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BROTHERS & SISTERS Recap: You Get What You Need

October 27, 2008 by  

Brothers & Sisters Cast

Happy Monday everyone, this week in the wacky Walker world…… Nora and Holly duke it out about Ryan. Sarah attempts to find a new exhilarating career while struggling to care for her kids. Nora advises Saul to find a new goal, and holy crap does he ever. Kevin has an awkward outing with Scotty’s conservative and disapproving parents and Justin and Rebecca’s relationship changes dramatically.

Let’s jump right on in……Rebecca shows Justin the file she found in Holly’s office on Ryan. He wants to tell Nora and she pleads to give her mom a chance to explain or come clean. Justin can’t understand why she wants to but reluctantly agrees. When Tommy bails on Holly for a winery tour Rebecca volunteers to come along as a second opinion, but we all know what her motive is.

Scotty’s parents are coming to visit and Scotty is freaking out trying to make everything perfect. Kevin is still crazy busy trying to make partner but promises that he will set them up in a nice hotel and even get a bottle of bourbon for his dad. Kevin’s so distracted and totally forgets the bourbon and gets scotch instead, starting off the parental visit to a badly. He recovers quickly by informing them that Kitty and Robert will join them for dinner. Scotty’s uber conservative republican folks are thrilled at the thought.

Nora is having trouble putting together her grant proposal for her charity so Saul offers assistance. He helps her with her pie charts and even offers to help with more. He seems quite bored and Nora tells him to find something new to do. Nora’s presentation doesn’t go that well until one of the old farts in the meeting who knew William gives her a “pity meeting” as she called it.

Kevin calls Kitty to beg/force her and Robert to come to dinner to save him from Scotty’s parents. We find out that he still hasn’t made a decision about Robert’s job offer. Kitty agrees to attend dinner and bring a signed photo for Scotty’s mom but reminds Kevin that she’s waiting on publishing her book until Robert finds a replacement so he better decide quickly. on the position. Kevin’s boss invites him to the firm’s cocktail party and he thinks he’s guaranteed partner. How fabulous was his happy pose!!

Paige and Cooper are driving Sarah nutty, man if my kid smashed a massive window I would’ve been a lot less calm. She’s stressed and she misses working. She goes to a head hunter and is offer a job but the pay super low and she tell him she’ll think about it. Sarah goes to Nora to vent and ask her how she did it – be the mom that she was to all five of them. Later Sarah and Cooper share a nice moment that leads her to decide that unless it’s an amazing job it’s not worth time away from her kids.

Nora and Sarah had several good mother daughter talks this week. I loved Sarah telling Nora to talk to the investors like “William the butcher”. This gives Nora the self confidence to get the grant and after a dinner talking golf and defending her experience as a mom/family manger, she gets the grant money. GO NORA!!

Meanwhile Rebecca subtly gets Holly to admit everything about Ryan, and Holly once again seemed sincere about being honest with her, but I’m nervous about trusting Holly. Who else was grossed out when Holly’s asked about Rebecca’s sex life? Rebecca goes home and Justin is waiting for her. She recaps her day with Holly and what she said about Ryan and Justin is suspicious and rightly so. They get into a huge fight and then have SEX!! It was kind hot and after they cuddle and devise a plan to deal with the Ryan file.

Kevin is devastated after he is passed over for partner. He goes to dinner and it’s very awkward and get worse when he gets into a fight with Scotty’s parents. Seriously how passive aggressive was Scotty’s mom Bertha? While arguing, Kevin announces that he turned down partner (LIAR) and announces he is going to work with Robert. With all the fighting, even Robert and Kitty’s presence doesn’t prevent the Wandell’s from storming off. Scotty is upset and also huffs off when he discovers that Kevin forgot to book them a hotel room. Kevin apologizes to Scotty and tells him the truth about work and gives a sweet speech about needing a hug from him desperately.

In the end Kevin makes amends with his in-laws. I really like Scotty’s dad. Wally’s idea that he’ll try the scotch and Kevin try the bourbon and they will compare notes later. Hello, olive branch!! Kevin accepts the position as Robert’s communications director and starts his first assignment.

Justin and Rebecca bring Holly and Nora together to battle it out over the “Ryan” file because they can’t be involved anymore. Nora and Holly bounce jabs at each other and bait one another to find him first.

I saved the best for last. Tommy bailed on Holly to hang out with Saul. They chat about Julia and Elizabeth. After glasses and glasses of wine Tommy admits that he misses his family at work and it’s not the same. Saul devilishly proposes that they should get rid of Holly and get Ojai back from her clutches and bring Sarah back into the fold…Oh Saul you sly devil.

After all the speculation about the casting of Ryan Lafferty what do think about the Luke Grimes choice? How do you feel about Justin and Rebecca now? Has Saul gone evil or does Holly bring that out of people? Are Robert and Kevin the next odd couple? And do you do you think Tommy will take Saul up on his offer to rid the company of Holly?

For more dish about the Luke Grimes our “Ryan Lafferty” check out Korbi Ghosh’s exclusive interview.

Until next week.

— posted by Jamie

Your Brothers and Sisters devotee for this season is Jamie aka Jamer (GMMR handle). She hails from Vancouver BC and is pumped to be adding a dash of Canadian flare to the GMMR. So what will the Walker’s have in store for us this year? I don’t know but let’s enjoy the bumpy ride together!

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  1. K. on October 27th, 2008 9:34 pm

    I have loved Justin and Rebecca together, and seeing their relationship progress for the better is awesome. Also, I love Kevin and I think he was totally justified in calling Scotty’s mom out (she was being so mean!)
    All in all, I thought it was a good episode.