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November 22, 2009 by  

Was Chloe great in this week’s Smallville or what?! Seeing Lois and Clark decide to date also marked this episode as one of my favorites. To bad it all stops here until January 23rd.

The writers did however deliver a cliffhanger for fans that have been waiting for Lois’ flash backs to finally be pieced together. The view into the future didn’t hold a happy ending for most of Smallville residents. Chloe and Tess both die. I almost felt bad for Tess when she explained that her only intentions were to safe the earth, and just how insensitive Chloe was about shooting an arrow right into her stomach was surprising. Who knew she would turn into this hard core warrior princess that was no longer friends with Clark or that she could mistrust him so much after all they have been through.

Oliver was still around in the future as well to save the day. Chloe and Oliver’s union to fight evil was interesting. The most symbolic moment was when Oliver was on the floor crying over Tess after Chloe shot her. Talk about the tables being turned. Oliver was right where Clark had once been with him. This brings me to the scene where we see Clark and Lois together in the heat of the moment.

I didn’t exactly like the way they played out Lois’ part. She acted like the long lost twin of Lana. With her pep talk and sweet way of telling Clark he can’t beat himself up. It just wasn’t Lois whether her feelings have changed for Clark or not. Like she said herself, she is the daughter of a General. In the future Lois also misses the fact that Clark is an alien!

And while this future storyline was playing out Tess was hooked up to Lois in the present, trying to sync their brain waves together. Tess is desperate just like Chloe to see what the future holds. There are a lot of similarities between Tess and Chloe these days. After Tess unhooks herself and shoots Stuart, Chloe makes her entrance after Clark and wants him to stay dangerously connected to Lois’ view into the future.

In the end everyone gets out safe. Stuart is apparently still alive, Lois doesn’t think much about her check out under the Red Sun and Clark decides to approach Zod in a whole new way. Instead of killing him off like Oliver and Chloe want, Clark goes right to him. Zod’s reaction, just like, CK’s was also strange. He welcomes him as well as the Kandorians who are told to salute The Blur. Zod remains standing which to me says it all. The game is still on and I have a feeling Clark’s sensitive side will again be his weakness. He is going to read Zod all wrong and although it will successfully change the future I’m positive it will still be a bleak one.

So Smallville fans, what do you predict will happen next? What do you think Zod and Tess have on their agenda? And how will Lois and Clark’s new agreement to date go? I for one am hoping they bring back a few faces from the past. Maybe a visit from Martha Kent, Perry White or Lex?! I’m also pretty excited to see how the two hour movie by Geoff Johns goes!

And before I go, I just wanted to wish you all (Kath, the terrific GMMR writers and awesome TV loving readers) a safe and happy Holiday Season! Take care, Sarah.


3 Responses to “SMALLVILLE: Pandora”

  1. Manju on November 23rd, 2009 12:56 pm

    Uhm, not just Tess and Chloe died, Clarke died too, and so did Oliver.

  2. Patty on November 23rd, 2009 2:59 pm

    Although I like what’s going on this season enough to keep watching I feel a little lost since I haven’t watched all of the past 2 seasons. Maybe Smallville needs to go on my rewatch list? This is a show that really benefited from the Sunday afternoon CW discovery program!

  3. Nate on January 27th, 2010 1:00 am

    “Zod remains standing which to me says it all.” He remains standing only until his colleagues all kneel, at which point, he also proceeds to salute Clark in a similar fashion. I watched this part closely, though I do agree that this gesture (his delay) does foreshadow a dark future for Clark and Zod’s ‘relationship’. It’s certainly going to be full of deception.

    Of course, I could be remembering it incorrectly, as it has been a while since I watched the episode.

    – Nate