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SMALLVILLE 200: Homecoming

October 16, 2010 by  

Hey SMALLVILLE fans! The 200th episode was by far the best of the season, right? Homecoming was PERFECT. The writers really outdid themselves this time. Between the flashbacks, Clark meeting himself in the future, and Brainiac 5, my eyes were glued while my brain was soaked in those scenes from the past!

When Homecoming kicked off we saw Clark having doubts with the mindset that Jor-El could be right after all this time, that he is not the hero he is supposed to be. Clark has been out of commission, not fighting crime as The Blur or spending time with Lois. Lois shows up to comfort him and coax him into attending their Smallville Class Reunion, but he only accepts with hesitation.

I was unsure how the writers would take us down memory lane without the iconic characters of Lana Lang or Chloe Sullivan, but they managed. It has been a long time since viewers have seen the Wall of Weird, Lana’s Kryptonite necklace, or the halls of Smallville High. Despite the absence of so many fan favorites, it was fantastic to remember the good old days, when life on Smallville was simple and all about whether or not Clark could play football like a regular kid, if he was going to date Lana again, or if Lex would discover the truth!

In present day, Clark dealt with the potential threat posed by Brainiac’s return. The showrunners inserted a nice twist when they introduced Brainiac 5 from the 31st century, played by James Marsters, who was not looking to harm Clark after all! In a departure from Smallville canon, Brainiac posted no villainous threat, returning for the purpose of helping Clark reach his destiny.

Following last week’s “Supergirl” episode, we now know that the darkness Jor-El speaks of is actually Clark’s flaw of holding on to the past. Brainiac 5 showed Kal-El that the death of his father was a defining moment for him that he must overcome. The flashback to Jonathan Kent’s funeral was sad and awesome for the writers to include. More than simply a day of mourning for the future Superman, Jonathan’s funeral redefined Smallville’s tone, shifting from a light and fluffy teenage tale into a darker, more mature saga.

Clark was not the only character facing up to this past this week. Lois was also put to the test. In addition to her high school peers not remembering her 23 days at Smallville High, Lois also had to recall Clark’s deep relationships with her cousin Chloe and Lana. For a woman who could not call herself Clark’s girlfriend or fiance while making small talk, the lingering impact of Lana & Chloe deepened the doubts Lois had been experiencing about her fairy tale romance.

Fortunately, Brainiac’s ability to travel through time allowed us to see Lois’ knowledge of Clark’s true identity and the dangers of kryptonite. In a clever nod to the Superman movie franchise, we saw Tom Welling in the slicked back hairstyle and goofy glasses that have sold millions of comic books. What a fantastic way to jump forward to see the future of Smallville, even though this is the last season! Oh, and Lois calling Clark “more important than any deadline?” That was a watershed romantic moment for the show. Props to the writers for showing us what true love can look like between Clark & Lois!

The end of the episode was my favorite! Clark meeting his “nerdy uptight” self was awesome! In order to stay on the path to heroism, Clark had to understand the significant role he would play in the future as a hero and protector. Not to mention the hot and heavy chemistry between Lois and Clark in their future, a huge 180 degree turn from the present time, where they are still awkward and unsure of their intimate connection.

Brainiac ultimately convinced Clark that he can be the hero he is destined to be, so long as Kal-El could make a clean break from his past. Clark visits Jonathan’s grave to say goodbye, Oliver is proud of who he is, Chloe comes back from the grave, and Clark starts to treat Lois the way she deserves. Then, under the disco barn lights of the barn, Clark tells Lois he loves her during a long overdue slow dance. Could it get any better? Well, there is still that flying thing to come…

What did you take away from Smallville’s gigantic 200th episode? Which of the flashbacks were your favorites? How excited were you to see Brainiac again? Did the preview of Clark’s future wet your appetite, or sad that this is the final season? There is SO much to talk about, so let’s hear it!


6 Responses to “SMALLVILLE 200: Homecoming”

  1. Lisa on October 16th, 2010 3:24 pm

    I loved, loved the episode last night. When Clark told Lois he loved her I almost fell off the couch! It was a great trip down memory lane without being overdone. Having Clark realize that he needs to let go of the past so he can have his amazing future was great. I loved future Lois and Clark. How adorable was she with the spare pair of glasses for him and the way she kept making circles around her eyes to remind him to put them on-so cute! When he saved her in the helicopter and she elbows the pilot so he couldn’t see who rescued them was so funny. I hate to see this show end. Every season hasn’t been winner, but so far this one is.

  2. Superhero Legacy on October 20th, 2010 5:21 pm

    So what’s the connection between Clark hovering with Lois and hovering over his bed back in season 1? Happy thoughts about a girl? Anyway, this was one of my favorite episodes.

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