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THE OFFICE Redux: Money

October 18, 2007 by  

The Office: Money

WARNING! I am about to wax poetic about tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE (well I’m not really sure if I’m going to wax poetic because I’m not entirely sure if I know what that phrase means, but it sounded good right?). I’m not sure anyone but die hard Office fans will understand what I’m trying to say here, and then again die hards might think I’m talking a lot of nonsense. But it’s almost 3am and I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep and I feel like being dramatic and waxing poetically and talking nonsense. So yeah…

Earlier today I had a really fantastic conversation with someone during which we talked about how when you watch a really great TV show week after week you can’t help but become invested in it. Sure there is a certain expectation of what the show will deliver from the storylines, plots, etc, but with your favorite shows you come to care more about the characters than the circumstances they find themselves in. I watch a lot of TV but that’s not to say that I’m equally invested in all of them. And I can’t say I’m invested in a show more than I am with THE OFFICE.

I didn’t find tonight’s episode particularly funny. I’m not saying there weren’t funny parts because of course there were, and we will get to those, but while I was watching I didn’t find myself laughing out loud as much as I normally do. I actually was a bit bewildered and thrown off guard by the darker tone – a tone I wasn’t used to on this show. My lack of laughter directly affected my overall opinion of the episode, and so when the show ended at 10pm all I could think of was how bummed out I was. See I look forward to The Office all week, so to be left feeling underwhelmed, well it kind of sucked.

I was actually all prepared to come here and just go on and one about how horrible tonight’s show was. But then I went back and did what I always do with every episode of THE OFFICE…I watched it again. Actually I’ve watched it almost three times since the show ended and you know what? I didn’t find it any funnier than the first time I watched it. But (oh yes there’s a but) after the subsequent viewings, I can definitely say that although it wasn’t one of my favorites,I really, truly enjoyed the episode.

Now I know that some of you may think I’m pandering to my favorite show. I’m not. I think at the end of the day The Office should be funny. I watch the show for the comedy. Not to say that the more dramatic elements of the show aren’t an important part of my love for The Office because they are, but they aren’t the reason I watch. Tonight the laughter, on the whole, wasn’t there, at least for me personally, but I’ve come around and I’m oddly ok with that. In “Money”we got a smart and genuine look at the darker side of the lives of some of the people at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. See for the past 3+ seasons I’ve come to embrace Dunder Mifflin and all of the crazies working there. They’ve made me laugh like no other show has ever made me laugh. But what I’ve realized tonight is that there is no way I could really laugh week in and week out if I didn’t care about the characters. A show like The Office doesn’t have laugh tracks or punchlines so the comedy comes from the actions and reactions of the characters. If you don’t know the characters even the funniest of episodes won’t have the same impact.

Tonight’s episode showed me what a strong connection I had with the characters and just how deeply invested I am in them, because I found myself really caring about what they were going through. I felt bad for Michael having to take on a second job because I know enough about Michael to know that that was a tough thing for him to do, and even tougher for him to fail at. I liked being there to see how Jim and Pam’s relationship is strengthening over time – we’ve been on the journey with them for so long it’s nice to be able to enjoy the spoils. It was touching to see that at the end of the day, despite outward appearances, there is a certain level of affection and respect between Jim and Dwight. For Jim to open up to Dwight and share the pain he went through with Pam, knowing in the back of his mind he was risking Dwight using that against him, showed just how important it was to Jim that Dwight not feel like he was alone. And going back and reliving those feelings made Jim appreciate what he has now and just how in love he is…with Italian food. And don’t tell me you weren’t touched when Dwight picked up the phone and started to make a sale while pushing Jim’s stuff off his desk, just as he did in the first episode of the series? That was Dwight’s way of saying thank you in his own bizarre way. And I even found Jan and Michael’s heart to heart touching (although I’m not a fan of that union)

Did any of those scenes really make me laugh? Not really, but what they did was bring me closer to these characters that I care about. And because I care about these characters the episode really hit home. Does that make any sense to you other Office fans? (Because believe me it probably won’t to many others).

Ok, so now that I’ve become completely overdramatic talking about my favorite comedy, let’s flip the switch and talk about some of tonight’s funniest moments. Because there is no way I’m going to deny that there weren’t some fantastic scenes:

  • The ‘Devil Wears Prada’ cold open? “Get me Armani” “STEAK..where’s my steak?!”. “He’s watching ‘Million Dollar Baby’…he’s going to kill me! Dawesome!!
  • Dwight returning all (well almost all) of Angela’s belongings? Including her sleep apnea machine? Those two were tailor made for each other.
  • The Beets Motel. The Embassy Beets. The Radishon Inn. – Where does she get these from?
  • Cousin Mose. Enough said.
  • The Irrigation Room
  • Jim and Pam snuggling listening to Dwight read from Harry Potter (ok not funny as much as it just made my heart melt)
  • Power POINT. Power POINT. Power POINT.
  • DB!Ryan letting his emotions get the best of him when he saw Kelly kiss Darryl in the conference room. I love how he stood on his tip toes to almost get in Darryl’s face but backed down when Darryl made eye contact.
  • Darryl putting Kelly in her place. It’s about damn time. That girl has gots to access her uncrazy side.
  • John Krasinski in his pajamas – again not a funny scene as much as it was like one of my dreams coming to life…right there on NBC. Sigh. Just when I thought I was starting to move on and get over him, he has to be all kinds of adorable in his jammies. Damn you Krasinski or Halpert or Krasinski!!!
  • One of the best conference room scenes…EVER!! Whomever disagrees is wrong…or is it whoever? “No one asked you anything, ever. So whomever’s name is Toby why don’t you take a letter opener and stick it in your skull.”
  • “Now that I think about it, Angela and Andy might actually make a good couple. But I couldn’t do that to Dwight…or Angela…or Andy”
  • Andy’s power stance at Pam’s desk.
  • “Please don’t sell your implants”

….others (share and share alike)

So yeah, I know many of you are head over heels for this episode and think it’s one of the best. You and I aren’t on the same page on that one. But I’m glad that I was able to go back and watch the episode from a different perspective and appreciate it for what it was – a good solid hour (ok 40 minutes) with my favorite characters on TV.

Oh, and I’m sooooo ready to go back to some really tight half hour eps next week. And yes, you can throw that back in my face at 9:27pm next week when I’m bitching that the show went by too fast.

(What do you want to bet that this post is not only rotten with typos but also makes no sense at all…I’m falling asleep on my keyboard as I type.)


74 Responses to “THE OFFICE Redux: Money”

  1. distracted on October 18th, 2007 11:39 pm

    I with you–i’m not really sure yet what I thought about tonight’s episode. Jam was awesome throughout, but the episode was so sad. I didn’t think it was a bad episode, but it’s not the kind of episode I expect to see when watching the office. The ending though made up for it, I think.

    Other than the Jam, my favorite part was Kelly and Darryl. “He says what he’s thinking. Who plays those kind of games?”

  2. Shari on October 18th, 2007 11:42 pm

    Tonight’s Office was fantastic – in my opinion. I didn’tthink it was nearly as sad as everyone thinks, but I definitely need to watch it again. I love Darryl and Kelly though, and Garbage… *sigh* And that shot of Michael & Jan’s feet was beautiful. All in all, I am grateful the show will be going back to it’s regular 30 minutes.

  3. sabrina on October 18th, 2007 11:51 pm

    Personally, I adored this episode. The scene with Jim and Dwight made me cry. It was soo good. The acting was amazing, so was the writing and directing. I don’t care what anyone else says, this episode was very good.

  4. Psappy on October 18th, 2007 11:51 pm

    Hey there! Sorry I wasn’t at the chat. 🙁 I adored the episode because it felt real. It was the first time in a long time where there was no gimmick (ok, maybe the beet farm) but rather the real struggles that hit all of us and how each of us deal with it. Michael’s storyline was heartbreaking but true. In a way it explains his desperation from the last couple of episodes. He hasn’t been sleeping, he’s worried, he’s overreacting, why? Because he works until 1:00am at another job to pay his mounting bills. When he took the bus to the other job I felt like I was watching the Halloween episode again and seeing such a heart wrenching side of him. The side that is in touch with reality and is trying the best he can to live his life.

    As for Dwim, I actually teared up in that scene but they were welcome tears. We FINALLY hear from Jim himself about the struggle and anguish he felt for 3 years. And I loved that he admitted that transferring was so awful for him. It makes the idea that he finally got the girl so much more satisfying. That kiss was a hugh sigh of relief, more so than CN, at least IMO. I found it ironic yet beautiful that he consoled a tearful Dwight with tales about his Pam despair in the same fashion that Dwight consoled a tearful Pam who was in Jim despair.

    So yes, while it wasn’t guffaw funny, it was poignant, sometimes bittersweet, sometimes just plain sweet, but always amazing. Just like some of the best episodes of season 2 were.

  5. mwhip on October 18th, 2007 11:54 pm
  6. Band Geek on October 19th, 2007 12:00 am

    I,personally loved this episode, especially the “drama”

    it felt more real to life…. real life is not made up of constant one liners and instant catchphrases, there is a certain dramatic element to every day, which sounds morbid, but its the truth

  7. Andrea on October 19th, 2007 12:06 am

    This was one of the most surreal episodes I’ve ever seen. It was dark, depressing and disjointed (alliteration!). That said, it was one of the most satisfying episodes I have ever seen. I don’t like to speak in hyperbole, but I really feel that way. Paul L. is quite the artist as a writer/director, I think!

    Not to say there were not some hilarious moments – Andy comes to mind immediately, although I’ve lost all sympathies I had for him from last week. (“Use the smart part of your brain!”) I enjoyed Darryl and Kelly’s exchanges very much. I had a feeling Darryl wasn’t going to put up with her insanity. And of course the idea that the telemarketers thought Michael was so cool! Oh, and Creed? “Monopoly’s crazy, man!” All great stuff.

  8. Sam on October 19th, 2007 12:07 am

    Seriously? You aren’t sure about tonight’s episode?

    Like you, I haven’t been completely satisfied over the last few weeks, but I found tonight’s episode to be basically perfect.

    “Money” was the best episode since Casino Night. It tops anything from the third season and even a fair portion of the second season.

    I say this very surprised because I haven’t been a fan of Lieberstein’s episodes, but he knocked this one out of the park.

    Every moment was enjoyable. Nothing went over the top. Michael faced a realistic, relatable, and hilarious situation.

    The JAM balance was perfect. Jim’s final scene with Dwight was amazing as was Jan’s heart to heart with Michael. Jim and Jan really came clean tonight, finally putting into words some things that have so far, only been implied. Jim did this a bit in The Convention last year, but only now did he really come clean about how he suffered. Also, we finally have Jan explaining to us and to herself why she’s with Michael. We knew he was a good guy but it was so great to hear it from her.

    Plus, that “who-whom” sequence was the best ensemble piece the show has ever done. Period.

  9. Matt R on October 19th, 2007 12:11 am

    I can see why people will be conflicted about this episode. It was funny in places but it wasn’t trying to do a joke every second. It was much more concerned with what was on the characters minds than them being constantly funny.

    I will say that at times during the first half of the ep I was thinking “the beet farm could have been funnier” and “what are they trying to do here?”. Yet by the time it ended I really liked how it came together because this “comedy” can still pull my heart strings better than any of the so called “dramas” on TV. I think Paul did a great job setting up the emtional moments in the second half with the first half of the ep. Michael’s second job, Dwight’s grief, and Jim/Pam’s conflict between mocking and sympathy when it came to Dwight.

    This ep provided what I think will be some Iconic imagery in the history of the show. The scene of Dwight reading the “bedtime story” to a Jim and Pam huddled together in their PJs with Mose curled up scared by the story. And the shot of Michael and Jan’s feet swinging off the train cart while they talked. Both images just stick with you.

    Of course I can’t help but mention Jim’s talk with Dwight in the stairwell. I don’t think there is a person who can’t indentify with both of them at that moment. I tip my cap to JK because he could not have played those lines better. And then this leading to Jim just walking in and kissing Pam. I don’t know if it is possible for me to love fictional characters more than Jim, Pam and Dwight in the last 10 minutes of this episode.

    The episode won’t go down as the funniest episode in the history of the show. But it will be one that I know I will watch far into the future.

  10. Damian on October 19th, 2007 12:12 am

    I thought it was a stand out episode. Absolutely amazing. I have tivo and I usually watch the episode again right after it’s first airing. Tonight I didn’t, and that is not a bad thing. I couldn’t watch it again right after because I was blown away and there was so much to digest. It was the first time that I watched an “Office” episode and thought that the vibe was pretty close to that of it predecessor, the British “Office. I say that because with the last few episodes of the BBC version, you feel so bad throughout the last few episodes for David Brent because he got fired, ended up with a worst job, everyone was giving him a hard time, he thought the doc would make him a celebrity and it didn’t. You also feel bad for Tim and Dawn before they actually hook up. I am glad to see that “The Office” can still provoke the emotions and get you so sucked in and caring for these characters. It also helped that they had fairly subtle humor instead of doing completely outrageous things. Overall 9/10 for me.

    P.S. How awesome is freaking Jim Halpert

  11. Drake on October 19th, 2007 12:18 am

    This episode definitely had a different tone then we are used to, but I think when looking at it as a whole it was wonderful.

    The first half was a bit disjointed for me, but I think that just came from not knowing where it was going. Once the second half finished I liked the first half a lot more.

    I think this episode did a fantastic job of showing us a bit of the darker side of the office. I started tearing up during Jim’s talk with Dwight, which is one of my all time favorite moments of this whole show, but when we got to Jan’s speech to Michael I was gone. Sometimes I’m just astonished by how much heart this show has, especially amongst all of the eye rolling and tediousness that comes with working at Dunder Mifflin. My heart soars with the eagle’s nest.

  12. THE OFFICE Redux: Money — All This Nonsense on October 19th, 2007 12:24 am

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  13. Karen on October 19th, 2007 12:30 am

    The hour long episodes are getting better! But I think that was the last one….I love that Jim and Pam are so concerned about Dwight. They’ve for sure been in his situation and Jim and Dwight’s talk was so poignant and the kiss….I had to rewind and watch it about two more times! The office is trying to be real, and real life isn’t always funny. This episode was really sweet and thoughtful.

  14. Kris on October 19th, 2007 12:30 am

    I LOVED the episode. I love the awkward, prodding dynamic that Jim and Dwight bring to table, and the kindness that Jam brings. I love that they, the only 2 in the office who are aware of Dwangela, sincerely care about how Dwight is coping. I kept recollecting Jim’s life 2 years ago throughout the episode. Pam feels bad, but Jim REALLY relates. My heart stopped when he actually talked about it. “The only thing that could make this better is a kiss.” And then that camera view of a man on a mission. And then, when he says, all twitterpated, “I’m in love with italian food”…if I had been standing it would have taken me to my knees!
    I thought Michael’s perfomance was exquisite, Kevin’s hurt feelings over his breakup with his band combined with the fact that NO ONE came superb, DB – love to hate him, Dwight was unbelievable relatable and Tuna… Tuna, Tuna, Tuna. I wish this was an actual documentary and my name was Pam Beesley.

  15. Annie on October 19th, 2007 12:44 am

    I loved everything about tonight. Darryl. Dwight. Jim. JOSHUA PATRICK BECKETT!

    Wow. What a glorious night!!!

  16. Sara on October 19th, 2007 1:01 am

    I really loved this episode. The comedy was there, of course. But the way they took on all of the heavier stuff was just fantastic! Every little tiny glimpse of Jim/Pam was so great. The writers are really playing their relationship out well. I love Jim/Pam as a couple even more than Jim/Pam wannabe couple. Dwight’s breakdown was so relatable, well, for Dwight. Rainn Wilson was fantastic-he made me feel bad for Dwight! Michael and Jan went from crazy town to normalness in about a four minute span. I like seeing Jan actually appreciating Michael for all he has done for her.

    This has been my favorite episode so far this season, with some of the moments ranking in my top of the series. I normally love the funny stuff, but my two favorite moments were the Jim and Dwight scene (I love when they show they actually care about each other-like the hug in Travelling Salesman), and of course the final Jim/Pam moment. He’s in love with Italian food. Awww.

    Oh-fun moment-The twin beds in the irrigation room were pushed together the morning after….

  17. Carolyn on October 19th, 2007 1:21 am

    I’ve never posted before, but I have just got to put in my two cents for whomever…whoever…anyone who want to read it. This episode was near to perfection–perhaps uneven in comedic balance (I spent the first 20 minutes wondering if I would have one really good laugh) but amazingly well done in that it captured the spirit and soul of many characters. And Paul, like many of the writers, is truly unafraid to give voice to what viewers are really wondering about (including the funny quip about the office staff imagining PB&J in bed), like how Jim felt while Pam was about to marry Roy. Truly written by someone who knows the characters sooo well. Exceptional episode!

  18. Dianne on October 19th, 2007 1:22 am

    I nearly came unglued during Jim’s talk with Dwight. I think my heart stopped for a bit there. Amazing. So touching. How GOOD to hear Jim talking about his agony to Dwight. They may “torture” each other, but this moment solidified their actual admiration for each other, and I won’t forget it!

    Also loved the bedtime story. How comforting to see Jim and Pam like that – it’s what I’ve been waiting for!

    And HAAAAAA on the “What century is this?” line! Go Pam!

  19. Philiana on October 19th, 2007 1:30 am

    This was one of the best episodes so far. Not necessarily because of the level of humor that we’re always expecting week in and week out but the situations the characters were in felt real and incredibly heartwarming. I didn’t feel that the episode was as sad as a lot of people thought because it still maintained that level of humor throughout the entire episode (i.e. Dwight “crying/moaning” and Jim looking at the camera after talking to him at night). This was the first time Jim was actually honest and truthful to Dwight and I saw him grow into the person that he wasn’t two to three seasons ago. It is refreshing to see that a show like this can still have the right dose of funny without forcing a “punchline.”

    Best moments of the episode: Jim and Pam moving the twin beds together, Jim’s talking head about “being in love with Italian food”.

    Looking forward to next week!

  20. Omeletville on October 19th, 2007 1:31 am

    I loved this episode for many of the reasons that have already been mentioned. I liked the raw emotion, that is true to life. This is supposed to be a documentary, and life is not always funny and absurd.

    One of my favorite aspects of the ep was the reminders we were given of were Jim/Pam and Michael/Jan have come from. Since the season started, it’s easy to forget why Jan would want to be with Michael and vice versa. With Jim, it was cool to have him relate his story to Dwight, and remind us of the struggle; the intensity of which can be easy to forget after season 3.

    He’s passionate about Italian food; in fact, he’s in love with Italian food.

  21. Damian on October 19th, 2007 1:35 am

    I also loved Michael’s line in the conference room whomever/whoever scene where Oscar says ” I am never sure how to use it” and Michael so cleverly and sly said “Not a native speaker” it was so quick paced and I loved how they threw that in

  22. carly jaye on October 19th, 2007 2:04 am

    i loved everything this episode chose to be. maybe i watched it through jam-tinted glasses & maybe, yes; maybe, the only thing better would be watching 1 full hour of jenna fischer or john krasinski or the best combination of both. it goes without saying i loved the jamminess but i really found myself loving so much more. i’ve been cracking up at the insanity that is jan, but in the end, it was so nice to see that she recognized her own insanity & is fully aware that the only one to stick with her through it all was michael. she needed him then & she knows he needs her now. so sweet. and so well done imo. oh yeah- she’s still crazy, so that can only get better. i know that dwight & angela & kelly & ryan & the rest of the gang had great moments tonight as well but i have to be honest- it was all about pb&jam for me tonight. i’m sorry but every little thing they were involved in made me happy. and mose running along with their car made me bust out laughing. oh yeah- and then their kiss at the end made me clap & cheer like i was at a super bowl game. wow

  23. CrazyGringa on October 19th, 2007 2:06 am

    I also loved this episode. It was darker than usual but Paul’s episodes usually are. There were some subtle jokes in there that I just loved. It was nice to go from some of the more in your face episodes to this one. Of course, I also loved the Jim/Dwight stairway scene and the resulting Jim/Pam kiss. I wept like a baby. I also found it touching that Jan recognized that Michael has put up with a lot of stuff from her and yet he still stuck by her side through her hardest times. Also, you’ve gotta love Mose running alongside the car.

  24. Courtney on October 19th, 2007 2:07 am

    This was an amazing episode. I can’t stop thinking about it, which is a sign of a really solid Office episode. I really related to a lot of the moments and I think with all the heavey drama, there was enough comedy to make it all balance. Plus, it was all handled beautifly.

  25. Matt on October 19th, 2007 2:08 am

    Easily the best episode of the year thus far. The main difference between this ep and the previous three is that they finally remembered the essence of Michael’s character. The previous three episodes have been ruined by Michael acting either unbearably stupid (which he’s not- at least not dumb enough to drive his car into a lake) or by trying to make him into David Brent (Run for the Rabid… this is also what ruined “Phyllis’s Wedding”).
    Michael is clueless but he’s also vunerable and human, and that’s what they remembered this time around. The telemarketing storyline was beautifully executed- especially because Michael was the “cool employee” there. People laughed at his jokes and asked him to come out after work. It was a reminder that Michael is a good person, he’s just woefully unqualified to be a regional manager.
    I won’t repeat what people have said up above, except to say JAM is brilliant and feels incredibly real.
    Thank God the brilliance of the Office is back!

  26. courtney on October 19th, 2007 2:56 am

    i looved this episode so i wont go rambling on about which piece i did loove and not like.. and loove.. but i will tell you one thing that cracked me up each time, and just thinking about it right now is making me crack up was MOSE! haha when he was running along side the car and when he was in the out house, oh lordie, teears were coming down my face.

  27. CrazyGringa on October 19th, 2007 3:38 am

    “And because I care about these characters, this episode hit really close to home. Does that make sense to you other Office fans?”

    I, in addition, feel the same thing as you :o) But seriously, we totally get it.

  28. BrokenBrain on October 19th, 2007 6:12 am

    Great way to put it. Excellent story telling and no forced laughs but, overall, not as funny as usual. Still loved it. Only watched it once so far.

  29. Meagan on October 19th, 2007 7:44 am

    “No one asked you anything, ever. So whomever’s name is Toby why don’t you take a letter opener and stick it in your skull.” was one of my favorites, but what about when Michael said (and I know I’m butchering this).
    Medical school is probably $40… or a donkey.

  30. kate on October 19th, 2007 8:06 am

    Best lines —

    “i get excited whenever I see that little guy walking in” darryl about ryan

    “these are completely useless” — michael on conference room powwows at his new job

    “Then you bring up the tool bar … that’s what she said.”

    this is my favorite episode, ever.

  31. Emily on October 19th, 2007 8:33 am

    I agree this episode wasn’t deep in the funny, but damn, those Jim/Pam scenes just melted my heart. Even 12 hours after I viewed it.
    Gah! I want my very own Halpert/Krasinski!

  32. MrsJBK on October 19th, 2007 8:35 am

    GMMR I don’t know how you did it but this was exactly what I was thinking. I didn’t think it was all that funny but on the whole I just really loved the episode. Thanks for putting it in a way I couldn’t.

  33. AmyK on October 19th, 2007 8:48 am

    I so agree with your overview. This episode has reminded me of why I’m so invested…it was smart, poignant, beautifully written and acted. While it wasn’t loaded with laughs, it had plenty of heart.

  34. Sarah P. on October 19th, 2007 8:48 am

    I really didn’t like last night’s episode when i first watched it either, but I watched it again too and really fell in love with it. The Office is more than a comedy and tonight proved that.

    For the haters? Why can Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives go dramatic and not be funny-funny all the time but The Office can’t.

    Great post GMMR. I really like reading your take on the episode.

  35. courtney on October 19th, 2007 9:03 am

    I looooooved tonight’s episode. And how could you not mention that kiss? Dear me … that kiss. Swoon.

  36. allison on October 19th, 2007 9:28 am

    I actually loved this episode. The office is one of my favorite shows because, yes, it’s hilarious, but it’s also very real and often very sad. There were many times in second season when I would laugh and cry in the same episode. This episode was like that. I thought there were some really hysterical moments (like the beet farm, that was great) but some of my favorite scenes were the ones that pulled at your heartstrings. For example hearing Jim talk about leaving Scranton made me want to bawl and Jan’s sticking by Michael was so sweet considering how horrible she can be.
    Also I love the Darryl-Kelly relationship and can’t wait to see where it goes.

  37. theEvilAngel on October 19th, 2007 9:31 am

    I totally agree with your take on this episode. I am a die-hard fan as well. And though I really enjoyed the touching moments in this epi, it wasn’t as funny as it usually is…

  38. Steve on October 19th, 2007 9:48 am

    “We’re completely wireless here at Schrute Farms. Now as soon as I can find where Mose hid the wires, we can get some electricity running in here.”

    My favourite line.

  39. Rae on October 19th, 2007 9:52 am

    Kath, just have to say that I feel exactly the same way about this episode. I haven’t had a chance to re-watch and I know I’ll appreciate it more when I do but just reading people’s thoughts on it and seeing a few things differently has already made it better, if not funnier.

  40. mg714 on October 19th, 2007 10:15 am

    Kath – I know you were conflicted about the episode so I’m glad you found some “peace” with it. 🙂 I really liked the episode, even though it wasn’t my favorite this season either and I did miss the laugh out loud moments the show usually had. (But yes there were some very funny scenes and lines, too). I like the episode mainly because I think it served a purpose in moving along a lot of the relationships among the characters. It was great to see a sweet side to Jan and know that she really has affection for Michael and she isn’t always so crazy. It was wonderful to see a glimpse of Jim not pulling pranks on Dwight but instead letting him know that there’s someone who understands what he’s feeling. It was good to see Darryl be honest with Kelly and surprise her and as much of a DB Ryan is, I kind of liked his little jealously at seeing Darryl and Kelly together. (I have a feeling things are not completely done between Ryan and Kelly.) And of course all things JAM in this episode were great.

    So overall, I think it was a good episode that served the characters well. As you said Kath, we are so invested in these characters so I think it’s kind of nice to see them be this real at times. I also agree that although I love as much of The Office as I can get, I think the half hour length will help tighten up the stories and will bring back more of the funny.

  41. Merrie on October 19th, 2007 10:25 am

    Steve posted the best line of the episode about Schrute Farms being wireless. This was my favorite episode so far this season, for all the reasons posted.

    I was reminded of Season 2’s Halloween episode, but that’s an episode I still have trouble watching because I feel so bad for Michael. I’ll be able to watch this episode again and again — and not just for the kiss! 🙂

  42. Mary on October 19th, 2007 11:15 am

    I had some really good laugh out loud moments during this episode. It was the first time that I was glad that an episode was an hour. Michael realizing that he did okay with money because he was sitting on a yacht. Mose running along side the car at the B&B, Jim and Pam leaving the review on Tripadvisor. I loved it when Michael looked at the camera, and said “These meetings are useless” when his boss called for a meeting. I loved the scene between Jim and Dwight. To me, it made the show that much more real to me. I loved how the writers made Jim……just really love Pam, and show how much he really still does. I was thinking about this. Why can’t Jim and Pam stay together? Why can’t they be happy? I think that the writers are doing an amazing job of making them a real couple, and not this over dramatized, over the top angsty couple. Just two people genuiely in love. I love it.

    And was that the cat that Dwight tried to give to Angela?

  43. Beth on October 19th, 2007 11:34 am

    Ok, so after another viewing of this dawesome episode I have found so many stinkin hilarious moments…oh my…

    *”esitimated time, 12 minutes. so this should take about 5-10 minutes.”
    *”ryan used me as an object.”
    *I don’t talk to my girlfriend about money. it’s rude and unsexual.”
    *I have moonwalked past accounting like 10 times…I can’t believe that hasn’t worked for you.”
    *Creed as William Charles Snyder
    *Michael as Lord Rupert Everton
    *Michael calling Stanley at home from his telemarketing job
    *Mose staring at Jim and Pam during the reading of Harry Potter
    *all of Michael’s ridiculous purchases we learn about- “best of the muppet show. classic.”
    *Dwight’s crying/moaning…he sounds like a whale!
    *”Michael, this is a presentation tool”…”you’re a presentation TOOL.”

    ok, i think i can stop now 🙂

  44. HealthcareHottie on October 19th, 2007 11:39 am

    Kath, that was a perfectly written recap. I could not have expressed my feelings toward this episode better in my own words. I’m glad you gave the ep another chance and came away with everything you did since you didn’t seem too happy about it during the chat last night (until the very end of course).

    Some of my favorite lines of the night that have not been mentioned were, “You’re going out there?”, “coward” and “OMG, What century is this?”. Mose in the outhouse had me ROTF. I also loved Mose’s Jurasic Park pajamas and the fact that he has nightmares (he probably dreams about Voldemort). Come to think of it, Mose pretty much made this episode funny for me. Mose mashing the beats and throwing the manuer were also highlights.

    The sounds that were coming from Dwight, while I was sad that he was in pain, were actually quite funny and in character. Kudos to Rainn Wilson if the mournful moaning actually emminated from him. There’s a peice of trivia I’d like to find out; did Rainn Wilson have to make the moaning sounds or was that some creative sound effects?

    I never would have put Daryl and Kelly together, but I loved how Daryl was able to put Kelly in her place and just stayed so calm around her. This may be just what Kelly needs to help key down her crazy personality (or maybe it’s just what Toby needs). I liked that Daryl stared Ryan down in the conference room and referred to him as a “little dude”. Daryl is so not intimidated by the boss.

    Michael’s character went through so much transition in just one episode, but they still kept him believable. I did like that Jan seems to be coming out of her funk due to Michael’s troubles and maybe we’ll see her stabilize and be a little nicer now. Another cute moment was when Jan threw her keys at Oscar and ran off leaving the car in the middle of the parking lot; Oscar just stood there with a stoic expression. The last scene showing them walking hand in hand and talking about Jan’s implants cracked me up, but still seemed sweet.

    Last but not least – the perfection that is JAM. It’s amazing to see how they’ve evolved into a mature and caring couple who, while quite wrapped up in each other, are still very much aware of the feelings of those around them. In the first 3 episodes they seemed to almost go back to the way they were in season 2, paling around like two close friends. But in this episode they seemed so much more comfortable as a couple and as being portrayed as a couple. Until now, Jim seemed unwilling to show affection for Pam in front of the camera. He only kissed her when he didn’t know he was being filmed (Casino Night & Fun Run). But he knew the camera was there while Dwight read the story in the farm house and he seemed so relaxed with her in his arms. He also came up and kissed her in full view of the camera after his touching speech to Dwight. He seems to be getting over his bashfulness (i.e. his face when Pam admitted they were dating) which, while adorable, has it’s time and place and I think I’m ready to see more of the Jim that freely expresses his feelings. Even though he couldn’t quite get over it completely and needed to use Italian food as an analogy for Pam. Don’t worry Halpert, you’ll get there.

  45. Andrea on October 19th, 2007 11:44 am

    I enjoyed Kelly’s silent yet hilarious, “Whatever, loser, you’re dead to me.” Wow – I think it made Darryl that much more interested. LOL!

  46. Mr Bill on October 19th, 2007 11:52 am

    I loved this episode. I too found myslef conscious of the fact that the laughs were not coming all fast and furious but I was also aware that, as each plot line developed I was growing more and more appreciateive of what I was seeing. They seemed to be reaching for a deeper level last night, particularly a more humanized view of not only Michael and Dwight, but of Jan, Kelly, Darryl and Oscar as well. And of Jim and Pam, what can I say…I know of no other show that bathes its characters in such heartfelt humanity…watching them just being them, two nice, decent and ultimatley caring people was just so satisfying.

  47. Jennie on October 19th, 2007 11:56 am

    I have to join the masses and say I loved the episode. I didn’t even really laugh the first half, but sat through with a smile on my face. The episode would be going along and then something funny would happen but it would be so subtle or happen so fast that a smirk would appear on my face then it was time to move on.

    I did get teary eyed watching Dwight crying in the stairwell. He was never sad….like that. He would always pick up and move on in the face of adversity! Him breaking down makes him human, and in turn makes me feel empathy for him. And Jim? High point of the episode for me was his speech and his kiss….that kiss! I can see why Pam had to cover up her face to hide that Chesire cat smile.

    All in all, I think I loved this episode because I have been missing my favorite drama filled shows, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. I like that characters that I wish were real are dealing with everything now. Funny, sad, ridiculous (by which I mean Kelly). This is definitely now my favorite show, not just my favorite comedy.

  48. JennyL on October 19th, 2007 12:00 pm

    Although I agree it was a darker episode, and left me feeling really sad for both Michael and Dwight…I still thought it was the best episode of the season!!

    It totally left me satisfied at the end…Jim opening up to Dwight, Mose running (!!), Jim and Pam snuggle AND kiss! Kelly and Darryl, funny Toby lines, Angella getting Garbage the cat – from Andy!! Michael throwing his coat at Pam, Michael “declaring” bankruptcy….too funny. I’m not enjoying the Michael and Jan storyline – but I am very much enjoying the other drama in the office, and the sweet simplicity of our JAM.

    Now that the last two episodes has been so good…I am VERY sad to see the end of the one hour episodes. I am also in love with Italian food, BTW. 🙂 🙂

  49. janet on October 19th, 2007 12:31 pm

    The one thing that JK always says what he loves about the show is how “real” it is. Not everything is slapstick and funny. So I think this episode was spot on in that respect. I agree with not being a fan of Michael/Jan, but I actually love Dwight a little bit more today. I don’t need to comment on Jim/Pam, because that was just “GOLD”. Well off to watch it again this morning!!!!

  50. Jaclyn on October 19th, 2007 12:52 pm

    I completely agree with you that this show made me realize how emotionally invested in these characters’ lives I am.

    One of my favorite parts, though, that was funny as well as saddening, was after Jim’s speech to Dwight about how awful it was when he left, and then Dwight goes to hug Jim, and Jim’s not there. I laughed out loud at that, then felt horrible for laughing out loud.

  51. ShruteBeets on October 19th, 2007 2:42 pm

    Oh my! This was just another highlight of my week. I mean, I have ZERO complaints about the episode.
    Well, actually, maybe one. Angela’s heels (when walking away from her and Dwight’s cars) well a little too much for her. Don’t you think?

    I will also say this…where is my Jim? (sigh)

  52. AH on October 19th, 2007 2:45 pm

    This episode wasn’t all that funny, but I loved it anyway. It’s more realistic when a comedy has some dark and sad moments. After rewatching the PB&J scene, I thought the look on Pam’s face just says that that was the most romantic gesture anyone has ever done for her. I fell in love with the show all over again.

  53. Lisa (aka lmr722) on October 19th, 2007 3:00 pm

    I loved your review, GMMR. This was not my favorite ep ever by a long stretch but I also recognize the great character development it gave us. The scene of Jim and Dwight in the stairwell is one of my top 5 even if the ep isn’t. I love the relationship between those two. As great as the stairwell scene was, as awesome as the casino night-like kiss was, the best moment was the look on Jim’s face when Dwight shoved his stuff off his desk, aw…. There’s all different kinds of love.

  54. dev on October 19th, 2007 3:43 pm

    I loved this episode so much that I was worried what I would do if a bunch of fellow fans didn’t like it. This show is the very best at showing the inherent drama/comedy of real life. Tonight was just perfect, and a good use of an hour episode.

    As my sister said as we were watching this episode, “These people are, like, people, you know?”

  55. Carly F on October 19th, 2007 3:56 pm

    I’m going to join the legions who adored this ep. I agree that the occasional darkness helps make the show more realistic, and it makes the funny parts that much funnier. I also think that this episode was touching and a bit sad the first time through, but upon multiple viewings, it just keeps getting funnier as well!! For example, I didn’t really notice it the first time through, but when I watched it again, I just about died when the camera crew interviewed Stanley over the phone about how the last thing he wants to hear when he is relaxing at home is Michael Scott’s voice on the telephone. Classic!!

  56. Carli on October 19th, 2007 4:43 pm

    Beth- thank you for mentioning my favorite line. I had to rewind it like 10 times 🙂

    “Ryan used me as an object.” LMAO Kelly has been my favorite part, so far, this season.

    And I love whenever Michael cracks himself up. I do that a lot, too.

    BTW, what happened at the very very end? Mine was cut off.

  57. bubblewrap on October 19th, 2007 6:13 pm

    I wasn’t too sure about this episode at first when I finished watching it. But the more I’ve thought about the episode- the more I love it. Like others have said- this episode just seemed so real. Yes- I love The Office for it’s hilarious moments- but I think I tend to forget sometimes that we are suppose to be watching ‘real’ people in their everyday lives. I think that’s why I relate to this episode so much- because it felt so real. I don’t think any other show could make me feel so close to the characters than this show. I was literally heartbroken for both Michael and Dwight last night- but mixed in were some hilarious moments (the cold open, Mose running alongside the car, the conference room scene etc.) I think I’m going to go watch the episode again now 😛

  58. Kris on October 19th, 2007 7:03 pm

    GMMR, you hit the nail right on the head w/ your post. When i watched it last night i had really lukewarm feelings about it. I kept thinking about how unfunny it was. However, after i really thought about it, i realized that this episode progressed a lot of the different storylines and relationships. Despite the lack of humor in this episode, it had a lot of real heartfelt moments. It was overall a very good episode. And i completely agree about the who/whom argument in the conference room: best scene of the episode! So hilarious! And of course, Dwight and Jim’s moment together really pulled on my heart strings. One word, two syllables: demarcation.

    Despite my changed feelings for this episode, i look forward to more funny in the upcoming episodes b/c i do go to The Office for comedy versus drama, but, for a comedy, they pulled off the heartfelt moments well. And i’m also looking forward to the 30 min episodes. I’m ready to have those back now ^^;;

  59. Ryan on October 19th, 2007 9:32 pm

    I agree with pretty much everything that was said. Not haha funny but a lot of subtle jokes and a lot of darker humor (more in the mold of the British version).

    It was kind of a transitional episode I think. It setup Andy and Angela; a new dynamic in the Jim/Dwight friendship and the Jan and Michael relationship; Darryl and Kelly just getting started with a side of Ryan’s jealousy; Michael’s money issues; and of course JAM getting more serious.

    A lot of story archs with a lot of potential. I think this episode was more for the hardcore fans who’ve really been following these characters since the beginning. I could see how someone who watches the office semi regularly just for the laughs wouldn’t like this episode very much.

  60. Andrea on October 19th, 2007 11:34 pm

    “I could see how someone who watches the office semi regularly just for the laughs wouldn’t like this episode very much.”

    Yes, I encountered those folks on USA Today this morning. They kept mentioning “jump the shark,” which is truly the lamest, most awful phrase ever to be uttered by anyone, ever. Although I disagree with them, I think I can see where at least some of their criticism is coming from. They want non-stop laughs and wacky antics. Those are great, but every once in a while I’d like to see something different.

  61. ShruteBeets on October 20th, 2007 12:48 am

    You know I was thinking the other day (and don’t get me wrong, The Office is my favourite show), but I don’t usually laugh out loud when I watch the show myself. But if I’m with someone else, it gets to the point where I can’t breathe.
    I don’t know what it is…does anyone feel that way?

    Also, I just have to say…I think for me season 4 is shaping to be my favourite season. And just to be clear, season 3 is my favourite currently.

  62. Jessica on October 20th, 2007 12:52 am

    I agree with most people and you after you watched it the third time. It was so just, just, lovely, even though it sounds corny. I teared up for the first time, at the first viewing of all the episodes of The Office. I am truly invested in these characters, I feel like I am the only one I know, but it is nice to read the GMMR community cares about these characters too. It wasn’t as laugh out loud funny as I would have liked, but wait for the 30 min. show next week.

  63. Sam on October 20th, 2007 2:08 am

    i do not understand the reference about jim being in love with italian food…somebody help me out!

  64. Toast with JAM on October 20th, 2007 2:45 am

    TOTALLY LOVED the conference room scene! Everybody got a line! I wonder how many times they had to shoot that to get it without laughing!!!! WOW! Whomever wrote that should get an emmy! And Michael getting the last word with a slam on Toby….could it end any other way?

    They are totally going to slam us with a mushy JAM episode–they wouldn’t just say “OK, we’re together” and leave it at that!! This week was a little buildup of the emotion of what is JAM (from Jim’s side). Loved how they asked Michael to have dinner when they were sure that he was busy. Perfect.

    Funny how Michael was the rookie (aka temp) and didn’t make a sale! At least he didn’t start a fire….

    I need to re-watch, but was the cat from Andy the same cat that Dwight gave Angela?

    I love that Pam seems to get more punchlines this year. Securing another emmy nod??? Hope so!

    And how brave is Pam that she checked on the noise and Jim stayed in the room? Funny (?) that they didn’t show if they slept in separate beds? Or a given that they did since they were two twin beds. I’ve shared a twin before, but it’s pretty tight!

    Loved Jims comments on his thoughts on his first overnighter with Pam… way was Dwight there….

    Andy Bernard–you are the man! And-gela fans? I could get behind that! I love Dwight and Angela, but Andy is too funny! He’ll make up songs or sing cover songs to her. My favorite is still his Rainbow Connection to Pam….
    LOVE the OFFICE!!

  65. ammogirl on October 20th, 2007 4:02 am

    I totally, totally, 100% agree with you! I too am so over-the-top invested with these characters, and the way this episode fleshed them all out? God. My heart was wrenched out of my chest so many times!

  66. ShruteBeets on October 20th, 2007 7:19 am

    Hey Sam (#61).

    The “Italian Food” was purely and simply a metaphor for Pam.
    So Jim says he “is VERY passionate about Italian food”. In fact, he is “IN LOVE with Italian food”.

    It was all kinds of perfection! Don’t you think?

  67. ShruteBeets on October 20th, 2007 7:42 am

    OMG! I just realised that in Jim’s TH about Pam and his first night out, you can hear Dwight telling Pam in the background “You need to spread it…this is Beet food”.
    I have no words to describe how funny that is!

  68. FrauFinch on October 21st, 2007 12:37 pm

    GMMR, I loved your assessment. I think the show can definitely strike a balance between giving the die-hard fans what they want, and keeping the rest of the viewing public happy. A perfect example of this? Stanley’s phone conversation talking head. Did anyone else laugh outloud at that moment?? A casual viewer might have asked what the hell that was all about, but I had this image of Stanley at home, with a glass of red wine (for the antioxidants), totally disturbed at having to hear Michael Scott’s voice in his happy place. 🙂 And that conference room scene was the funniest ever!!!

  69. OfficeLady on October 22nd, 2007 2:22 am

    I loved this episode. dawesome writing and acting! IMHO it was necessary to clarify the different relationships in TO which have been changed in S4. This episode made the various relationships real and grounded for the viewers. Now, with all the information transmitted in Money, we can move on to some real humor that TO is famous for. The happy, romantic status of Jim and Pam is so welcome and touching after the angst of S3. As far as humor in Money — just the thought of Mose running beside the car like a happy dog — very funny!!

  70. Red on October 23rd, 2007 10:18 pm

    I can see where you are coming from in your assessment of this episode but I loved it. However that said, I am not a happy with season 4. For instance what on earth were the writers thinking when they Michael drive his car into the lake (I get why he did it but it was just plain stupid). I almost think the dark humor in Money is so much better then the goofy humor of the previous 3 episodes.

  71. ShruteBeets on October 25th, 2007 1:38 am

    Driving into the lake……the funniest thing since Dwight’s concussion.

  72. BonnieB on October 26th, 2007 5:45 am

    As I read in the comments that this was written by Paul – it just goes to show my true love from Mr. Lieberstein. I adored this episode. Watched it live on vacation with friends but couldn’t wait to get back and watch it slowly, carefully, lovingly via DVR!

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