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LIFE UNEXPECTED’s Austin Butler: ‘Jones is getting thrown in the middle of it all’

October 5, 2010 by  

On LIFE UNEXPECTED, Austin Butler’s Jones is a bit of a mystery. Sure, he’s a jock who likes Lux, but what’s really his story?

As it turns out, Butler wants to know that, too. And he’s got his own ideas about what the deal might be.

Give Me My Remote chatted with Butler on the subject. Plus, we got his take on all those love triangles, next week’s LUX-ONE TREE HILL crossover and what else to expect…

How are things going for you this season?
Austin Butler:
It’s great. I think this year is so much different than last year in a great way. So much bigger and so many more twists. It’s really, really cool to be a part of it, and Jones is getting thrown in the middle of it all.

Jones is certainly getting thrown into the middle of it — in the last episode, Lux hung out with him just so she could cheat on an exam. Is he going to get over that easily?
[Laughs] I think so. Like he says, it would be so much easier to hate her and just move on. But he can’t because she’s just so different from anybody else and so magnetic.

And you two do have great chemistry. We will see the show exploring that relationship more as the season goes on?
: I hope so. I haven’t heard much about it, as far as that goes. I love working with Brittany [Robertson (Lux)] and I do know that Jones is not over Lux, so I hope we can explore that.

Lux does have her eye on another guy — Mr. Daniels, who just happens to be a teacher at their high school. Is Jones going to find out what went down between them?
I’m dying for that to happen. I want him to find out. But I have not read anything about it. I think it would be a really, really cool twist.

Yeah. Before, Jones couldn’t be with Lux because of her established relationship with Bug. And Jones knows there was another guy in Lux’s life for a hot second…though he is under the impression that that guy is a non-factor now. I feel like when Jones discovers the truth, he might have to punch Mr. Daniels out.
I agree! [Laughs] The thing that would go on in Jones’ head is, before she had Bug and it was an established relationship. But why didn’t she come to [Jones] afterwards? And I want him to find out [about] that whole thing so that way it can be [even more of an issue]. Why some old teacher [instead]?

What did he bring that Jones didn’t?

Are we going to be exploring Jones’ background this season?
That’s one of the things that I’m hoping for. [It’s] not in any of the episodes I’ve filmed so far, but it’s kind of the theme of the show that nobody’s perfect. And Jones — because we don’t know much of his backstory — he appears to be very perfect in a way. And so I do hope we can delve into that and see some imperfections in his life.

Do you have any idea of what you’d like his background to be?
Yeah, I do, actually. What I’ve imagined in my mind is that his father is an overbearing guy who is really successful and now Jones can’t live up to what his father has done. And that’s why he’s so involved in sports and he doesn’t do drugs and he’s really clean. He’s constantly trying to achieve so much. So I’d like to see a little bit and hear a little bit of his family stuff. And I’d like for Lux to see that he’s not perfect. Because right now, she doesn’t feel like she’s high school quarterback girlfriend material. I feel like if she finds out he’s not perfect, she can see herself with him a little bit more.

Right. If he falls down to earth a little bit in her eyes, she might be more willing to fall for him.
Exactly. Totally.

Have you been filming every episode since your return?
So far I’ve been doing every other episode.

So you’re not in this week’s episode, but you are in next week’s LUX-ONE TREE HILL crossover. What can you spill on that?
I don’t know what I’m allowed to say! There are musical performances. Ben Lee performed in that episode and there [are two other performers], but I don’t know if [they’re] a secret. I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to talk about Ben Lee. He’s such an awesome musician, so it was cool to have him on our show. And the ONE TREE HILL crossover thing was really cool. I had never seen the show, but now I’ve started watching it and can appreciate it more. I didn’t interact with any of [their characters] in the show, but I saw them off-screen and that kind of thing, which was cool to get to meet them all.

And it’s good, because hopefully some of those OTH fans will come check out LUX.

It’s no secret the show has been struggling a bit in the ratings. Have you been hearing from fans about their efforts to save the series?
Yeah, totally. I’ve seen a lot of stuff on Twitter and I’ve seen fans who are amazing editors, editing together scenes from the show and putting music over them and making basically awesome trailers. I thank the fans so much for that because they’re awesome. I think it’s really cool.

Is there anything else you would recommend fans do to try and up awareness of the show?
I want to start tweeting more because that’s my main outlet. I’m not big on the whole viral videos or anything like that, I don’t know how that works. But I think that there are so many people who are computer savvy out there that are doing a great job, and if we just got more and more people to do that, it would be great.

Is there anything you can tease for the fans that they have to look forward to?
We just [filmed] a camping episode last week, which was really cool. There’s more twists in it and stuff. It was an awesome episode.

Is it a family camping trip or is this a school thing?
It’s a school thing. It’s a good episode. And [tonight’s] episode, it’s such a good episode, I love it.

You love it even though you aren’t in it?
Yeah, I think I can appreciate it more because I’m not in it. I’m not watching for myself. I got chills at certain points because it was so good.

Cannot wait.

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