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GOSSIP GIRL Recap: Roman Holiday

December 20, 2007 by  

Excuse my honesty here but Zzzzzz, snore, Zzzzzzz – that’s what I was feeling during last night’s holiday episode of GOSSIP GIRL. In a show that is rancid with scandal, deception, and sass I found last night’s episode to be a bit of a snoozefest. The most drama we saw all night was Blair acting out like a four year old whose toy was taken on the playground.

For those who missed it, here’s the Q&D on what went down (or didn’t): It’s Christmas time on the Upper East Side and our terrible teens are dealing with big issues like what to buy each other for Christmas and how to deal with Daddy’s new boyfriend.

S & Lonely Boy still haven’t figured out what to buy each other for Xmas. Dude, I thought I was a procrastinator – these two wait until Christmas Eve?! The pressure is on Serena after Ho-nessa and her ugly ass earrings manages to go behind Dan’s back and get one of his short stories published in the New Yorker for his Xmas gift. After much fretting and whining S thought she found the perfect gift in an uber-expensive watch, but Lonely Boy thought it was much and the two decided on a $50 present budget. Back to the drawing board, Serena.

In a mansion just a few short blocks away, B is beyond excited to spend the holidays with her father who is visiting from Paris. She has every second of every day packed with daddy-daughter time. But poor Blair’s plans are ruined when Daddy Dearest brings his lover, Roman, back to NYC with him. Much to Blair’s dismay, Roman is everywhere and taking all of Daddy’s attention. And if there is attention to be given, we know B needs all of it. On top of it all, Nate seems to be blowing her off and not returning her stalkerish calls, while Chuck has escaped to get some sun in some far off land, and is torturing Blair with reminders of their indiscretion. So much for B to deal with.

With just hours to go before the stores close, Serena seeks out Ho-nessa’s help in finding the perfect gift for Dan. The two hatch a plan to recreate a winter wonderland as Dan has been bitching about the lack of the Christmas feeling in the city. With scenes of winter on the walls and snowflakes made of paper, they decorate a room in the gallery to surprise Dan. Um, yeah, because that’s what every 17-year old guys wants from his girlfriend on Christmas. But, I’m sure the winter scene was much more appreciated by Dan when he noticed the comfy looking mattress on the ground. Whether it was a planned part of her gift or not, Serena certainly gave Dan a Christmas present to remember. Yes, S and Lonely Boy did the deed.

After doing the Christmas morning walk of shame, Serena came home to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, courtesy of Dan. Serena too was a bit bummed about the holidays, and it seems that the luxury hotel that her family has been living in for months that probably costs tens of thousands of dollars to rent and is owned be Serena’s mother’s boyfriend, doesn’t allow Christmas trees. Oh come on. But Dan manages to be the knight in shining armor and sneak a tree up to their place – awwww.

Back at the McMansion, Blair’s childish attempts to rid her Roman are futile.  She finally goes a step too far and set her parents on to her devilish way.  Blair (and her hideous headband) retreats to her bedroom, calls Nate (again) and pouts until her father enters and gives her a speech telling her that he loves her (blah blah blah) and shows her her new room at his new vineyard in France.  He should have led with the gift, Blair is materialistic like that.   All seems well, until she gets a text from Chuck asking her who he would possibly tell about their fling right before he sends her a picture of him and Nate living it up on the beach – and that was the only interesting moment of the whole episode.

Oh yeah, Rufus and Alison decide to separate.  Rufus calls Lily to tell her just how much he misses her just as Bart Bass is proposing to her on Christmas morning.  D’oh.

So that’s it.  Compared to a typical GOSSIP GIRL episode I didn’t think much happened.  I don’t know if the writers were trying to give us a kinder, gentler GOSSIP GIRL for the holidays or not, but I wasn’t amused.  And where’s Chuck?  Where’s Nate (too busy with Carrie Underwood perhaps).?  I like my Gossip Girl a bit more salacious and this one didn’t deliver.

Did you watch?  Did you like? Am I being too much of a Grinch?

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3 Responses to “GOSSIP GIRL Recap: Roman Holiday”

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  2. Jennie on December 20th, 2007 1:46 pm

    I read a review for this episode yesterday that said the episode had “a surprise proposal” (which I agreed with) , “two very happy teenagers” (I totally get that) and “a shocking break up”. Ok, was anyone shocked by Rufus and Allison’s breakup??? That whole thing has been nothing but a mess, and they are obviously so over being with each other. So, as to the review I read, I think it hyped me up a little too much as to the goings-on in the episode.

    I also think they are trying to push this whole “Dan is a normal guy” vibe. The girl of your dreams–who you have written storied about–gives you a fantastic watch for Christmas that she is obvisouly over the moon about picking out for you, and you say no?! You turn it down because you’ve never given anyone an expensive present? Obviously she did not expect him to get something of equal or greater value for her, so couldn’t he just say thank you and take it?

    I don’t know what’s with him, but I was taught never to tell someone to return a gift (especially not in front of your past love who obvisouly knows you better and can use it as yet another excuse as to why you shouldn’t be with the rich girl, you should be with her).

    Anyway, other than me being continually annoyed with Dan and Serena in this episode, I was feeling the lack of drama as well. Maybe it was just supposed to be a nice, normal, Christmas episode with just a hint of product placement (Victoria’s Secret, anyone?)

    Hopefully next week will be better, as the preview said they would be the best 2 episodes so far! Fingers crossed…

  3. CrazyGringa(aka lemoñadé) on December 20th, 2007 1:58 pm

    I didn’t not like it as much as you did but there was something missing. Je ne sais quoi. (did I even spell that right?)

    I just have to tell you that this (Ho-nessa) made me laugh because my friend and I call a certain ex-dunder-mifflinite something similar (Hoshida).