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Benji & Cousin Heidi Tear it Up

July 7, 2006 by  

To continue with our So You Think You Can Dance lovefest, you must, must, must check out this video of Benji “I’m no relation to David” Schwimmer, and “Cousin” Heidi Groskreutz as they kickass and take names during the US National Swing Championships.

These are two current contestants, who just happen to be real life cousins who perform together dance together in competition. Even if you don’t want SYTYCD, you should check out the video anyway, because these are some seriously talented people.

[gv data=”j-QgnkARnTQ”][/gv]

I only have three quick comments…

One – they both need to wipe those stupid permagrins off their faces. It works for swing, but both continue to bring that cheese into their dances on the show and it drives me crazy.

Two – I am seriously concerned about these two ending up as partners on the show. Cousins shouldn’t touch that much, well unless of course they’re from the dirrty South.

Three – These two must be SO freakin’ annoying at family weddings. You know they find their way into the group circle whenever they can. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took over the floor during the bride & groom’s first dance togehter.

Click here to watch Benji and Cousin Heidi’s 2005 1st place finish at the US Open.

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One Response to “Benji & Cousin Heidi Tear it Up”

  1. samsmom on July 7th, 2006 4:51 pm

    Benji is my favorite. Though the show is much worse than last season, I still find myself drawn to it.