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Battlestar Galactica Recap: “The Eye of Jupiter”

December 17, 2006 by  

Title: “The Eye of Jupiter”
Original Airdate: 12/15/06

Previously, Lee Adama loves Kara Thrace. But Kara married Sam. They beat the snot out of each other in love. Roslin conspired with Cottle to hide baby Hera. But Baltar found Hera and gave her to D’anna. They found a food source on the algae planet.

Algae planet. Chief Tyrol leads the crew in gathering algae. Everyone’s extremely dirty and sweaty. Gross for them, great for us. A raptor comes buzzing in. Dualla gives Apollo the big “i know your cheatin’ heart” look as he leaves to greet Starbuck. They make out a little. Somehow I’m very happy and very sad for them all at once. Apollo wants her to divorce Sam. Kara refuses to break her marriage vows. Lee reminds her that every time they are together, that’s breaking it. Kara won’t divorce and Lee won’t cheat anymore so once again they are stuck.

Baseship. Hera’s screaming makes the Cylons reconsider their means of reproduction. Baltar tries to help Boomer with the baby. On the planet, the Chief’s spidey sense leads him on a stroll up the mountain where he finds the a big ol’ temple left behind by the 13th colony.

41,402. Don’t forget! Battlestar Galactica changes nights! Sundays, January 21 at 10/9c.

The Chief informs Roslin about the Temple of Five. It’s marker on the path to Earth. Before they can toast success, four baseships jump into orbit. The civilian ships jump away. The baseships didn’t come to play. Over the radio comes the voice of Gaius Baltar. Tigh leads a marine escort with D’anna, Boomer, Cavil and Baltar. Figment Six reminds Baltar that Galactica will never be his home. Athena greets the group. Sharon gives Sharon death looks. Tigh refuses to let Boomer near Adama again.

Baltar tries to make nice with Roslin but Adama’s death glares sends him running behind the Cylons. The Cylons want the Eye of Jupiter. D’anna offers to let the fleet go if they get the Eye from Adama. “And we’ll throw in Baltar,” Cavil adds. Hee. In the hall, Boomer tells Athena that Hera is still alive. Adama doesn’t like the terms. If the Cylons so much as sneeze in the direction of the planet, he’s going to nuke it. Because they couldn’t share either Caprican planets, they certainly won’t share Earth.

Adama gives Apollo the orders to defend the temple and worst case scenario blow it up. Their chat is ended by the Cylons jamming the signal. Starbuck and Apollo don’t have enough soldiers to complete their mission. She suggests using Anders to lead the civilians. Apollo barks out orders. Anders doesn’t want to die for something they haven’t even found yet. Starbuck has to step in between them before they come to blows. She’s seen how badly he got beat by Helo. I love me some Apollo but Anders would rip his head off.

The Chief tells Cally about how he used to rebel against his father the priest. His dad would have loved to see the temple he’s about to destroy. Gaeta informs Adama and Roslin that the nearby star is on the verge of going supernova. On the baseship, the Cylons discuss a way around the standoff with Galactica. Cavil wants to wipe out humanity now and find Earth later. D’anna’s one step ahead and has sent Centurions to the planet.

Anders rallies the new troops. He makes just as good of a leader as, if not better than Apollo. Anders takes a dig at Apollo’s vow to the Colonial Fleet. Apparently what happens on Algae Planet gets around the solar system pretty fast. Anders just wants off the rock.

On the baseship, the Cylons are having trouble sharing their only Baltar. He and D’anna leave Caprica Six to head to the planet.

Planet. Dualla gives the orders to the crew, including a snippy Starbuck. Their mission is to reestablish communications. I have a new found respect for Dualla. She’s a cool cucumber in light of everything she knows and isn’t supposed to know. Starbuck flies ahead in the raptor but gets shot down by the Centurions.

Adama confronts Roslin about those pesky Hera rumors. Roslin ‘fesses up and he leaves in a huff. Aw, even their fights are cute. Helo and Athena are reasonably ticked and want to see their kid.

Anders can’t believe that Apollo isn’t going to rescue Kara. Anders doesn’t care about the mission anymore and only wants to find his iwfe. Adama is the only one who isn’t bluffing about the nukes. He authorizes the weapons to be readied for launch. To be continued in 2007. See you in Season 3.5.

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