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And Your Next President Is… (The West Wing Spoilers)

April 9, 2006 by  

In late breaking news, I am happy to announce that the next president of our fictional world is…MacKenzie Allen, oh no sorry….I meant to say David Palmer, oh that’s not right either.  Ah, I remember…your next President is Matthew Santos!!  In a close race, Matthew Santos, a Democrat from Texas beat Arnold Vinick (R-California) by only 6 electoral votes.  On a sad note, Vice President elect Leo McGarry died earlier tonight, just hours before the election results were annouced. 

Le McGarry will be laid to rest next Sunday. In addition to his close family and friends, Mr. McGarry will be honored in a memorial service by President Josiah Bartlett and his wife, Dr. Abby Bartlett, President-elect Matthew Santos and his wife Helen, California Congressman Sam Seaborn, and Chief of Staff CJ Cregg.


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