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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: History Repeating

November 13, 2009 by  

So much happened last night on The Vampire Diaries that I almost don’t know where to start, but as when you find out you are dating a vampire, it all may be a little overwhelming but you’re already committed so you might as well just dive in head first, right?

Let’s start with Alaric, because that seems easiest. I really wasn’t sure I’d be able to like him because I thought I might just look at his face and see Werner from Legally Blonde, but not so—he was actually really cute and charming, and I like that he both shared and tossed the jackass folder. I think I might need to keep a jackass folder. See? When Mr. Tanner wasn’t busy teaching, coaching, chaperoning, and generally being the only adult in town, he had a couple of good ideas!

It made sense to put him and Jenna together, since they are of about the same age and hotness (although I think she might be just a tiiiiiny bit hotter), and so we could find out more about his back story. What did you guys think about that part at the end where he was waiting to be invited in? Billy thinks it’s a red herring, but I just don’t know—it’s almost like a red herring is too obvious so maybe he IS a vampire. But then, I’m getting into a Dwight Schrute-like circle of logic.

However … LOGAN showing up? Definitely a vampire, because he was totally dead. But this begs the question, WTF? Who brought him back and why and what is he doing at Jenna’s? INSANITY. Are vampires just starting to descend on this town or what?

Moving on, we finally got a real, solid story out of the Bonnie stuff. And you know, I really get that they’ve been trying to build up to it and make it mysterious and stuff, which is fine in theory but the execution just missed it for me. It happens. But this episode was pretty good, and a lot of the Emily haunting stuff, I actually found genuinely scary, like when she was walking around in the periphery, and when she was sitting next to Bonnie in the dream classroom. And, OMG, when she possessed Bonnie and you saw Emily in the mirror. WHAT! Weird/wrong/different reflections in mirrors ALWAYS scare me in movies.

This story finally tied into everyone else’s (in a solid way, and not just via hints) because Emily was Katherine’s handmaiden. Apparently she used the energy from the comet the last time it passed to round up enough magic to seal Katherine and a 26 other vampires in a tomb under a church, and now that the comet passed over AGAIN, the crystal had enough energy to reopen it. (Also, how awesome would that have been as a Supernatural crossover episode?) Damon made some deal back in the day for Emily to do that in exchange for him protecting her bloodline, which he has done (and interesting—Damon has honor). But Emily decided it was too dangerous to Bonnie for Damon to let all the vampires loose, so she put the kibosh on it, burned a pentagram in the ground and threw the crystal up in the sky, where it exploded. Damon got REALLY mad and REALLY scary, and once the pentagram fire went out, he went for Bonnie’s throat. Stefan pulled him off of her and saved her with some of his blood while Damon stood around and watched, which I was mildly confused about, but maybe he had already moved onto plotting his next move.

The Bonnie stuff ended with Elena telling Stefan she was going to tell Bonnie the truth, because she needed someone else to talk to because she couldn’t live in secret. Stefan agreed that this was the right thing to do, and told Elena she was right to stay away from him. Elena told him that she could do it and that she thought she couldn’t be with him but she can, but Stefan had already gotten it into his head that this was the best thing (sound familiar, Twilight fans?) and he left her standing there yelling after him. He told her the next day that he wouldn’t be coming to school anymore and that he had to keep his distance from her, which she was of course emo about (again). But the episode did end with her telling Bonnie, and everyone crying, and I’m glad that Elena was finally able to share that. Obviously, she and Stefan won’t be able to stay away from each other, but I think it’s good that she rely on someone else for a little while, both to get it out AND to not be “that girl” who loses all of her friends over her hot vampire boyfriend. Because who HASN’T had that problem, right?

Stefan and Damon had a lot of brotherly bonding this episode, which I loved, and I loved them doing impressions of each other (brooding forehead, anyone?). I like how Damon knew Stefan was up to something but I think he was kind of enjoying it anyway, and the football scene was really good too, especially with Damon reminding Stefan who taught him the game—nice callback, there. Stefan tried to have a heart-to-heart with Damon about Katherine, and how she compelled them and it wasn’t real, but Damon claims she never compelled him and he knew everything the whole time, so it was real to him. Whether that was true or not … I assume we’ll find out eventually, but he did end up revealing his master plan to Stefan, which I thought was interesting—why would Damon do that? Was he just excited? Did Stefan have a part to play? I still don’t know—does anyone have any thoughts on that?

Obviously, a lot happened in this episode and a LOT of it advanced the plot, which was cool to see. There’s so much to talk about it, so I’m going to turn it over to you guys to discuss in the comments. What do you think about Damon saying he’ll leave? What’s up with that journal Jeremy picked up and started reading? Was the Bonnie story a satisfying enough result for all the “build up”? And how about all of Jenna’s are they or aren’t they vampire boyfriends? Chat below!

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5 Responses to “THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: History Repeating”

  1. Wanda on November 13th, 2009 7:29 pm

    I kinda figured Alaric was a vampire when they showed a closeup of his ring — it looked pretty similar to Damon’s and Stefan’s. The whole door thing kinda confirmed it for me. I thought it was a pretty enjoyable episode. I am less mad at Damon that I was last week. He looked so lost at the end.

  2. Danielle on November 13th, 2009 7:34 pm

    I thought this episode was the best yet. It was packed full of suspense and surprise- I LOVED IT!

    To follow up on a few of your comments such as Logans return (what the heck!?)- remember when Vicki bit him…. I’m sure that’s when he turned. And, the teacher, Alaaric, definitely a vamp. He was wearing the ring and he took a pause at the threshold.

    As for the brotherly love and emotion btwn Damon and Stefan- perfect.

    Now, what I’m most eager to have revealed is the significance of the Gilberts that Logan and Alaaric are after, and what’s going on with Jeremy (is he going to snap out of it or is he going to embrace this new “focus”).

    Lord help me I can’t wait for next week!

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  3. Kimber on November 14th, 2009 3:58 pm

    Ack! How did I not recognize Alaric as Warner from the Legally Blonde movie?? Silly me. I think I was too focused on “who heck is Emily, and why do I know her?” to move on. Turns out SHE was from Buffy (duh!), but Alaric was super familiar too.

    As I said on your other blog, when a commenter brought it up, I think things are fishy with Alaric, and the possibility of him being a vamp. The writers seem to be REALLY making it obvious that we’re supposed to think that, which always makes me super hesitant.

  4. Em on November 14th, 2009 9:23 pm

    Oh my gosh, I am so hooked on this show! I loved the brother interactions and I was shocked to see Logan at the end – I guess that’s the reason why the writer’s decided to make Jenna pine over him.
    The Emily storyline genuinely scared me – to the point where I wondered if I would have to stop watching and resume during the daytime (I cannot handle scary movies and I happened to be watching TVD at 1 am).
    I thought it was interesting that Damon said that he knew “everything” even though Stefan had surprised him earlier that night with the news that Stefan had been the last one to see (wink, wink) Katherine before she died. I guess Damon was just referring to the fact that he wasn’t being compelled???
    I’m can’t believe that you didn’t mention the preview for next weeks episode. Looks like Stefan and Elena don’t stay apart for long. 🙂

  5. darci on November 16th, 2009 8:26 pm

    I thought this episode had great dialogue and character interactions, like when Bonnie tries to explain to Caroline that she doesn’t let her in on everything because she never listens, and all the back and forth between Damon and Stefan.

    Also I thought this episode had great music – loved hearing Pablo Sebastian’s “Lies” during the scene when Bonnie and Elena are in the car and then Bonnie throws away the crystal, as well as Great Northern’s “Houses” which played when Jenna and Alaric talk at the Mystic Grill. You can watch those scenes on YouTube at and