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DROP DEAD DIVA Recap: Senti-mental

July 12, 2010 by  

Hey Drop Dead Diva pals! Sorry I missed the last episode. A lot went on, and I want to touch on a few quick points. It seemed like things were finally in sync for Tony and Jane, until his new job offer placed him in DC. They broke up amicably enough, I suppose, and I think I may have been more upset than either of them. Jane capped off the episode with a nightcap with Grayson, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

Meanwhile, Parker and Kim physically admitted their feelings for one another, but not before Fred got caught gossiping about them with Parker’s assistant. And Grayson, who had been seriously contemplating selling the house he and Deb had bought for their life together, decides not to. And the case in that episode was great, too…with Jane defending Edward, Teri’s nephew, against deportation. Feel free to comment below about that episode as well as this week’s! Let’s get right to that one!

From the outset, Jane seems only mildly bummed that Tony is gone, and even that is whisked away when Grayson invites her out for a ‘real’ breakfast. So I guess that means Jane/Deb hasn’t REALLY moved on with her life, right? But did any of you get the general vibe that Grayson really doesn’t have romantic feelings for Jane?

But all of that is pushed to the side anyways when Teri tells Jane she has to go bail out her own mother. Jane rushes to get her mother, Elaine, who has been held on charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, Parker and Kim aren’t exactly keeping the bedroom out of the office when Fred sees lipstick at the corner of Parker’s mouth. And Grayson gets approached by a woman (played by Kellie Martin) who foolishly invested her money in a Ponzi scheme. It was sweet to see Grayson’s ‘fight for what is right’ attitude come right to the forefront. He’s just all kinds of dreamboat material right now!

But Jane is not there to see all of that because she is defending her mother to Judge Summers (played by Rosie O’Donnell). The prosecution wants jail time, but Jane disagrees. When the judge declares that Jane must take custody and care of her mother, Jane may begin to wish she’d taken the bargain! It only gets worse when she tries to get the sentence cleared only to find out that her mother has prior offenses, including shoplifting, arson and trespassing. Jane point blank asks her mother if she has a drinking problem, which Elaine denies.

Were you as caught off guard as I was at Grayson’s outburst in the conference room? But I was even MORE surprised when Parker demanded that he (and Kim!) abandon the case as a lost cause and cut their losses. Kim didn’t exactly stand up against Parker, and Grayson still didn’t reveal why he still felt his sudden outburst was deserved.

Jane meets with the father she (as Deb) knows nothing about and hasn’t even seen (as Jane) in 10 years. I liked their dynamic, but didn’t totally trust her dad at first. But maybe that’s because all I could think about was that it was the guy from Wayne’s World. All of that was forgotten when Henry showed up to help Jane with Elaine’s medical history at her psychological evaluation.

Oh gosh, how funny is Margaret Cho? I was cracking UP when Teri was teaching Fred to drive and they got pulled over, not to mention how stunned Teri was that Officer Jocelyn picked Fred up (romantically) on the spot. He does have a nice smile though, and she did have pretty nice ears. But that was nothing compared to when Jocelyn showed up at the office and Fred took Teri’s advice to be honest with her. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one laughing when Teri was like, “You have got to be kidding me.”

I liked that this week’s episode revolved around Jane’s family life, and it was good to see her take on Old Jane’s family as her own. Her mother’s diagnosis of being bi-polar really hit home when she asked Jane if she knew what it was like to look in the mirror and not even recognize herself. I also thought it was cool that Henry came back to help Elaine, and it made me laugh that by the end of the episode both Jane and Stacy were ready for them to leave. And I really like Brooke Elliott’s (Jane) dynamic with Rosie’s character. It’s fun and I like that old Jane has had someone on her side that new Jane can also rely on.

As for Grayson, he was a rogue lawyer rebel and worked on his side case without Parker’s approval, and he won. He also got to stay on at the firm. For one instant, I wondered what would happen if Grayson WERE to go work for a different firm. It would certainly create a different dynamic between him and Jane. As it is now, there is still some friendship there, and I liked that Grayson found Jane out to apologize to her and explain why he’d yelled at her earlier. What I also liked (even though Old Deb in Jane’s body didn’t) was that now Jane knows something Deb never knew about Grayson. I liked that Grayson said the reason he’d never said anything (to Jane) was that it was pretty personal. It’s just very interesting…this sort of triangle that Grayson doesn’t even realize he’s in.

What say you? Did you like this week’s episode? Are you as surprised as I am that Jane seems to be interested in Grayson again?

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