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THE BACHELORETTE: WTF Moment of the Week: Frank Edition

July 20, 2010 by  


Oh, Frank.

We knew this day was coming thanks to those obnoxiously spoiler-iffic ABC promos, but that didn’t make the drama any less intense — or our pain any less real — while watching THE BACHELORETTE Monday night.

Once again ABC decided to spoil more of the episode with a new ad, which aired all day yesterday. It showed footage of Frank — rather comfortably — embracing a mystery woman, so those of us who had managed to stay in the dark on his big secret still had an idea of what was up.

But  the promos made it out to seem like Frank was completely evil. Turns out, he was just conflicted.

Unlike that creep Justin, Frank didn’t have a girlfriend.

What he did have was an ex-girlfriend, Nicole, whom he wasn’t quite over. As Frank told the camera crew, he was falling for Ali, but at the same time, he couldn’t get his ex out of his head. Never a good thing.

Frank went home to see Nicole and decide if he could close the door on his feelings for her, but yeah, no dice.

So then there’s Ali in Tahiti, anxiously awaiting this dude whom she’s all into… who just got back together with his old girlfriend. And he actually flew there to break the news to her.

Um, awkward much?

It also made the episode uncomfortably tense, because we saw Frank agreeing to dump Ali and then had to sit through two other dates, knowing that that hammer was going to fall.

I don’t get the show’s logic here. Why not cut the Frank-Nicole scene in which Frank made his decision, so that we didn’t know what he was going to do throughout the entire episode? That would have kept the suspense going. Hell, it would have maintained the suspense on who was going to make the final two.

But, ugh, regardless, the whole ep just reeked of awkward.

Before her date with Frank, Ali kept gushing about how excited she was to see him, how much she needed this date, etc. But the second he said, “We need to talk” — yikes — she knew something was wrong.

I mean, the poor girl started crying before Frank even told her what was up. (I wonder if Ali watched last night and enjoyed seeing herself weep on camera for 30 plus minutes?)

Then they both shed some tears as he explained that he’d been conflicted with his feelings for Nicole and when he saw her, he knew he was still in love with her.

Ali was super pissed that he never told her about his second thoughts. They hugged each other goodbye, cried some more and then parted ways. The little bachelorette was devastated, Frank was devastated — interestingly enough, it felt very familiar… a situation similar to Ali leaving Jake last season on THE BACHELOR, no?

But, anyhoo, should Frank have told Ali about his doubts? Sure. We get her anger there.

But as he mentioned, he worried that if he opened up about his conflicted feelings, she’d let him go. While Ali was crazy about Frank, his reluctance to fully give himself to her — due to his insecurity over the other guys — caused her to doubt their relationship a bit already. Had he told her that he wasn’t quite over his ex, surely she would have let that influence his standing in the race for her heart.

So, yeah, it was a sad ending for Ali-Frank. To think that a real-life relationship could top a TV affair between them (and like 20 other guys) is just crazy! Never saw it coming!

But, no, I did think they were kind of adorable together and really wanted him to get the final rose.

I think Ali did, too.

Yes, she might have insane physical chemistry with Roberto and be warming up to Chris quite quickly, but there was a spark between her and Frank that I didn’t see elsewhere.

Oh well.

Who knows if Frank’s relationship with Nicole will work out. If they are still together now, I can’t imagine that watching his despair over hurting/losing Ali will strengthen their bond.

Hopefully we’ll find out during next week’s THE BACHELORETTE: MEN TELL ALL special.

As you’ll see if you check out the links below, this season has brought us some of the most controversial contestants in the history of the show, so the MEN TELL ALL should be a wild ride.

Tell us, what did you think of the Frank reveal? Will you watch next week and what do you hope to see?

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3 Responses to “THE BACHELORETTE: WTF Moment of the Week: Frank Edition”

  1. Kath (GMMR) on July 20th, 2010 2:27 pm

    I need to watch this episode online. The first 30 min were cut here in Boston due to a storm happening 2 hours away. ARGH! Having known for weeks that Frank was reuniting with Nicole, it killed me that I didn’t get to see the footage.

    Roberto is hot as all sin, but I would scoop up Chris in a heartbeat. I know girls around here that are heading to the Cape just to look for that boy and his sweet family.

    Ali would have chosen Frank. I’m 100% convinced. I think she was keeping the other guys along because she had to.

    Can we please talk about how proud Ali’s parents must have been? If it weren’t for Frank leaving, last night’s episode would have seen her daughter shacking up with three different guys in the same week. I’m all for having fun, but what must have her dad been thinking?

  2. Elena on July 20th, 2010 3:31 pm

    It is the most awkward thing I have ever watched. Especially when they kiss — I couldn’t watched and kept saying “please don’t kiss, please don’t kiss” outloud, alone. Yeah okay, you love someone else, but please don’t flaunt how happy you are on my tv bc I’m on Team Ali … sorry.

  3. Summer on July 20th, 2010 5:58 pm

    Frank kind of skeeved me out the entire time he has been on the show. Something about him is just “off”. Good luck to him and Nicole – I think they are gonna need it.