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Hey GMMR! What a turn of events! Chloe is displaying the ultimate show of friendship and love for Clark when she leaves Smallville on a road trip with Davis Bloom. Oliver is making Clark question his Superhero code of honor and Jimmy might just make it through his battle with pain killers. Where’s Lois in all this mess? No idea but last nights ep definitely showcased a good mix of emotion, drama and action.

Chloe is still trying to keep Davis in the cellar of the Talon so that he doesn’t kill anyone. Nightmares and fear seem to be taking a toll on her. At first I was seriously questioning her sanity? Is she harboring a serial killer because she’s in love or is she honestly trying to save the world? The next day Clark comes to the Talon with a newspaper that has Davis on the front page. Tess wants the world to know that he’s a serial killer. Clark begins to tell Chloe that Davis must be alive and in Chloe style she explains to Clark that the only thing alive is his fear. Davis is definitely dead and he has nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile Jimmy interrupts Oliver during a business meeting to score some cash for his next drug fix. He has apparently lost his job and has no money. The only thing that Oliver is offering is friendship and that’s not really Jimmy wants. At the same time Chloe is trying to find a cure for Davis’ situation with the help of a Doctor. After leaving her meeting she discovers Davis outside.

Doomsday is only getting worse and can’t seem to control himself unless Chloe is within reach. With Davis marked as a serial killer the situation is getting harder and out of desperation the two decide that leaving Smallville is the only way out. What they don’t know is that Clark has finally figured out that Davis is alive. Clark and Oliver hatch a plan to get Chloe to safety and Davis to the Fortress of Solitude where Clark can send him to the phantom zone.

After Clark shows up at Chloe’s to inform her that Davis is alive she sends him on a fake lead to Alaska. She also explains to Clark that tracking him down and bringing him to the phantom zone could get him sucked in too.

In the end Oliver and Jimmy end up going to the Talon. Jimmy is looking for money while Oliver needs to get Chloe out of the way. Davis ends up discovering them both and decides to tie them up in the Talon cellar. When Chloe calls he explains that it is only robbers. He tells her to hurry because he can’t help himself from killing.

The great part about this scene was when Jimmy offers his own life and just wants Davis to leave Chloe alone. Jimmy discovers that Davis is the Beast who ruined his entire life. Just in time as usual Clark shows up to save the day by rushing Davis to the Fortress at warp speed. And just when you think it’s all over and lights out for Doomsday Chloe intervenes and gets away with Davis.

Maybe I flaked out a little because I didn’t think it was Clark she was protecting…he’s Superman! Chloe has decided that “choosing the greater good is never a sacrifice”. After disappearing she calls Clark to say she’s ok. Clark promises that he won’t stop looking for her. Maybe Chloe is the closest thing Clark has to a friend who knows a little about saving the world. I’m just crossing my fingers when it comes to the supposed two characters that won’t be making it to season 9. Chloe really does make Smallville what it is. I say enough with the Doomsday storyline already.

What was your take Smallville fans? Is Chloe on her way out? Are we finally going to see sparks fly between Lois and Clark before the end of the season?

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2 Responses to “SMALLVILLE: Beast”

  1. natalie on May 1st, 2009 1:28 pm

    Chloe has to stay, smallville would not be smallville without her. She is as essential as Clark is to the show. They can’t kill her!!!

  2. sarah on May 3rd, 2009 3:04 pm

    I know I feel the same way! I really hope she isn’t one of the two.