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BROTHERS & SISTERS Recap: Everything Must Go

October 20, 2008 by  

Hey all, Jamie here once again with some Brothers and Sisters action and this week it was yard sale madness.

I’m happy to report that the wine consumption last week hasn’t hindered our boisterous family in anyway. In last night’s episode…Nora prepares makes a clean sweep of all of William’s belongings; a time capsule brings together two estranged siblings; Robert interviews candidates to fill Kitty’s very big shoes and makes a surprising offer and Holly keeps digging for info on Ryan.

Nora’s all fired up and tries to get ready for this venture by getting rid of all of William’s things, not because she’s mad but in an effort to get her non-profit organization up .She needs to set up her headquarters and William’s old office is the place. To do this she decides its time for a Walker family yard sale. I smell trouble brewing…

Kevin, Sarah, and Saul are relaxing by the pool when Nora approaches and blackmails them into helping clean out the garage for the sale or she’ll sell all their stuff that may be inside. How adorable was Saul lounging around by the pool. Any one else notice that as they lounged song playing was “Red, Red Wine” by UB-40, how perfect for them! LOVED IT!

Justin is really upset and frazzled that Nora is selling all of his dad’s things, particularly a porcelain monkey William bought Nora on their honeymoon. He goes to Saul for his advice and Saul tells Justin that Nora shouldn’t have to keep a memorial to the man who betrayed her and cheated on her on her, and I have to agree with Saul!! (I think I agree anything Saul’s says).

Tommy arrives at Chez Walker to help with the garage sale prep and all hell breaks loose. Nora tries to use an old time capsule Tommy and Sarah had buried when they were kids to bring them together. Tommy is excited and psyched to see the old thing, but Sarah acts cold and like she couldn’t care less. They get into a huge fight it’s the same I did what I had to do to save the company fight. Sarah calls Tommy “Holly’s little bitch!” He of course storms out, who wouldn’t after that?

Holly and Rebecca get slightly closer this week when Holly hires Rebecca as a temp. Sneaky move, but it works and she actually does seem sincere in her pleas to have Rebecca in her life. Holly finds a painting at the yard sale that seems really familiar to her and it turns out Holly painted it. Their new closeness will be tested soon as Rebecca stumbled across the file Holly has on Ryan.

Kitty informs Robert’s staff that she’ll be stepping down as communications director now that her book is being published. The interviews are not going well and Kitty thinks he’s being picky and ludicrous, but he insists the replacement needs to have the “THING”. She thinks he’s having problems with her leaving.

Justin is in a full on hissy fit out about Nora’s detachment to all of Williams things and finally confront her about it. She calmly informs her she’s fine and wants to move on with her life. DENIAL MUCH!! I think Nora is going to realize the magnitude of what she’s doing in the end.

Tommy wants to avoid the family and thinks its best not to go to the yard sale but the rest of the Walkers are pitching in. Kevin and Robert start off obsessing over a GI JOE and get into an argument over a bill Roberts backing. Justin tries to rescue the monkey from being sold, but Nora insists he sell it, and everything else. Man Nora sold some nice stuff for next to nothing.

Julia confronts Sarah and defends her hubby and it seems to work because Sarah goes to Tommy’s house with the yard sale rescued time capsule for them to look through. They bond and talk about the when they used to work as kids. Tommy shares with Sarah that he’s keeping the Ojai name and asks her to come back and work with him.

Robert admits to Kitty that he’s scared they’ll drift apart if she no longer works for him, and that they won’t be in sync anymore. She soothes him and tells him that they are different and above all that. She tells him they’ll be just fine and they cuddle. I really have loved Robert and Kitty as a couple this season.

When the sale is over and Nora stops for a second and that all it takes for it to really sink in. “It’s all gone” She wanted to be able to look at all that stuff as junk but now that it’s gone she misses the memories. Justin being the good son rescues the porcelain monkey for his mom. Nora places it on the mantle of her new but empty office.

Robert stuns Kitty momentarily by offering Kevin her job. She ponders for about 3 seconds and decides it’s a wickedly brilliant idea. Kevin initially thinks it’s a joke and refuses but Robert convinces to think about it. I love, love Kevin and Robert together so my fingers are crossed.

So will Kevin take the job? (I hope so). Where in the world is Ryan? Will Scotty be back next week? Will Holly hurt Rebecca again? Anyone else think that Julia needs more of a storyline? Will Kitty and Robert be ok?

— posted by Jamie

Your Brothers and Sisters devotee for this season is Jamie aka Jamer (GMMR handle). She hails from Vancouver BC and is pumped to be adding a dash of Canadian flare to the GMMR. So what will the Walker’s have in store for us this year? I don’t know but let’s enjoy the bumpy ride together!

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2 Responses to “BROTHERS & SISTERS Recap: Everything Must Go”

  1. Jenn on October 20th, 2008 5:12 pm

    Um, why is everyone still saying that the Ojai thing is Sarah’s fault? Didn’t Saul make the deal and then Sarah have to try and fix it? Why did Julia (and everyone else for that matter) keep telling Sarah that the position of Ojai is all her fault. If anything it’s Saul’s fault.

    Anyways, I’m glad they seem to be getting over the Tommy fighting with everyone storyline, it was getting annoying.

  2. Jamer on October 20th, 2008 5:15 pm

    so annoying i agree!! I want Tommy doing something interesting!!

    even Saul said last week it was his fault, they all need to lay off of Sarah!