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About Last Night…NURSE JACKIE Season Finale

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The carefully constructed world of Jackie Peyton is starting to crumble. The lies are catching up to her, and catching up to her quickly. It’s always been about balance for Jackie. Up until now she’s been keeping all these balls in the air, but one fell and the others are quickly following behind.

Her relationship with Eddie has been ruined. He found out about her secret, double life. The life that she has kept so hidden that seemingly only one other person knows…and that person certainly doesn’t know the whole truth. But what does her husband know?  Will she lose her family?  Has she already lost them?

For a woman who thrives on being in control, Jackie isn’t sure what to do with Coop.  He’s a loose canon.  She can’t predict his actions which has left her vulnerable and reactionary – not good for a woman who needs everything to go her way or else risks losing it all.  She thought she “handled” the donor situation well, but who could have predicted that an insecure Coop would take such a small gesture as the kiss and develop a whole world where he and Jackie are on the road to happiness.  With two mothers you wouldn’t think this guy yearned for another mother figure in his life, but that’s clearly the case with Jackie.  He needs her assurance, her faith in him – and if to him that comes in the form of a stolen kiss or two, so be it.

If only she could just say no. We learned early on in the season that Jackie was methodical about her drug abuse.  Just enough to give her an edge, but never too much or else get found out.  But last night, with her life going to hell, she lost control and broke her own rules. She stole drugs that can and will be easily traced back to her. She took the drugs with thoughts only of her immediate gratification with no thought to the consequence. Who would find her? Here’s to hoping it Mo Mo, perhaps the only one that could save her from herself.  Certainly not O’Hara, who has been Jackie’s rock.  Nope, Jackie selfishly abandoned her in her most desperate hour. Jackie took the drugs and was left in an idyllic state – one that she certainly has to wake from some time. But what will her world look like when she comes down from the high? I guess we’re going to have to tune in next season to find out.

NURSE JACKIE has quickly become a favorite summer show of mine. While the story telling is inconsistent, and sometimes just about average, it’s all forgiven with the superb talent of the cast.  I think the writer’s have the opportunity to fine tune and make some adjustments before Season 2 begins. As good as the show is, I know there’s the chance for it to be even better!  Personally I can’t wait for the return of NURSE JACKIE.

Thoughts on this first season of the show? Last night’s finale? Is anyone else watching?

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5 Responses to “About Last Night…NURSE JACKIE Season Finale”

  1. About Last Night…NURSE JACKIE Season Finale | Joe Hosting on August 25th, 2009 9:24 am

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  2. big mac on August 25th, 2009 12:25 pm

    Did I miss what happened with O’Hara and her step-dad?
    I really love Nurse Jackie overall, unlike weeds you can watch this train wreck. A+
    The best part was Zoey’s grey scrubs.

  3. Jen on August 25th, 2009 1:07 pm

    Zoey in the gray scrubs was hilarious… well Zoey is hilarious. I also really like this show, even when the episode wasn’t the best. I cant’ wait to find out what happens next season.

  4. Patty on August 25th, 2009 1:55 pm

    I love this show. While the writing has been a little uneven, the character developement has been brilliant. Whether I love or hate a character, I still want to see what happens to them all. I am not going to wish the next 9 months away but can’t wait for S2.

  5. Kathy on August 26th, 2009 5:30 pm

    I am finding I’m liking Coop more as the season went on, and I would love to see more depth with him. The whole time Eddie was in the bar, I was really hoping he wasn’t going to say anything.