heart onto them. And solves crimes in the process. EDGE: Booth

    2. Has better moments of unleashed power:

    To quote ‘Taz’… “Angel. Um, hello…vampire!” Haha, that made me laugh. And most of you agreed. Honorable mention to Booth vs. Vega. EDGE: Angel

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    PRIVILEGED Recap: All About Haves and Have-Nots

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    Privileged, The CW

    First things first: this may be blasphemy to some, but I covet clothes way more while watching this show than I ever did watching Sex and the City. Two items that I loved from tonight’s episode? Rose’s pink blouse with flower appliqués and Megan’s white sleeveless top that she wore with jeans in the last scenes. They were so great that they stole my focus for several moments and I actually had to rewind in order to hear the dialogue. Sad, but true. Okay, now that I’ve gotten that very important subject off of my chest, on to the story…

    In order to help them round out their college applications, Megan has hooked the girls up with volunteer positions with Once Upon a Dress, which takes donated formal dresses and gives them to high school girls who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them. Sage and Rose are charged with altering six horrific dresses to fit selected students at a public high school, and they actually take the whole thing really seriously. Doing their best to pull a Molly Ringwald from Pretty in Pink, they attempt to reconstruct the dresses in order to make something that the girls would actually want to wear (in the end, no amount of work could save them).

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    Lauren Graham on Broadway

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    Lauren Graham on Broadway

    It’s just been announced that former GILMORE GIRLS star, Lauren Graham, will play opposite Oliver Platt in the Broadway revival of “Guys and Dolls”.  Performances of the show being in February with an early March with an official launch.

    Welcome to Broadway, Lorelai…now sit down your rockin’ the boat.

    Obama to Appear on THE DAILY SHOW Tomorrow

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    Comments Off on Obama to Appear on THE DAILY SHOW Tomorrow

    No matter where you come down on either side of this election, you must admit that any time a political candidate running for office makes a stop by to hang with Jon Stewart it’s going to be fun.

    Although Senator Obama himself will be in Florida, he will appear via satellite tomorrow night for his fourth appearance on THE DAILY SHOW. Be sure to tune in.

    Senator McCain is not strange to THE DAILY SHOW hot seat either. He has been a guest, and one of my perosnal favorite guests, many many times.

    CHUCK vs. Tom Sawyer

    October 28, 2008 by  
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    Chuck Recap

    Well, like everyone, I like to think of myself in a certain way. I like to think that I have good taste in music, that I would heroically rescue a box of kittens from a generic calamitous situation, that I am funny, and, possibly most importantly, that I possess somewhat above average intellect. Clearly, however, this is not the case, since I do not get the title of this week’s episode at all. My world is crumbling around me and all perceptions of myself are shattered. In the midst of this personal meltdown, can someone please explain it to me? [GMMR: I wish I could, but by the very nature of being a TV blogger, I’m not very book smart.  Ha!  Seriously….I didn’t get the title either.]

    Title aside, I loved this episode! Chuck is killing it for me this year. I know it can’t happen all the time and nor would I want it to, but I do love these episodes they’ve been doing where the spy plots and the Buy More plots interact. And speaking of things that I know we can’t have all the time but that I really enjoyed this week … we got a Jeff-centric episode! Yay!

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