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It’s Here!!! Veronica Mars Season Finale TONIGHT

May 9, 2006 by  


It’s what we Veronica Mars fans have been waiting for (and dreading) all year. We’ve been waiting for the answers to our year long question…who blew up the bus full of Neptune High students. We’ve been dreading a summer with no new episodes. But, if tonight’s season finale is anywhere as good as last year’s, then at least we can expect some mighty fine television tonight.

I’ve spent time this morning reading some quality reviews of tonight’s finale. Kristin Veitch from E! online was gushing about it yesterday in her weekly chat, and said that she has watched in three times already. Actually, I’ve read at least 10 reviews, and the general consensus is that tonight’s finale is going to be incredibly exciting and heartfelt. I can’t wait!!! I took the day off from work in anticipation of the finale. Ok, maybe I didn’t take the day off for Veronica Mars per say, but I did take a vacation day, so I’ve had plenty of time to read all the “critics” takes regarding tonight’s show.

The always fabulous Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune had this to say…

Logan and Veronica“The episode came with a list as long as your arm of things that reviewers should not mention. So, here’s one thing that can be said: Kristin Bell and Jason Dohring, the star-crossed friends and sometime lovers at the heart of the show, are the two finest young actors working in television.

Dohring in particular has masterfully navigated a tricky part all year; his character, Logan Echolls, could easily be a bitter, one-note quipmeister. But in this episode, and especially in the recent episode “Look Who’s Stalking,” he showed an enormous range of emotions, from romantic yearning to confused regret, often without saying much of anything at all.”

And the Boston Globe’s Amy Amantgelo seemed to enjoy the finale as well….

When the culprit is revealed, he/she is absolutely astounding yet perfectly possible. The strong performances from Bell and this season’s baddie prevent their final showdown from turning into horror movie camp.

The hour is an emotional roller coaster, and Bell helps navigate viewers through the tricky landscape. A series such as “Veronica Mars” doesn’t work unless we believe in the scrappy title character battling the forces of evil. And you can’t help but believe in Bell, who easily moves between the flippant and the grave moments.

As much as it pains me to write it, I do have to remind everyone that despite all the glowing reviews, and critical acclaim Veronica Mars has recevied from Day One, The CW has yet to announce that the show has been picked up for a third season. Will Veronica Mars make the cut and be on the new CW schedule in the fall? We are supposed to find out this week. My gut is telling me all systems are a go. But my gut has to say that…I’m not emotionally prepared to handle it if tonight’s episode turns out to be the last Veronica Mars episode ever. Ugh, I need a drink.

Check back later in the day for more Veronica Mars goodies….I’ve got some good stuff to share.


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  1. Carli on May 9th, 2006 12:47 pm

    I’m so excited! And I’m 99% sure it’s not gonna be pre-empted for me this week, so yay for that!