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Hey GMMR SMALLVILLE fans! It feels good to be back. I loved summer but Fall TV is my favorite! Smallville has returned for what will be its last season and on a new night. Hopefully you loyal fans tuned in to last night’s premiere and what remains of the Super boy tales.

Overall I thought it was great start to a new season. There a few new faces added into the mix, the writers even gave Tess a new sidekick super villain played by Callum Blue. The actor will be playing General Zod this season. Brian Austin Green also made an appearance and is said to be returning for one more episode. The former 90210 star is portraying John Corbin, a Daily Planet reporter and closet cyborg out to kill Clark. I did like Lois and John together. There’s a bit of a spark there between the two. It was sad to see him sit in Clark’s chair at the planet though! I haven’t read anything about what the plans are for season 9. I don’t even know if Clark will be returning to the Daily Planet as a reporter or if he has officially checked out from all humanity. I’m going with the latter. But who really knows after last night’s episode. His lack of self control with Lois was evident and sweet. Not so much to Chloe’s liking though!

We also found out bit by bit where the rest of the Smallville resident’s have been since last season’s end. Lois has been missing for three weeks and didn’t even realize it until John Corbin told her. She had traveled to the future and didn’t return alone. The fight seen on the mono rail was pretty cool. While Oliver had his own as well in an underground fight club. He is still in despair over the events that happened weeks ago. Lois with her rough edges pretty much put him in check. Tess is still in the same place but with a slew of new visitors! Badly beat up, she’s already back to manipulating the soldiers with General Zod.

And of course I can’t help but mention the reason for everyone’s grief, the missing Jimmy Olsen. His death has left a trail of guilt ridden and sad superheroes, and Chloe. Who by the way isn’t doing any better. She’s the first face we see who is held up in her wedding gift watchtower waiting for word from anyone at this point with a gun nonetheless. The first sign that everything in Smallville still isn’t right. You got to feel bad for Chloe. Everyone in her life besides Lois and Clark have dropped out of sight or just dropped dead. And all though I’m skipping ahead into the end of ep I cant help but delve into the Chloe/Clark drama.

She wants Clark to bring back Jimmy but he won’t! What is that? I realize he’s afraid of the ramifications since the death of his father but Jimmy needs to come back. Hopefully the writers will pull a few tricks out of their hats and make it work. Chloe’s feelings and reaction to Clark really set the tone of the forthcoming season for me. On top of his training and attempts to leave his human world Clark is going to have one hell of a time leaving Chloe. She has always been Clark’s main support system and the one who gives him a good dose of perspective when he needs it.

Clark blames himself for Jimmy’s death after trying to avoid killing off Doomsday. Superman just isn’t a murderer so finding different avenues to calm the chaos is really taking a toll on his psyche. Clark is now training with Joe-El and avoiding human contact as much as possible to remain objective. He also finds out why he can’t fly. It will be bitter sweet when he can! His brain seems to be in check but his heart is holding him back. Especially after he sees Lois in a fiery crash that should have killed everyone on board. Just her presence eats away at him causing him to return and giving us sometime to see Chloe and him together again. It definitely wasn’t the same between the pair. Chloe understands his obligations but at the same time wants to know why he could disappear on her for three weeks only returning to save Lois.

All of this can only make for a great season in my opinion! A whole new round of conflict is ready to erupt with Tess and her missing army as well as General Zod. Lois and Clark’s romance developing will be exciting to watch. What’s in store for Oliver?

I can only imagine the writers will also bring in some new superheroes straight from the books at times and we’ll get to see if Clark gives in to Chloe’s request. That storyline alone is enough to make me watch!

Alright Smallville fans I know your out there! What was your favorite scene? What would you like to see happen this season? Don’t hold back!!

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