Watchlist: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 - Give Me My Remote : Give Me My Remote

Watchlist: Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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Roblowehas039aperfectday039ontnt2_1A Perfect Day
Rob Lowe plays pensive and smary in a new holiday drama about a first-time novelist who’s swayed to the dark side of fame and fortune. That is, until a mysterious stranger reminds him of the important things in life. (Read TV with MeeVee’s exclusive interview with Rob Lowe)
111111Sweet Tooth
Ever wonder how they make Peeps, Twinkies and Red Vines? You’ll find out during this special that takes you behind the scenes of candy factories that produce iconic American sweets.

200pxfcclogoFox Television v. FCC: Second Circuit Court of Appeals Oral Argument
Fox takes on the FCC in oral arguments as the case concerning indecency standards and proper punishment comes before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

WOW…there is really NOTHING good on TV tonight.  Tonight begins my Christmas vacation, so maybe I will actually go out since there isn’t TV worth watching.  That sounded really pathetic.

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3 Responses to “Watchlist: Wednesday, December 20, 2006”

  1. Abby on December 20th, 2006 8:17 am

    I wonder what Rob Lowe thinks of the recap of “The Christmas Shoes” on TWoP…

  2. HealthcareHottie on December 20th, 2006 12:22 pm

    You can always make it a Blockbuster night. 🙂

  3. TheNextKristin on December 20th, 2006 8:58 pm

    Well, it’s not like there’s a Day Break for me to look forward to… I should have my butt parked in front of ABC right now looking at Taye Diggs but a week after a fantastic episode, the network decided to pull the show. Smart move.