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Back to the Future with the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES

September 29, 2008 by  

The ladies of Wisteria Lane and back! There’s a lot going on in the lives of the ladies, and with the show jumping forward five years into the future, there’s a lot to discuss. Lucky for us, Tricia is on board to cover all things DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES this year. Give her a warm GMMR welcome!
Hey everyone! I’m Tricia and I’ll be reviewing Desperate Housewives for you this year. I’m very excited to contribute to GMMR. I can’t wait for this season to kick into gear, and if the premiere was any indication it looks like our favorite housewives are back with a vengeance.As we all know, Desperate Housewives had quite the cliffhanger last season when the show jumped five years into the future in the last minutes of the finale. We were left with quite a few questions; Bree’s a celebrity chef?, Lynette’s dealing with delinquent teens? (that one’s not much of a shocker honestly), Gabby’s got kids?, and Who’s Susan’s new guy? What happened to Mike?. We got some answers tonight but I have a feeling it’s going to be quite a while before we find out the extent of what’s happened on Wisteria Lane over the past five years. So, without further ado, here’s a housewife-by-housewife review of what’s happening on Wisteria Lane.

During the brief flash-forward scene in last season’s finale Bree was back together with Orson and appeared to be running her own cooking empire. Her career/ rivalry with Katherine got a lot of screen time tonight; her decision to take Orson back not so much. I’m interested to know what made Bree decide to take Orson back after he refused to confess to hitting Mike with his car. It seems like Danielle’s decision to take custody of her son, Benjamin, that Bree was raising certainly had something to do with it. Speaking of Danielle, apparently she’s gotten her act together and is now married to a lawyer. Guess that party school she took off for last season wasn’t all that after all.

I guess this as good as time as any to complain about the under use of Katherine in the premiere; Dana Delaney deserves better then playing disgruntled partner to Bree’s successful and greedy celebrity chef. Hopefully she’ll have some more interesting storylines as we get into the season.
Five years into the future not much has changed for Lynette. She’s still dealing with troublesome twins, only now we’re talking juvey hall instead of time outs. The twins are up to all sorts of antics including hotwiring a neighbor’s car, setting up an illegal casino in the pizzeria, and completely disregarding curfew. Tom is in disbelief that he has ‘cool’ kids since he was a band geek in high school and isn’t backing Lynette up when it comes to disciplining them. Lynette fixes that with one of her trademark passive/ aggressive schemes. By the end of the episode Tome and Lynette are on the same page as far as the twins go. I feel like this storyline could get a little repetitive. I’m hoping that something or someone(Gail O’Grady as a cougar with her sights on one of the twins perhaps?) will come shake things up.

In what’s sure to one of the most controversial storylines this season, Gabby’s trying to come to terms with the fact that her four-year-old daughter, Juanita, is overweight. She even forces the poor child to run behind the car in an effort to help her burn off the calories of the two pieces of cake she ate at a birthday party. Of course there’s Gabby’s appearance too; she’s gained weight and seemingly lost all interest in fashion. Carlos is still blind which has taken a huge toll on Gabby; she’s the one picking up all the slack with the kids and the house.

Surprisingly, the storyline I’m most interested in this year is Susan’s. I’ll confess I’ve never been a fan of Susan in the past; she’s too whiney and needy for my tastes. This season however she seems to be almost a new person; she’s now an independent, jaded, and highly fashionable single mother. Seriously, did you see her wardrobe? It was on par with some of Gabby’s best from the last four seasons. She and Mike are over, most likely because of a mysterious accident that took the lives of a mother and daughter. In the brief flashback scene, Mike maintained that it was neither of their faults, Susan seemed to be alternatively blaming herself and Mike. Susan’s got a new guy too, although apparently she still isn’t ready for anything serious, although that seems like it could change seeing as she told Mike about Jackson at the end of the episode.

And last, but most certainly not least, Edie is back. Making her reentrance in a Jessica Simpson like car washing scene she proved that she’s ready for round two. With a charming, successful, seeming wealthy, and very very creepy new husband it looks like Edie’s going to be a much more integral part of the show this year. Speaking of Edie’s creepy husband, do you get the feeling that he’s the husband/ father of the woman and girl who Susan and Mike accidently killed? He certainly has revenge on his mind and it seems like the fact that his wife and daughter were killed could certainly be a reason why. Tell me what you think below. I’m looking forward to getting hearing your opinions too!

Tricia is going to be your Desperate Housewives girl this year. She’s from upstate New York and is currently a freshman in college. She’s also a hardcore TV fan; check out her homemade TV schedule:

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  1. Tal on October 1st, 2008 12:32 pm

    Did you notice that Susan’s new guy is Brian from ‘queer as folk’?
    there was a reference to that when her gay neighbors took his picture shirtless 🙂