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rab some dollar bills and trim that goatee because it’s time for another rousing episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Last night Ted got a glimpse of his former self, Marshall got a look at a dirty version of his wife, and Robin saw first hand that Barney will be Barney.

Forever on the quest to find the woman of his dreams, it seems that Ted hit a stumbling block. He went on a blind date with a woman that he went on a blind date with seven years ago.

At first Ted thought he was expereincing a bit of déjà vu. Sure Jen looked a little familiar, but it wasn’t until after he made a horribly bad pun that it hit him.  He wasn’t having a “déjà vu” moment, he was reliving their first date – the same restaurant, the same food, the same conversations.  Uh oh. Ted has officially dated all the single ladies in NYC and now he’s starting all over again. This can’t be good.

After the initial shock of the date do-over, Ted and his date Jen (played by Lindsey Sloane) decided to use this mix-up to learn from their dating mistakes. What first date tactics turned them off to each other the first time around?  For Ted it was Jen’s obsession with her cats and her ex-boyfriend.  For Jen, it was Ted’s bad puns and his snobbery. As they relive their first date, they realize that the second date is much better. All seems to be going well but then Ted realizes that he remembers why he didn’t call Jen after their first date.  He doesn’t want to be with someone that just tolerates his idiosyncrasies. He wants someone who like Ted for Ted.

Future Ted tell us that the future mother of his children laughed at his bad pun…at least a little.

Meanwhile Barney kidnaps Marshall under the pretense of a Star Wars exhibition. Everyone knows it’s in Houston this year, come on Marshall. Instead, Barney takes Marshall to a strip club where he learns that Marshall has a difficult time fantasizing about women. Poor Marshall. We learn that he can’t fantasize without creating the most elaborate story in order for his daydreams to soothe his guilty conscience. He truly loves Lily with every fiber of his being and won’t even allow Daydream Marshall to cheat on her.

But all bets are off when a stripper at the club turns out to be Lily’s doppelganer! The guys rush back to MacLaren’s to tell the girls.  Lily is thrilled and can’t wait to go see the stripper version of herself. Robin is less than pleased.

Barney was under the assumption that Robin would not only be fine with him at a strip club but would join in on the fun. If Barney had truly believed she would have been cool about it, he would have just told her. Honesty, Barnana, honesty.

I felt bad for Robin in this episode. Barney refused to acknowledge anything she said last night. She complained about the strip club and it went in one ear and out the other. Communication, Barnabus, communication. Barney hasn’t been in a relationship in a decade and doesn’t understand the basics. I hope he can learn to listen to Robin’s feelings or Robarney will go down the tubes.

I think my favorite part of the episode is learning that the entire gang has doppelgangers! So far there is Lesbian Robin, Mustached Marshall and Stripper Lily. Can’t wait to see the dopple’s for Ted and Barney.

And it must be said – was I the only one that screamed, “DAMN!” when they saw Alyson Hannigan in that outfit? Aly just had a baby and she’s looking top-notch.

Now I want to know your thoughts on this episode. Did you like stripper Lily?  Would you liked 2002 Ted or 2009 Ted? Did this episode defuse any worries that Robin and Barney’s romance would overtake the show?

Jen is our resident HIMYM guru. Unlike the Jen featured in last night’s episodes, she abhors playing dress-up with animals, is more of a dog person, enjoys pointing out mistakes on signs and in menus, smiles at puns and has her own doppelganger roaming the Boston-area.


5 Responses to “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Double Date”

  1. JennyL on September 29th, 2009 4:10 pm

    Funny funny episode. HIMYM incorporates flashblacks like no other show! I loved the Jen character with Ted (and actress) – thought she was very natural and a good fit – I was disappointed at the end when they decided not to continue together! It was interesting to see how the 2 of them grew and changed in the last 7 years – and see the two different viewpoints of the same date.

    I also felt bad for Robin. But classic HIMYM episode – bring on the rest of the doppelganers!

  2. Alison on September 29th, 2009 4:39 pm

    Another great episode!!

  3. SB on September 30th, 2009 12:34 am

    Man, the dopplegangers were AWESOME, and SUCH a good idea!

  4. Kelly on October 1st, 2009 12:45 am

    Yay for awesome HIMYM! I caught up on all 4 seasons this summer, and was so excited for the season premiere but didn’t like the ep much. This week’s, though, was much better and funnier. Typically my least favorite parts of HIMYM are the scenes that deal with Ted’s dating life and search for The Mother, but this one wasn’t so bad because it featured Valerie from Sabrina!

    I loved the idea of the doppelgangers, and can’t wait to see what Ted and Barney’s will be like. I have this awesome image of some super-religious preacher dude for Barney!

  5. Carrie on October 14th, 2009 5:02 pm

    This is why these two characters remain single– they are looking for an impossible fantasy. If you can find someone who tolerates your cat obsession or your bad puns, and you are attracted to the person, go for it!