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CHICAGO MED: Luke Mitchell Previews Ripley Facing a Deposition and the Return of Sully

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CHICAGO MED — “I Think There is Something You’re Not Telling Me” Episode 90011 — Pictured: (l-r) Luke Mitchell as Dr. Mitch Ripley, S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin — (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)

CHICAGO MED’s Ripley (Luke Mitchell) tried to do a favor for Charles (Oliver Platt) by treating Liliana’s (Alet Taylor) brother, Pawel (Kristof Konrad), when he came to the ED with a dislocated shoulder, but it set off a chain reaction mess: Pawel claimed he was now further injured and sued for malpractice.

But that isn’t the only mess on Ripley’s hands in the Wednesday, May 8 episode, “I Think There Is Something You’re Not Telling Me”—the pregnant girlfriend of Sully (Daniel Dorr), Ripley’s old friend, comes to the ED for help…not knowing about Sully’s own recent medical problems.

Here, Mitchell, who was recently made a series regular on MED, talks with Give Me My Remote about what’s to come for Ripley… 

Professionally, Ripley is in a bit of hot water with the lawsuit. How is that betrayal impacting him immediately? 
Look, I think it shakes him up a bit. I think just the fact that his character is being drawn into question—he really prides himself on his skill and talent as a doctor. And for that to be called into question is not something he’s had to deal with previously. 

We will get through this deposition, that’s going to be one of the things that challenges Ripley in terms of not just his character, but his past. It’s going to shake him up and rattle him. Which is interesting, because that’s on one side of it. And then the other side of it is Sully, Ripley’s friend. 

Sully comes back into the picture and brings with him his girlfriend, who is also an old friend of Ripley’s. And there’s going to be questions about his past from that side, as well. It’s going to challenge Ripley in a brand new way in terms of how he can handle all of that.

But then it’s going to be a bit of a make-or-break situation for him and Asher, because she’s going to start being curious about his past. So is Ripley comfortable? Is he able to open up and talk about that stuff, so that they can take a step forward?

He does have a card in his back pocket: Dr. Charles told him about Pawel’s messy history. Is he worried about utilizing that information and how Dr. Charles might react? Or is he in self-preservation mode?
He’s in self-preservation mode, for sure. And I think there’s probably also a part of him that enjoys the fact that Dr. Charles opened up to him on that level and revealed a bit of a bad boy side of him. Like, “Oh, wow.” Because he’s always playing the [rule-follower], he’s always the one corralling Ripley in terms of what you should and shouldn’t do as a doctor. And then he is giving him a tip-off that he really probably shouldn’t. So I think I think maybe more than anything, it’s just a little bit more of a bonding experience between Ripley and Dr. Charles. 

But I think it’s just, “Okay, cool” [when he gets the information]. Like, originally, Ripley wanted to move forward. He didn’t want to settle. And so this was just exactly what he needed to hear to get him over the line.

How is he handling the deposition itself? And is he able to actually lean on Dr. Charles, or is there hesitation to be honest with him because of their history?
He will always be there, especially if Ripley needs to let off some steam—Dr. Charles will magically appear to see wherever that may be, and to kind of talk him through it. [Laughs.] And I think in that situation, when no one else is around, Ripley does trust Dr. Charles and he does open up, which is really, really lovely to see the vulnerability behind Ripley, because you see, for the most part, the facade. And it’s nice when he drops the facade and he lets Dr. Charles in. And I think he does. He’s certainly learning to trust Dr. Charles and listen to his advice.

Off-screen, CHICAGO MED vet Brian Tee directed “I Think There Is Something You’re Not Telling Me.” What was it like working with him in that capacity? And were you on set when fellow MED vet Colin Donnell dropped by?
It was really lovely. I very much enjoyed working with Brian…it’s a fairly big episode for Ripley, so I got to work with Brian a lot. And I think he’s a natural director. I think it really helps, obviously, he comes from an acting background, he knows how to talk to actors. But he just loves it. He loves being on set, he loves getting creative and it was a really wonderful experience. 

And I was there when Colin dropped in. And it was funny, because I was sitting in the doctor’s lounge and I just heard all this, like, cheering and laughter and I was like, “What’s going on?” And I realized that Colin had dropped in and had surprised everyone. He’s just such a favorite amongst the cast and crew from his days on set. 

It was a weird kind of clashing [of eras]—all of a sudden, I felt like a stranger on the set! These two guys were present again. But it was really lovely. There was a lot of love on set that day.

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