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THE BACHELORETTE WTF Moment of the Week: ABC Promo Edition

July 13, 2010 by  

Okay, ABC, I vented my frustrations over your spoilery ads and thought I’d worked through my anger.

But congratulations, your BACHELORETTE promos are so annoying, I’ve flipped out and decided to dedicate an entire WTF section to them.

Yes, I was upset that after several months of staying spoiler-free on which suitor was two-timing Ali with a lady-friend at home, you chose to reveal that Justin was the culprit in a promo airing just hours before the episode. But then you gave us a pretty CASTLE ad and blinded us with its awesomeness, so I was willing to forgive and forget.

However, this whole Frank situation is just completely uncool.

You first showed hints of real trouble for the Frank-Ali relationship two weeks ago in your “Coming up on THE BACHELOR” promo. It was the night that Justin got busted, so maybe you felt you needed to show that the drama and controversy will keep going? Who knows.

What I do know?


Whatever happens to make Ali cry and Frank seem miserable isn’t small. I’ve miraculously remained spoiler-free on it, but part of that is because I assumed the payoff would be coming shortly, so I avoided all spoiler-iffic material like the plague.

It’s just something you do when you’re invested in a TV show and want to watch things unfold as the producers intend them to.

So I find it seriously annoying that the network would tease something that seems like a major plot point and then just leave us hanging.

It is my understanding that some of this season’s contestant drama was written about in the weekly tabloid mags, but I’d wager that a good portion of THE BACHELORETTE’s audience doesn’t even read those weeklies. I mean, I watch and write about TV for a living, but when I heard that one of the magazines I subscribe to was printing spoilers, I hid the issue so I wasn’t tempted to look at it.

But, really, what’s the point?

Hmm, ABC?

By showing as much as you did re: the Frank storyline two weeks ago — including the location of where the trouble takes place — you’re basically ruining the show for us. And really, why should we watch it then?

I suppose it’s possible that you are just trying to combat the spoilers that certain magazines and websites are revealing by beating them to the punch.

But, really, you are just making the problem worse, ruining the show for everyone — even those of us who go out of our way to stay spoiler-free.

So, p.s., you lose all right to be pissed off when magazines and websites do it too.

I mean, you could have easily promoted whatever happens between Ali and Frank in another way, concealing the identity of who makes Ali cry so desperately. Her apparent devastation alone would have kept viewers hooked.

But you didn’t.

Instead, we’re predisposed to be bitter towards Frank and their budding relationship throughout several episodes, though still not knowing exactly why we’re mad at him.

And to make matters worse, the series is really showcasing how much Ali cares for Frank. She instantly bonded with his family and, if it wasn’t for that stupid promo, I’d bet that he was the one she chooses in the end.

Had we been unaware that some sort of betrayal from him is about to come, watching the whole experience unfold would be all the more powerful.

I mean, even this week, the element of surprise regarding who was leaving was partially killed because it came down to Frank and Kirk for the final rose. And we of course already knew for sure that Frank’s time wasn’t done, since we’ve yet to see those scenes ABC so generously previewed 14 freaking days ago.

Thankfully, we weren’t fully annoyed with the situation because Ali’s decision to end things with Kirk was somewhat predictable.

And on that note, before I end this rant, I’ve got just one episode-centric WTF: Kirk’s dad’s basement.

Seriously, dude? The first thing you want to show Ali is your room full of dead animals, complete with a freezer full of their meat?

Look, everyone has the right to do what they want with their homes, but you probably should’ve gotten to know her just a little better before revealing that little gem. Had you known her better, you may’ve realized that she doesn’t find that sort of thing impressive.


Think I’m overreacting? Or are you pissed off at these ABC promos, too? Speak to me in the comments section…

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9 Responses to “THE BACHELORETTE WTF Moment of the Week: ABC Promo Edition”

  1. Kath (GMMR) on July 13th, 2010 8:09 am

    I LOVE how fired up you are! A true TV fan. Love it!

    I agree with every point you’ve made. It seems ABC wants people to be more concerned with what’s coming up more than the content played out in each episode.

    I of course wouldn’t dare spoil it for you or anyone else, but I do know what happens with the Frank situation. I even know all about the final rose. And you know what? Knowing what I do has ruined every single episode for me. I wish I didn’t know. Someone sent me the info near the beginning of the season, before I got really hooked and didn’t really care whether or not I was spoiled. Of course I hold you responsible for my addiction, Marisa…I still don’t think I could watch THE BACHELOR, but if they were to bring in another gal next season, I think I might be watching.

  2. Jill on July 13th, 2010 9:02 am

    I completely agree with this…yet I am still hooked. Also, my WTF moment of the week: Frank’s undershirt/shirt on the hometown date. I totally dug the Grandpa caridgan, but really? The low-neck undershirt was terrible. Come on.

  3. Lisa on July 13th, 2010 10:59 am

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to remain unspoiled for this show, what are they thinking? I made the mistake of reading spoilers from a blogger last time and vowed to stay clean but it isn’t possible. How does that stupid blogger know every thing that happens? That lays at ABC’s feet.

    On a higher note, I have dibs on Chris for my niece and his dad Ed for me, we are heading to the Cape to look for some landscaping 🙂

  4. Marisa on July 13th, 2010 12:05 pm

    @Kath- It’s so frustrating. And I officially won’t listen to ABC ever again if they bitch about how the show gets spoiled by others– THAT’S WHAT YOU DID.
    It sucks you know so much, Kath. I can guess who the final two are, but I have no idea how it turns out. If I did, I’m not sure I’d have any burning desire to watch it.
    (And, heh, sorry for getting you hooked)

    @Jill- Hahaha, that was so horrible, too. WTF, indeed.

    @Lisa- I think ABC is frustrated with some of the blog spoiling so much, but in my mind, they’re worse because a good portion of their audience wouldn’t go finding the spoilers online. They’re force-feeding them to us with these promos.

  5. Beth on July 13th, 2010 12:49 pm

    I really am just confused as to why they have decided to give basically everything away…yes there are spoilers out there but take the high road! I feel like it’s a slap in the face to viewers, they have gotten ridiculous with the editing and gave away mostly everything, thinking ‘it’s ok, we know they’ll watch anyway! We could tell them who wins and they would still watch!’ And as a longtime viewer, it didn’t always used to be like this- they didn’t have to rely on all this drama to make a great show and get people to watch…just show us more of the connections these people speak of having, thats entertainment in itself. I know the drama and stories sell more magazines and get more interviews but they are turning their show into a joke, when it used to be about something, ya know, as much as it could be since it’s reality show ( a loooooong time ago).

    I’m like Kath, I know things, I was accidentally spoiled, and now that I watch it, it makes me sad. Sad because ABC is turning this into a game (more than ever) and blatantly playing with its ‘contestants’. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. Maybe it’s just harder to watch this season because I truly do enjoy soooo many of the guys (Chris L!) and even Ali.

  6. Lisa on July 13th, 2010 1:12 pm

    Unfortunately, the blog stuff gets quoted everywhere and is almost unavoidable if one likes to read people’s thoughts on the show. They need to find the unnamed blogger (refuse to give him a plug) and muzzle him and all the leakers.

  7. Marisa on July 13th, 2010 1:26 pm

    @Lisa- Yeah, that’s unfortunate. That’s why I’m glad we have this weekly thread so I can vent my ridiculous feelings over the show and chat with you guys about it. And I know you guys won’t spoil me! <3

  8. Elena on July 13th, 2010 3:58 pm

    I’m a little confused … I’m a bit behind on the episodes because I was traveling and just watched the June 28th episode in which there are 5 guys left … yet the promo told me exactly who had the home visits and then who went to tahiti in the final 3. how does telling me who goes home in the next 2 episodes make any sense?? So I 100% agree with your post.

  9. meliot on July 14th, 2010 11:06 am

    I agree with you. What’s the point of watching the rest of the season…so many spoilers everywhere. They really do need to figure out how to keep this from happening. The best thing would be to film and broadcast with only a couple of week lag time instead of waiting 3 months. BTW – love your podcast!