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How YOU Doing?

April 16, 2009 by  

Greetings from Los Angeles.  You don’t know how nice it is to actually type that and know that you’ll be able to read it. The internet dead zone that I’ve been in since Monday has been treacherous. Only I would end up in a hotel room with no internet access. Seriously, blogging from my iPhone is a real pain in the ass.  But I’m so happy to report that I moved hotel rooms and I’m back online.

Paley Update…Kinda

  • The DR. HORRIBLE panel was fantastic!  I snagged second row, center seating. If only NPH was in the country – we could have had a moment. Next time, Doogie. Next time.
  • Last night was DOLLHOUSE and I thought the panel was really interesting.  Seems that there is some hope for Season 2. Who knew? Not Joss, but he seems really excited.

Many, many recaps of both panels are online. Check them out.

Tonight is THE BIG BANG THEORY and I’ll be sure to share the highlights tomorrow (now that I can get online). I’ll be upfront and center for Sheldon…YAY!

I wish I had time to share a proper recap but I’m going to be on the move early today. We’re heading out and going to the set of GREEK.  They don’t start filming until May but we’re going to go check out the set and hang with Cappie and Rebecca Logan!  Yes, I will be meeting Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) today.  What to wear?  I’m a little intimidated by Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) – the Senator’s daughter can be a real ice queen.  Plus I’m sure she’ll be watching me closely. Clearly she’ll be worried that I might snag Cappie’s heart.

If you have any questions for Scott or Dilshad send them my way soon!

Looking forward to another great day here in L.A.

As always, I’ll be sharing updates from my adventure throughout the day on Twitter (

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