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CHUCK: Linda Hamilton Talks Mama Bartowski and ‘The Emotions Behind Everything’

November 1, 2010 by  

CHUCK fans, tonight’s hour is not one that you want to miss.

Not just because SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE alum (and all-around awesome lady) Ana Gasteyer is guesting as Dasha — a Russian assassin who tortures Chuck — but because there will be more quality time with Chuck’s mommy (Linda Hamilton) as well.

I was on location with the CHUCK cast when they filmed parts of this evening’s episode in an old bank in downtown L.A. and I got to watch Hamilton in action, her character running and ducking and covering alongside Chuck, Sarah and her handler Gregory Tuttle (Timothy Dalton).

It was good to see what looked like Chuck’s mom, Chuck and Sarah working together, given the events of last week — the ep ending with a masked Sarah trying to take Ma Bartowski down.

Of course, Sarah’s motives were pure — she’s pretty sure mom’s a dangerous liar liar pants on fire and she’s just trying to protect Chuck and his sister. But Chuck may not see it the same way. Word is, Chuck and Sarah are on the outs this week, their relationship on rocky ground.

Given what I saw on set, however, and what Linda Hamilton told me when we spoke, I’m thinking things are going to work out okay with both of the ladies in Chuck’s life.

“[In this episode], Tim Dalton’s character and I are trying to get the proof that I’m not a bad guy,” said Hamilton.

Hopefully, the events that unfold tonight will finally put that question to bed and we will know once and for all whether or not we can trust Mama B.

I know that many CHUCK fans have been disappointed with the lack of emotion that’s been displayed between mother and son so far, but Hamilton said that’s not an accident: “With Chuck, she’s very no nonsense; very ‘now is not the time [to discuss this].'” However, she also shared that the mother/daughter dynamic will bring another side of her out: “With Ellie, it’s a whole different animal. [The scenes with Ellie], I’m really looking forward to, because we’re going to finally see the emotions behind everything that’s going on.”

Ah, did you hear that, CHUCK fans?

Sound good?

So, yeah, tune in tonight for Timothy Dalton, more Mama B. and Ms. Ana Gasteyer who is rocking some seriously nasty scars as Dasha. No joke, when she walked up to me on set, I was very upset for a hot second, wondering what horrible thing had happened to the funny lady’s face.

Hey, I never claimed to be the brightest of bulbs…

CHUCK: “Chuck Versus The First Fight” airs this evening, Monday, Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Will you watch?

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  1. Canakatydid on November 1st, 2010 5:30 pm

    Thanks for the sneak peeks Korbi…being on set that day must have been amazing!!