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Who Got Evicted from BIG BROTHER?

August 27, 2009 by  

If you’ve been following along with my BIG BROTHER updates either here on the site or via Twitter then tonight’s eviction might not be that big of a surprise. But to get the final word and find out how the votes went down, continue reading.

It was Russell and Natalie on the block for eviction. And in the first unanimous ousting of Season 11 of BIG BROTHER, it was Russell who was evicted from the game.

How the votes went down wasn’t much of a surprise, but how Russell went out was a bit of a shock. The guy went out with class – something he has been sorely lacking throughout the game but especially this past week. He wished everyone well and everyone luck. He even shook Jeff’s hand on his way out of the house. Glad to see there is still a human in there, Russ.

Russell will not be joining Jessie and Lydia in the Jury House. Yikes, talk about a nut house.

Speaking of the jury house, we did get to see the reunion of Jessie and Lydia. As predicted, Lydia wasn’t really all that mad at Jessie. For all her talk, she actually walked in and just hit him. She wasn’t there 45 seconds and he was already annoyed with her. Of course I’m sure it was only a few hours later that they were taking advantage of the lack of cameras (ew).

One interesting note – in a talking head tonight, Jessie praised Jeff for making the big move and getting him out of the game with Lydia right on his heels. When he sees Russell walking in next week, I think it’s going to all but sure up Jessie’s vote for Jeff (if Jeff makes it to the finals). If Jeff in still standing in the end, the only person that Jessie and his crew will vote for would be Natalie. But I can’t imagine any scenario where it’s Nat and Jeff in the finals.

I’m beyond addicted to BIG BROTHER this season. It’s a problem. Looking forward to the end of the show so I can go back to my normal sleeping pattern.

Oh, interested in knowing who won tonight’s uber-important HOH competition? Well, it’s still going on. I’ll be posting updates as well as the winner as soon as it’s revealed. To keep up with the progress of the game, click here: Who Won HOH on BIG BROTHER?


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  1. MB on August 28th, 2009 12:24 pm

    Russell isn’t joining them in the jury house? Huh??