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THE BACHELORETTE WTF Moment of the Week: Justin Edition

June 29, 2010 by  

As you may have already read, I managed to stay spoiler-free on which BACHELORETTE contestant was hiding a girlfriend at home all season… at least until an ABC promo spoiled it mid-morning yesterday (June 28). But my suspicions about it being Justin were correct, so there was some satisfaction in that.

Yes, Justin has a girlfriend. Or, possibly, multiple girlfriends. We never got total clarity on how many ladies he’s actually involved with aside from Ali, but there was at least one: A gal named Jessica.

Ah, Jessica.

Jess, Justin’s girlfriend of two years, was apparently feeling a bit guilty about sending her boyfriend off to get himself famous as a contestant on the show. And I guess she was also feeling upset after finding out that he was seeing some other chick behind her back too.

So, after one of Justin’s regular phone calls from the BACHELORETTE set — yes, he was allegedly calling her regularly during the filming of the show — Jessica snapped and contacted THE BACHELORETTE producers, telling them them about his whole scheme to use the show for fame.

Host Chris Harrison was tasked with informing Ali that Jessie — her former competitor on THE BACHELOR — was about to break some bad news to her.

Um, WTF #1: Why not have Chris just tell Ali himself? I don’t recall Jessie and Ali being amazingly close when they were competing for Jake, so it was more than bizarre to suddenly bring her on to be a part of this debacle.

But whatever, they wanted the (staged) drama. And they got it. We watched as Ali became increasingly pissed off, listening to Jessica reveal the truth about Justin. But surprisingly, she didn’t get mad at Jessica. She was just furious with Justin.

I mean, I’m thrilled that our bachelorette finally showed some emotion, flipping out on Justin. If it was me, I probably would have punched him in the face. But Jessica knew what was going on and let her boyfriend go off to romance another girl, so it felt like Ali maybe let her off too easy.

But I guess we didn’t really need to see a girl fight. Ali got down to the real business at hand, telling Chris that she wanted to get rid of Justin immediately.

She was so pissed that she confronted him in front of the other guys. She was calm, but harsh, and instead of staying to face her, Justin hobbled away on his bum leg. The dude just left her in the living room with the other contestants, saying he was done, without taking responsibility his little plan. The fool actually went to his room and grabbed his wallet and passport, thinking he was going to make some swift escape.

WTF #2: Way to be a pansy, Justin. Instead of listening to Ali and just owning up to your scheme, you had her chasing you down. Ha. And it wasn’t just a few feet that she traveled, but down a flight of stairs and out of the hotel. And I’m so confused about you saying that you’d only talk to her off-camera? You want to be famous, Justin, no? You’re getting your wish!

The hotel locked the doors on Justin, knowing he’d be desperate to avoid Ali, so he wasn’t able to get away and we got to watch as he walked through plants and climbed atop parts of the premises that certainly weren’t made to be walked on. He looked like an idiot trying to run and it made for some hilarious television.

Speaking of hilarious, how adorable were the shots of the remaining contestants, gathered by the windows, trying to see what was going on? They looked like little boys hoping to catch a glimpse of a fight down in the schoolyard.

But, yeah, so Justin finally stopped running and tried to explain himself, since he had no choice. But he ended up sounding even more ridiculous, insisting that Jessica is just his best friend and denying that he ever called her from the show.

Dude, if that were the case, you wouldn’t have run like O.J. on crack when you were first confronted.

So Ali was pissed and just outraged that she may have let someone special go in order to keep him.

Hmm, maybe you should’ve listened to the 20 other contestants who’d been trying to tell you since night one that Justin was there for the wrong reasons…

But whatever.

She then went and said something about how she would’ve kept Kasey on their last two-on-one date had she known the truth. Um, maybe not the right example, considering the creepy tattoo he got for you, but okay.

So Justin and Ali finally said their good-byes. Ali didn’t seem totally satisfied with the resolution, but she was at least aware that his non-answers were pretty big answers as is.

The best, however, was yet to come.

As Justin made his pathetic hobble to find a cab so he can leave the show, we heard a voice-over of his messages to Jessica. Yes, she saved messages of him calling her and confessing his love, saying how much he missed her and how he was thinking about kissing her and how talking about true love made him realize what she meant to him and on and on… all while the loser was limping to find a cab.

It was kind of amazing, in a train-wreck sort of way. He got caught in the lie and the show called him out on it… while wishing him good riddance.

This almost feels like it could legitimately be the most dramatic season of THE BACHELORETTE ever, no? Between crazy Kasey, Justin and what they showed in the promos — Ali hysterical over Frank next week?! — there has been no shortage of WTF moments thus far.



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