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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Recap: “The Ties That Bind”

April 22, 2008 by  

It’s killing me not to read Jo’s recap of this week’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! But I want to see it for myself and will just have to show some restraint and read the recap after I watch the actual episode. But for those of you who want to discuss, check out Jo’s recap of BSG.

Title: “The Ties That Bind”
Original Airdate: 4/18/2008
GMMR Recapper: Jo

You know, some shows have pacing problems. This show has several slow building story lines but they all have my attention in a vice.

39,676. Laura is still sick and Bill is still in love with her. He reads to her during her cancer treatment. The Roslin administration is starting to crack. Well according to former terrorist Tom Zarek and we all know he just likes to cause trouble. He passes some confidential records to newly appointed Caprican representative Lee Adama. He tries to help her out on the Demetrius question during the quorum meeting and she verbally smacks him down like a little boy. So he drops the bomb that she’s trying to form a judicial system all appointed by her. Lee should re-rent season one and remember how Tom Zarek nearly killed him a couple of times on that prisoner ship before he takes sides in this mess.

But the Demetrius is a valid question. Helo, Athena, Gaeta, Seelix, Anders, and a couple of expendable day players are all out on a goose chase for Earth lead by Starbuck. She’s leading them in circles. Anders confronts her, so she picks a fight about her marriage. Her self destructive nature has stopped surprising me. They fight and make up and Starbuck still doesn’t have a clue which direction to go. The sad part is that Anders follows her like a lost puppy.

The original Cylons are still having difficulties. Previously the Sixes unleashed the Centurions who blew away some Cavils. Boomer kisses the newly reborn Cavil. Ew. And fresh out of resurrection goo. Double Ew. The Cavils make nice with the Sixes and agree to stop work on the Raiders and unbox D’anna. They agree and then trap the Sixes and Eights (sans Boomer) and blow them up. No resurrection ship in sight.

But the main plot is about Cally who is currently running on no sleep and drugs which make the picture go fuzzy. To be honest, except for the time she shot Boomer, I’ve never liked Cally. She catches Tory and Tyrol talking in the bar, and concludes it’s affair. She follows Tyrol to a New Cylon Anonymous meeting and finds out the truth. She smacks her Cylon husband with a wrench and takes off with the ETERNALLY CRYING BABY. I can’t remember one scene where that kid is quiet. She goes into a Viper launch tube with the intent of Airlock! for herself. Tory comforts her and tries to explain the whole “hey being a cylon is new to us too” line. She takes the baby and then backhands Cally. With crazy Cylon force. When Cally comes to, Tory pushes the big red button. AIRLOCK!

This is me, totally shocked. And creeped out by the final shot of Cally’s frozen face in space. Again, Ew.

There are some seriously disturbing plot lines going on and this show is still amazing. I’m super stoked about Tory’s power play. Finally her character has identity and purpose separate from Roslin. Next week promises answers will be revealed…but to which questions?

Jo has a boring job in a small town in Texas and spends her hours daydreaming about Dillon Panther football, Samuel T. Anders and becoming a real life version of Veronica Mars. Her random TV rants can be found at


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