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AMERICAN IDOL Top 12 Girls Take the Stage…and Some Meds

February 21, 2008 by  

Every week Seacrest opens the show letting us all know that this year’s contestants are the best ever. If it wasn’t for his reminder, I’m not sure I would know that, especially after the performances over the past two nights. After a semi-lackluster opening night by the guys, last night it was the ladies turn, and while there were a few standout performances, overall it was a bit of a bust.

It seems that a nasty case of the flu infiltrated the ladies. It sucks and I feel for them, but they are professionals now and they just have to suck it up. I gotta tell you, that I’m not sure the flu is to blame for what we saw last night…unless of course the flu helped the girls pick out their songs.

Kristy Lee Cook American IdolThe night started off with a whimper as Kristy Lee Cook took the stage and shock of all shocks, she didn’t sing “Amazing Grace”. Who knew she had something else in her repertoire? After her unenthusiastic performance of “Rescue Me” I found myself longing for the days when she sang the religious power ballad. The best was when the camera panned to the Top 12 guys and they looked bored to tears. And she was the first contestant of the night.

Joanne Borgella American IdolThings didn’t really pick up when Joanne Borgella took the stage. She has a pleasant voice, but there wasn’t anything special about it and her lack of stage presence really did nothing to help her. The nerves were all too apparent. I feel like I have no idea what kind of artist Joanne could be. Is she a belter or old school and jazzy? I’m interested in finding out.

Alaina Whitaker American IdolThe first standout performance of the night comes from the girl that turns 17 today – Alaina Whitaker. Despite oversinging a few sections, Alaina really brought some personality into her performance. She has a real maturity with her voice and some really great control. She was clearly nervous but she did the best she could to push that aside and give it her all. The judges took note and Simon said she would sail through to the next round. Let’s hope so.

Amanda Overmyer American Idol
Amanda Overmyer took the stage next, and I have to be honest and say that I just don’t get it. Yeah, she’s a rocker and she’s got cool hair and a look but is her voice really that good to beat out over 100,000 other contestants? I’m going to go with a big fat no, but the judges clearly disagree. I don’t think she has any range, not melodically, but in song performance. Even when she’s not signing a Janis Joplin tune it still sounds like she’s impersonating someone else. And her enunciation is so bad that I couldn’t understand a word of the song she was singing last night. But the judges really seem to be into her, so what do I know?

Amy Davis American IdolThe suckage continued when Amy Davis took the stage. Amy who? Exactly. She is another one that the producers have been hiding away. Either that or she’s just been completely unforgettable. After her coma inducing performance of “Where the Boys Are” I don’t think we have to worry about remembering Amy Davis because she might be the one to go home tonight.

Brooke White American IdolBrooke White is cute and adorable but can someone not get her hair out of her face? Brooke’s rendition of “Imagine Me and You” was sweet and nice, and Simon called her on it. I don’t think Simon is trying to bring her to the “dark side” in anything else but her music. If she wants a real shot at winning, she has to be able to take risks and get her hands a little dirty…muscially. Overall I thought she did pretty well and I’m interested in hearing more from her.

Alexandrea Lushington American IdolI’m not sure nerves were an issue for Alexandrea Lushington, and they shouldn’t be given her experience on Star Search. I enjoyed her performance a bit more knowing that she was only 16 years old. Had she been in her 20’s I’m not sure I would have thought much of her performance at all. At times she was screaming, and she should know better. Randy and Paula were all about her and Simon just didn’t get it.

Kady Malloy American IdolOne of my least favorite performers and performances last night was Kady Malloy. You might remember her from her awesome impressions of Britney Spears. Other than that, there’s not much to remember about Kady Malloy. Her take on “Groovy Kind of Love” had me reaching for a Red Bull in an effort not to fall asleep during her performance. She was dead in the eyes. And I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Paula had it right when she said that sometimes the contestants think they know what the judges want to hear, but they don’t. All the judges went on incessantly about how Kady needed to bring her personality to her performance. Kady took their comments with a scowl on her face and a few rolls of the eyes. Yeah, I’m already over her. Sweetie, you’re not all that so you better listen to what they have to say, and by the comments you were making back to them…you clearly weren’t.

Asia’h EppersonAsia’h Epperson brought us right back into the competition with a little Janis Joplin. Her confidence shown through from the very first note and she owned the stage. Not only did she sing the song well but she also performed the hell out of it which is just as important. Being the critic (ha) that I am, I think Asia’h needs to work a little more on her enunciation as she was swallowing some consonants. But overall I was really digging her performance and I think she has real potential in this competition.

Ramiele Malubay American IdolThe good performances continued as Ramiele Malubay took the stage. She’s such a tiny little thing but she has a really fantastic voice. Like most of the other performances tonight, I was waiting for that “big” moment, but it never came. But it’s ok because she really showcased her voice last night and let people know what she’s capable of. The judges really seemed to be into her, and even Simon admitted that maybe he misjudged her in the beginning.  That’s always a good thing to hear.  But now you have to back it up next week.

Syesha Mercado American IdolMy favorite contestant thus far, Syesha Mercado, was up next with a song called “Tobacco Road”. I wasn’t all that familiar with the song but that’s the best part about a great performance…you don’t have to know the song to enjoy it. Syesha took the stage with such confidence that she had me pulling for her from the very first note. And finally, finally I had the big moment I was waiting for all night when Syesha took to the song “there”. You know the “there” I’m talking about? That risky-I’m-giving-it-my-all-and-let’s-hope-it-works-or-I’m-dead moment. Yeah, well she went there and it worked.

Carly Smithson American IdolLast up (which should be no surprise to anyone) was Carly Smithson. Carly’s absence while the guys performed was attributed to the flu. And to be honest, she was the one contestant where you could look at her and tell she was sick. The girl is so pasty to begin with she’s almost transparent, but I did feel for her as she weakly took the stage. Here’s the thing about her “eh” performance. I know she is capable of so much more. Randy proclaiming that her performance was the best out of any in the Top 24 was ridiculous and it kind of pissed me off because I’m not sure if he really believed it or he was swept up in the Carly hype. Simon, and thank God for Simon, actually caller her out on it. He said it wasn’t her best performance and because of the hype surrounding her she has to really step up her game. Randy chiming in feigning any knowledge of the “hype” surrounding Carly just proved how in the pocket of the producers he really is. No way Carly should go home because she has a real shot of winning it all, but not a great performance.

And whew…that was it. For some reason last night went by a lot quicker than the Top 12 guys, but that might because I wasn’t live blogging. Overall I think that the guys and the girls are running fairly evenly. There hasn’t been a standout performance from either side yet, but it’s early and I have no doubt they’ll get there.

As for my take on where the girls are based on last night’s performances?

See ya next week: Alaina Whitaker, Asia’h Epperson, Ramiele Malubay, Syesha Mercado

Safe but you better step it up: Joanne Borgella, Brooke White, Alexandrea Lushington, Carly Smithson

We might be saying goodbye to: Kristy Lee Cook, Amanda Overmyer, Amy Davis, Kady Malloy

Spill it…who were your favorite? Any stand outs? Anyone you are already ready to send home?


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  2. Jennie on February 21st, 2008 1:31 pm

    I don’t understand the whole Amanda O. hype either. Simon trashes the guys that are one trick ponies, that only have “one sound” and no originality, but she only has one sound! She brings the same performance, the same voice, the same everything to every song she’s given. She should have no problem playing rock clubs, but as an Idol? I don’t think so…