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BONES is Back…It’s About Time

January 23, 2009 by  

Seeleybaby is back and taking care of BONES for us.  Make sure you show her the love as she covered not one but two episodes last night.  First up is “Double Trouble in the Panhandle” and then “Fire in the Ice”. Welcome back Seeleybaby and GMMR’s BONES fans.

Double Trouble in the Panhandle

It’s good to be back with BONES, isn’t it? I have to admit, I cringed a few times thinking about what this episode would be like, but I was pleasantly surprised. And I think I might be slightly in like with Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray. But let’s talk about the episode. As Wanda Moosejaw would say, “prepare to be amazed”.

The skeletons of conjoined twins, Julie and Jenny are found, and Booth and Brennan eagerly go undercover to determine how they were murdered. I thought it was going to be the doctor. Yikes.


  • Cam:When Cam is having fun, she is fun. When she is annoyed, I find her annoying. She was good this episode, and I loved her interaction with my man Vinnie, and I loved her excitement about the webcam.
  • Angela: She was good and artsy in the ep, and I liked how she created the scenarios for possible deaths. Is it just me, or does it seem like Angela has backed off on the B+B stuff? This episode was ripe with opportunity, but she didn’t really see it. Hmm…come on, Ange…we need you! How else is Brennan going to catch up to her own reality?
  • Hodgins: Once he got the image out of his head, he was fairly useful to the case. Or did he actually ever get the image out of his head? Hard to tell.
  • Sweets: Sweets was adopted. I don’t think we knew that. He also has a wealth of knowledge about carnival life. But I really wish he would stop stating the obvious. Which really means I wish the writers would stop having him state the total obvious, especially when it comes to Booth and Brennan.
  • Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray: What can I say? I want him to live near me. I want him to spout off fun facts all the time. I loved it. If we’re choosing faves for squint of the week, he’s absolutely my number once choice. I loved when he thanked Angela ‘ever so much’ for the question.

They make a good team, inside the tent and out. While I think I prefer Tony and Roxie, Buck and Wanda also had charm. Classic B+B ‘bickering’, which is the engine of the show. Brennan was certainly impressed with Booth’s knife throwing, and she LOVED the adoration of the crowd, didn’t she? I found it interesting that she was so sad about the end of the charade. It felt a little off that she was the one loving the pretending, and that Booth was the realist, but, whatever. Not too much in the way of romantic stuff, unless you count the fact that they, you know…spent the night together in the motor home of love. And apparently slept so soundly they didn’t hear a circus up and leave. Ookay….

Booth’s ongoing hate (not fear, there’s a difference) of clowns was also a good time. Also his extensive knowledge of hair products was super.

Favorite Line…
Booth: “You’re clowns, right? I throw knives!”

Fire in the Ice

Hey, remember when Sully sailed off into the sunset and we all thought that would be the last of any obstacle between Booth and Brennan (besides themselves, of course)? Hmmm….and what about all that Booth vs. Sweets action! Intense. I liked the episode very much, and I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.

The episode opens with Booth (and weekly squint, Wendell) playing some intense hockey. Booth gets sent to the penalty box, and Brennan rightly figures that he doesn’t like that much. Booth gets physical against a rival player, but when that man ends up dead a month later, Booth becomes a suspect. And for the record, being an FBI agent would be kind of easy if all murderers confessed, just like that.


  • Cam: So Cam the roughness of the hockey. And she also kept figuring out ways Booth could be the murderer, but she didn’t really mean to. I did really like the way she stood up to Caroline when the DA was interrogating Hodgins and Wendell (They’re Booth’s people, btw. Me too).
  • Angela: Okay…I’ve had some time to think about it, and I’ve decided that I’m ready for Angela and Hodgins to either be together, or not, ever. Enough already.
  • Hodgins: I think Hodgins might actually like Wendell okay, and I liked the way he kind of took the new guy under his wing. Wendell’s probably good for a couple of experiments, and hey…can’t pass up a photo op. I laughed when Hodgins’ thunder got stolen by other members of the team.
  • Sweets: Dr. Sweets…I am not sure how I feel about him right now. I don’t care for his methods of what I consider to be experimenting with Booth and Brennan. He is lucky twice now that Booth hasn’t punched him in the face. I think he’s probably right about Booth, but…his methods, I do not like. What do you think?
  • Mr. Wendell Bray: A good squint of the week. I liked when he was gathering blood samples during the hockey game. Very loyal to Booth and Brennan at the same time. That was fun. And I liked his interactions with Hodgins.

I haven’t said anything yet about Agent P. What I don’t like is that I actually kind of liked her. Booth liked her, that much was obvious. Brennan…not so much. There really wasn’t much throughout the episode of Booth and Brennan, but the end made up for it. I’m 100% convinced now that Brennan has a crush on Booth. But I’m afraid he might be over her. Please, tell me I am wrong, will you? I think he still cares about her, but…I just don’t have a good feeling about this. I liked Booth’s little hockey heaven sequence, and I thought Brennan’s line “I get nervous when you fall down and don’t get up” was very telling. But…Booth tells me to forget about Agent P, that he’s never going to make Brennan fall. Okay…okay, I’ll keep trusting. Everything happens eventually. And Eventually has to be sometime, right?

Favorite Line…
Brennan: “I got the soup from the place, and yes, I told ‘Mama’ that it was for you, especially.”

Ha! You just KNOW Booth is a regular charmer all over town, right?


4 Responses to “BONES is Back…It’s About Time”

  1. Jane on January 23rd, 2009 10:29 am

    That ice skating at the end made my year! OK the year only started three weeks ago, but it made it. Did you notice how often they touched each other and not in a friendly way…it was like they’d been a couple forever, I loved it and had to watch it like 5 times. Nothing like a brutal hockey story ending with a lovely couple’s skate with music playing and a discoball overhead!

  2. G on January 23rd, 2009 1:39 pm

    I don’t think he’s over Brennan, but think he’s definitely starting to chalk this one up to unrequited love. Of course, Booth hasn’t discussed his romantic life since the middle of season 2, aside from “I do all right”, or whatever it was that he told Sweets. It very well could be that we’re now starting to see proof on our screens that Booth doesn’t just go home at night and mope about his non-relationship relationship with Brennan. I could see him wanting her to make the move, but not wanting to be alone at night in the meantime.

    I agree with you – Brennan obviously has a crush.

    And I dig Wendell too – I wouldn’t mind seeing him become a permanent fixture, mostly because he and Hodgins have a good dynamic in the lab. I’d like a pocket Vincent to carry around with me, because that guy is better than Wikipedia.

  3. Patty on January 24th, 2009 12:25 pm

    The only thing I liked about the clown epi was the knife throwing act. It was very sexually charged even if Booth didn’t know it. I think Brennan did!

    I liked the hockey epi much better. Again with the sexually charged violence. I loved Wendell and Hodgins and I liked the little talk Hodgins had with Angela. Maybe they are both starting to move on a little? I think I might like when Booth is all wound up and angry. I think he needs to be like that more. Then chemistry between Booth and Brennan is much better when he is frustrated! The skating at the end was beautiful!

  4. tessahessa on January 26th, 2009 5:46 pm

    Um, I guess this should be a spoiler alert for anyone who doesn’t read Ausiello or Watch With Kristin. So, there. But is anyone else getting pre-annoyed for the “ending up (possibly naked) in bed” spoiler that everyone is giving to the TV gossip folk? I say pre-annoyed because I have a feeling that it is one of those cryptic “spoilers” that ends up being something else entirely. Like somehow they have to get in bed for a moment, for an undercover assignment or something? I hope my intuition is wrong, but it feels like one of those “fine, you want spoilers?” things.

    Either way, I am kinda’ excited for Gravedigger to come back, and apparently it will be solved this week (and Bones gets to save Booth!), which will be satisfying.

    Also, I miss Zach. I feel like I have to keep saying it because I forget sometimes when I consider the squints-of-the-week that none of them have been anywhere as lovely as Zach and that the relationship I miss most on this show is Hodgins-Zach. So, there’s that.