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Weekend Watchlist & Other Random Thoughts

October 13, 2006 by  

Heche_anne Men in TreesThe Caribou in the Room
Annie won’t let Patrick spend the night with her—because she snores. And Marin and Jack test their “friendship” during a trip to Anchorage, where his health, his past and his brother (Ed Kerr) complicate things.

Lb0930_dexter_093006_ir27ht2 DexterThe Popping Cherry
“The Ice Truck Killer” strikes again and new homicide officer Debra is assigned the case, but she gets reprimanded for violating the chain of command; flashbacks offer insight into Dexter’s homicidal tendencies.

Wanda_sykes Wanda Sykes: Sick & Tired
The comedian’s routine in Seattle includes riffs on American Idol, the Bush administration, gay marriage, crime, the war in Iraq and aging. Taped at the Moore Theatre in April 2006.


Catching up with GMMR…
So much TV and so little time.  You know Thursday is my favorite night for TV, but I fell a little behind last night.  Yesterday one of my very best friends turned the big 3-0, so we kicked off the weekend celebration at the Boston College football game.  We actually made it a whole 5 minutes int the stadium befor ditching the guys for some boozing on the roof deck.  Good times.


I did manage to catch The Office and Grey’s Anatomy, although a re-watch wil be required (now that I’m sober).  The Office was pretty damn funny last night.  The scene with them sharing their stories of personal grief had me crying.  Pam and Ryan were hysterical – I half expected Ryan to break out into song “Oh I just can’t WAIT to be King”. That was a classic!!  And Pam singing along with Dwight’s recorder.  Oh my God….I was crying (tears for the dead bird of course).  And you know how I love me some Creed.  Have you noticed how the writers are using him more and more?  Kudos to them. 

On the Jam front.  I do feel like I’m being a little cheated.  We got so invested in Jim and Pam’s relationship last year and now we have nothing…nada.  I’m not completely opposed to the idea of Jim and Karen, but I thought their scenes were a bit boring last night.  And I know these eps were aired out of order, but Karen’s affections towards Jim seem a little uneven.  The first episode she was mocking him.  The 2nd time we saw her she was practically drooling over him, and last night she seemed annoyed, indifferent, smitten…it was kind of all over the place.  I have a feeling this episode was shot before ‘The Coup’.  I’ll see if I can find out today. But all JAM stuff aside, I’m still missing Jim in Scranton. 


Stoned Meredith could be my new best friend.  I loved how she was laying it on the line with everyone.  Was anyone else really nervous that she was going to spill to Bailey that she banged George?!  That would have been tough.  But I really loved the heart-to-stoned heart she had with Addison. I figured Addie didn’t hate Meredith as much as she wanted to. 

One full episode in and McSteamy is causing all kinds of chaos.  Addison is all a flutter.  He’s already on Dr. Bailey’s bad side (and dude, you SO don’t want to be there if you can help it), and now he’s sexing it up with Callie.  I thought she and George were going to last for awhile.  I totally get why Callie was pissed, but I’m glad that George went home to be with Izzie.  I kind of wish those two would get it on, but then again, at the same time, I like them being BFFs….you know what I mean?

And Izzie….seriously, Katherine Heigl is acting circles around anyone else on TV right now.  Since Denny’s death she has been raw in her portrayal of the grieving Izzie.  I haven’t felt one false moment – she’s been amazing.  And, um, $8.7M?!  That’s a crazy amount of money.  Do you think she’ll take it?  I hope so…the kids could have some serious fun with that bank laying around.  Maybe Izzie will use the money to connect with some long lost family memeber….hmm.  All in all, another great episode.

Oh damn, I almost forget about the McDreamy/Mer/McVet non-triangle.  I was a little confused as to what went down (it could have been the booze…sorry).  So did Derek realize that he didn’t love Meredith and that’s why he walked away?  Or does he love her and he’s giving her up for the greater good?  Someone please fill me in.  And after all that, she still chose McDreamy?!  I feel like it’s a bit like that parable.  It was something about two people fighting over someone else, and the one that walked away first, to spare everyone else the pain, was the one deemed worthy in the end.  Yeah, I’m not making much sense but someone out there knows what I mean.  Anyway, I’m intrigued to see where this one is going, and to be honest, Meredith’s love life is usually the least intriguing part of Grey’s Anatomy…at least for me.

So that’s that.  I missed talking about the shows last night with you all.  So comment away!!  What did you guys think about The Office, Grey’s Anatomy or any of the other shows that were on last night?


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11 Responses to “Weekend Watchlist & Other Random Thoughts”

  1. Jo on October 13th, 2006 10:36 am

    and BSG! Tonight on Sci Fi 9/8c

  2. Jim Mosby on October 13th, 2006 11:13 am

    Last night’s episode of The Office was great. I have not had a chance to rewatch it yet though 🙁

    (GMMR chat without GMMR is like Scranton w/o Jim Halpert hehe – but, Ddk did a great job of modding!)

    Anyways, my detailed thoughts on last night’s episode belongs over in the forums, so, i’ll restrain myself here for lunchtime when I can more adequately write.

  3. LinzMcC on October 13th, 2006 11:22 am

    The Office was great and, I agree, I feel something lacking just because I want Jim to be in Scranton. The Jim/Pam thing (even without a love relationship) is one of the most entertaining parts of the show. Of course, Pam was really sweet last night in order to let Michael know he won’t die alone. It was really sad.

    After a discussion with Webber, McDreamy realized Fin was a better man for Meredith and chose to step back so she could be with someone that wouldn’t hurt her again. But of course doing that made him the one she wanted (which we all knew all along, right?). You are right about the parable. It is from the Bible about two women physically fighting over a baby (tugging each arm) and the one that lets go is the one that truly loves the child because she didn’t want to hurt him in the fight. Excellent parallel GMMR, especially if you weren’t sober… 🙂

  4. Clare on October 13th, 2006 12:29 pm

    Hey All !!
    Awesome episode last night!!! I laughed out loud for the first time this season. I think my bruises from the season premiere bitch slapping are starting to heal. The movie plot stories about loved ones who’d passed were great! But most importantly, Pam was FANTASTIC !! Her eulogy was spot on and the duet with Dwight almost made me pee my pants. When she asked Dwight if he had his recorder I thought “Oh Please God let him have a recorder”, waaay too funny!!!
    I know we are all dying to see our Jim and Pam back together but I think that episode was great for them both. Pam was back and on fire and I loved it!! Jim seemed back to form too, he kinda reminded me of Office Olympics Jim, I didn’t even find him that flirty, just Jim. Some people have been commenting that Karen is more exciting, more spark than Pam, better for Jim yada yada, No Way!! Not even close! The Karen/Jim thing almost put me to sleep last night and I’m thinking/hoping that was the point, she won’t hold a candle to our Pammy when Jim returns. I was a little nervous last week, he’s trying to recreate a little Jam thing over there but to me, it fell flat. When I saw how much fun he was missing in Scranton while he was calling around for chips…. please. I think they may have used potato chips intentionally to set up the comparison (or lack there of) to Pam (the Fight). Fear not GMMR!! They’re gonna heal and get their respetive grooves back on and when the meet up it’s gonna be Top Shelf!! A weight has been lifted in a huge way and I have faith once again! I do like Karen though, hope she can work in somehow, maybe a good friend for Pam.
    God I hope I don’t have to eat these words later… then, well sadly I’ll need to be committed.
    Peace Out!

  5. carly on October 13th, 2006 4:18 pm

    The lack of Jim/Pam interaction is reminding me of the episodes of Gilmore Girls when Lorelai and Rory weren’t talking (and I really hated that). I know that Jim will be back eventually but I’m getting antsy.

    Meredith and Derek make me crazy! I’m really tired of watching Derek sniff Meredith’s hair in the elevator. Either be together or don’t. I’m so annoyed that he “walked away” from the situation. Addison had just told him too not to hurt her and that’s exactly what he did. Grrr…

  6. Duh on October 13th, 2006 4:22 pm

    Carly – thats why he walked away from her, because he was scared that he was going to do it again and he felt that Finn hadnt and wouldnt.

  7. duckyxdale on October 13th, 2006 4:42 pm

    This is to the Office folk out there, it’s been four episodes folks! Four is not really a long time for Jim and Pam to not be together. I get that you want them to interact and that you want them to get together but really its been a short period of time. Simmadownnow!

    As for Jim/Karen I think that their flirtation is effortless and if they are being played out of sequence, i didnt notice a difference in her attitude towards him. I think it’s a fresh and lively relationship that they’re forming (friends or otherwise). Jim trying to find the chips for her was so classic Jim that I didn’t care who was the recipient…

  8. Kimber on October 13th, 2006 5:23 pm

    The Izzie storyline is just too corny for me. The Dad has concerns about handing the money over yet after a crying jag, he’s okay with it? Give me a break!

    Maybe I missed something but did Meredith’s mom die? ‘Cause if she didn’t and my mom was suffering and I was a doctor, I think that would take precedent over any sort of bed hopping.

    Love McSteamy. Give me a good ol’ alpha bad boy anytime!

  9. Kris on October 13th, 2006 8:19 pm

    Clare – great response to the episode! After last night’s episode i have renewed faith in Pam. She is so strong on her own and she is creating her own identity w/o Jim, or anyone for that matter. True, i’m a jam shipper, but i like this alone time b/c Pam is becoming independent. The Pam i saw last night at the funeral was brilliant!!! She makes me love her 10x more than Karen (though i do like Karen), and she also makes it appearant why Jim loved her. Anybody who says that Karen has more spark than Pam must not have seen the Pam last night! Karen doesn’t hold a flame to the new and improved Pam and i can’t wait for Jim to see her!!

    I do like Karen, and if Jim starts a relationship w/ her, fine. I think they’re cute. But Pam is still number one for me. She proved it last night. Comparing performances: Pam was a 10, Karen….kind of just bleh. The Karen/Jim storyline was cute, but slightly boring.

  10. Jennings on October 14th, 2006 10:18 am

    I think that Jim and Karen will definitely have a romance, which I don’t have any problems with, since we all know Jim and Pam are meant for each other. But then, with the merger, (come on people, we all know it’s coming), Jim AND Karen have to go to Scranton, along with probably Andy and some others, Jim and Pam will have major problems trying to work in the same place, and ALL of our questions will finally be answered. I can’t wait, so this whole Jim and Karen thing is okay for now, just as long as it doesn’t last, but Jim needs to be happy, and the glimmer in his eye returned last week, and it was so nice to see, even if it didn’t have to do with Pam.

  11. TheNextKristin on October 16th, 2006 11:56 am

    “Was anyone else really nervous that she was going to spill to Bailey that she banged George?!”

    Classic GMMR.

    I’m hoping that Jim isn’t jumping right onto Karen (and I do kind of mean that as a euphemism) because even though she seems like a sweetie, the time is almost right for him and Pam and he can’t blow it.