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Alright, so last night was our last episode before TVD goes on its break until January 14, which feels like forever away, right? I was actually kind of bummed out while I was watching this episode, because I decided to watch Supernatural first (BIG mistake) and because I had the hiatus information in the back of my head.

Still, there was a lot to love about this episode, not the least of which was Stefan and Elena. (Caution: If you haven’t seen the episode, just stop now. You’ll want to be surprised.) YOU GUYS. These two are such drama queens but I love them together and I can’t help it. They just have really nice chemistry, and I know people complain that Stefan is boring and a buzzkill, and you know, I see it, but at the same time, I stand by my opinion that whatever emotion we see out of him seems way more legit as a result. When Elena told him she loved him and he just stopped dead, I swear my heart about stopped. And then when he turned around and came at her to kiss her … WHOA. It was super hot. I had been kind of bummed also that I wasn’t able to get midnight New Moon tickets because I waited too long, but then I saw all this go down and I was like … yeah, I’m happy to be on my couch in my pj’s right now.

In other “couples I love” news, Matt and Caroline were totally cute, and I still kind of love them. They’re just so adorable together, and I love them both so much that I want them to be happy. Plus, since it deserves reiterating, I do love what the writers are doing with Caroline’s character—she wants to be a better person than she is, but people’s set opinions of her kind of drag her down, i.e. her mom pointing out that she doesn’t even read the paper in response to her wanting to do broadcast journalism. I mean, way to encourage, there, MOM. And it just seems like a better way to me of reworking a character (as in, making them actually grow) than having Damon take away their suffering (Jeremy). And you guys, did you about totally DIE when Matt told Tyler he likes Caroline? Because I totally did.

I have to say though, Elena was being kind of a bitch when it comes to Matt. She obviously flirts with him and brings up their past, and even if she’s not doing it consciously, it’s SUCH a high school girl move, and I recognize it when I see it. And I felt so bad for Caroline standing there watching it. Elena was really a bad friend to both of them in that moment, and then she totally ditched Matt the second Stefan showed up. As I’ve said, I read the first book online (don’t judge), and this actually seems more like book Elena than anything else I’ve seen. But it made me extra happy that Matt kept on liking Caroline and didn’t get all caught up in Elena’s little 30-second mind game.

Aside from all the relationship drama, there was actually quite a lot of mythology stuff going on too. I wonder if it’s been the intent of the show to draw viewers in and get them hooked with the soapier elements of the show and then start getting down to business, because it certainly felt that way this episode.

First of all, it certainly seems established that Alaric is a good guy. He called the mayor a douche, which always wins points in my book, and stopped the weird Fight Clubby thing that was about to go down, and he is looking out for Jenna, which I also like. I still don’t know what he is, if he’s a vampire or a vampire hunter or something else entirely, but I was happy to watch Logan die AGAIN, because he’s so annoying, so anyone that made it happen would’ve won points with me.

The Logan thing was kind of interesting, if only for the questions it raised, such as who turned him, why, and what does any of this have to do with getting that tomb open? I did laugh at him saying he missed his ex-girlfriend, and he just wanted to be with her “and bite her and stuff”. Hahaha! I almost liked him for a second there. But didn’t anyone think it was a little strange that he was just a grown man randomly hanging out at a high school, and no one was like, GET OUT, PERV!

I just realized that what this episode really needed more of was Damon. Of course! I can always use more Damon and especially before I have to go two months without any new snark. The scene where Logan shot him three times in the chest and he started absolutely gushing blood was pretty awesome, and I did back that up to rewatch, and I liked him and Stefan working together (kind of) to take care of Logan, but I just missed Damon being casually awesome.

I can start to see where they’re going with Tyler at least … I still am not real sure of what is going on with Jeremy and his mythical creatures drawings, or him trying to befriend his nemesis, but at least something is happening there, right? I think that was a good set up to make for the rest of the season.

Alright, saving the best (and the end) for last, how about Elena finding Katherine’s picture? DUDE. I know I’d be weirded out, so I totally get that, but her running straight into that … person-like thing (because really, you don’t hit a person and flip your SUV, unless maybe it’s a Jeep) was crazy, and then her hanging upside down and watching whatever it was snap its limbs back into place and come toward her was SCARY, dude! I can’t wait to see what that’s all about—really great cliffhanger to keep us in suspense.

What did you guys think? Favorite parts? Things that didn’t quite do it for you? THE TEENAGE VAMPIRE SEX? There’s plenty to discuss—take it to the comments!

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4 Responses to “THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: The Turning Point”

  1. Lori on November 20th, 2009 1:56 pm

    I have a question, did anyone else get the idea that Tyler is becoming a werewolf or something (maybe taking after his dad who has something weird about him)? When Jeremy asks him what’s wrong with him and he says he doesn’t know and then there’s a shot of just Tyler with a full moon in the background; maybe I just have New Moon on the brain but it seemed like an attempt at foreshadowing to me.

  2. Mandy on November 20th, 2009 3:41 pm

    Well, Lori, in the books he’s a werewolf 😉

  3. Heather on November 20th, 2009 3:48 pm

    Lori – ABSOLUTELY…the forshadowing was really evident with the full moon in the background and Tyler’s anger issues making him feel so confused…he is going to be the werewolf in all this.

  4. Antony on November 23rd, 2009 1:49 pm

    This episode was full of Werewolf stuff…to the point I was saying, enough, I get it, they’re coming…

    The team logo is a werewolf, the whole I don’t feel good and the camera’s zooms to the moon…I’m pretty sure the person she hit was Tyler or the new teacher…