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Happy Halloween GIVE ME MY REMOTE! What did you think of SMALLVILLE’s “Harvest?” Tonight’s episode was different from what I expected. It was oddly funny at times and very familiar in a lot of ways. I love the way things are going!

After arguing with Clark, while they were stranded on the side of the road, Lois accepted the help of a little girl who leads her to a remote village. Believers of the righteous path, the little congregation who relocated from Idaho, are living deep in the woods where blue kryptonite is running through their water. Unfortunately for Clark, these folks are drinking way too much H2O!

For their annual Harvest celebration, the reclusive cult decided to sacrifice Lois! Despite her journalistic skills, Ms. Lane did not see this plan unfolding. As the town prepped for the big ceremony, Clark tried to track her down with a local sheriff on his heels. Clark was incapacitated, and ended up trapped with Lois while hoards of crazy village folk circled with burning torches. Leave it to the Smallville writing team to find new and frightening ways for Clark & Lois to have their lives threatened! Usually when Clark is powerless, Lois saves the day with her big mouth! Watching her try to scare their kidnappers in the end was hilarious. Even though Clark had saved them, Lois just couldn’t stop ranting, wishing damnation on all of them. The sequence played out like a deleted scene from M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village,” or Lois’s reference, “The Children of the Corn.”

The best part of the episode was Clark’s discovery that Lois saved him after he fell off the roof in Season 9. Lois is shaping up to be a superheroine in her own right! Clark’s explanation of keeping his big secret for so long was also worth the wait. Now that Kal-El knows Lois is “the one,” he does not have to keep secrets from her anymore. The end of the episode echoed that theme in a very intimate manner. I don’t remember seeing so much skin before on Smallville!

I loved the whole Alexander storyline as well. He’s Lex! What an inventive way for the writers to return to Superman’s iconic enemy, even without Michael Rosenbaum. In a tiny little body with the same memories and deep-seeded hatred for Clark, Alexander is a new threat to Superman’s livelihood. His rapid growth rate has Tess consistently throwing birthday parties for him, as she keeps her team working around the clock for an anecdote.

How quickly things change though! Alexander (or Lex) knows Tess too well, stunning her with the truth behind her constant need to try and help when she actually needs the help herself. What do you think of the way the writers brought Lex back, but in the form of a child? Another great episode of Smallville, don’t you think?

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